Bus passes costly for those on disability

I am writing in response to the provincial liberal government’s plan to increase disability assistance rates.

To the Editor,

Re: Disability more fair, says MLA, Feb. 25.

I am writing in response to the provincial liberal government’s plan to increase disability assistance rates. This is at the expense of of the annual subsidized bus pass – now $45 a year, but in September will cost $52 a month plus an annual administration fee of $45. So while they say the increase is $77 per month it really nets out at $25 per month.

Why do the most vulnerable get the least? As a parent of a daughter, I am outraged at this action by our government. There has not been a disability pension increase for several years.

This is an insult to the many disabled trying to have a decent life below the poverty level.

Margaret FraserNanaimo


To the Editor,

Premier Christy Clark wants us to pay $45 a year each for our bus passes plus $52 a month per person which will be deducted from our cheques. This is $104 as a couple, a week’s worth of groceries plus extra. We already pay $113 for rent as the government doesn’t give us enough rent allowance.

This is a outrage for us to pay more for our bus passes when we already pay out of our pockets for other things. I’m excellent with money as I was taught by my late mother and I do everything I can with our budget to be able to pay for everything. After paying for our bus passes, I won’t be able to save a penny.

I hope the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation can help people on disability.

Donna NordstromNanaimo


To the Editor,

Re: Provincial politicians differ on definition of balanced budget, Feb. 18.

It is my duty to write and express my utter dismay over what this government has done to the ‘increase’ in persons with disabilities ‘benefit’ as well as the bus pass program for those who really require this.

In what alternate universe does this ‘increase’ help anyone? Especially when the government gives with one hand and then takes away with the other. Then has the audacity to say that everyone benefits in some way.

It would appear that the province has no clear idea on how to help people get out of poverty. There are without a doubt generations of people on various aspects of income assistance and disability.

This government was crowing about ‘families first’ before it swept into town. Since then we have come to realize exactly which families are getting the help. Not those that need it most. Not those that live in poverty. Not even those that struggle on medium incomes.

As for this increase of up to $77, I think it is a huge slap in the face to those on disability. What are other provinces receiving, where the cost of living is not as expensive as it is here?

I really hope that this issue is re-visited. There is, after all, an election approaching.

In essence what this government has done has given a so-called ‘gift’ with its hands but has kicked everyone on disability in the pants as they walked away. This whole thing can be summed up in one very simple word: shameful.

Christine ConnellyCoquitlam