Budget mathematics totals $175.7 million

NANAIMO – Re: Finding cuts starts on Day 1, Opinion, May 9.

To the Editor,

Re: Finding cuts starts on Day 1, Opinion, May 9.

I found your comments about Coun. Jim Kipp’s claim of $175 million budget being inaccurate not only disturbing, but surprising to be sure.

It is hard to believe that people cannot or are unable to add the operating expenditures of $123.2 million and capital expenditures of $52.5 and get a total spending of $175.7 million.

This is basic math, like two and two is four. It does not get any simpler. There is $175.7 million of real money being spent regardless of which pocket or account it comes out of.

To imply the $52.5 million is just monopoly or play money because the city is spending it on non-operating items is both  irresponsible and misleading.

A tax dollar spent no matter from which budget or expenditure it comes from is a tax dollar spent.

To say any thing else shows a lack of appreciation for the tax dollars the city receives and the people who pay them.

Terry Wagstaff