Bridge could prove costly

NANAIMO – Re: Island dwellers need a bridge, Letters, March 14.

To the Editor,

Re: Island dwellers need a bridge, Letters, March 14.

Greg Theriault’s insistence that we accept bridge tolls as an appropriate solution to the growing expense of a ferry system – that the government of B.C. envisioned as much more merchantable with the ropes of government supervision severed – begs a question.

Given the instant glee we would certainly witness amongst those developers who would seize on the opportunity to help create yet another bedroom community in service to Metro Vancouver’s sprawl, I’m wondering if Theriault has factored the gentrifying incidentals into his rationalization of tolls to provide a more convenient motor vehicle connection between Vancouver Island and the mainland?

Incidentals including: that Nanaimo would soon have little choice but to expand (densify) upward; the associated real estate, infrastructure and taxation costs; and not to mention the added pressures on what little green space  there is left within the existing sprawl of Nanaimo, that do add to the financial burden of home ownership.

David S. Dunaway

South Wellington