Bomb plot overblown in headline

Re: Terrorism plot should scare us, Editorial, July 9,

To the Editor,

Re: Terrorism plot should scare us, Editorial, July 9,

This editorial leaned so far to the right we almost fell into Iran. Though linguistically well written, and not in any way factually inaccurate, much information was lacking. For example, national media states that the “plot has elements of entrapment,” and “the plot remains a mystery.”

The primary suspect, a talented musician, clearly struggles with methadone treatment to overcome heroin addiction. What we really need to be scared of is growing poverty and reduced viable programs for life-challenged individuals. Not to mention propagandist views, that ignore the real threat of private banking interests, who would gladly distract us with other issues, so they can tail-spin our economy as it suits them. The question is this: would those who benefit financially from war go so far as to invest some of their extravagant wealth to create situations of terror? Because that is the thing that scares me the most.

If the intent of the article was to Fox-slap us through fear mongering, well I hope it missed its mark. And like me, I hope most Canadians would like more discussion and insight into solutions, not just headline jabs.

C. Alexandervia e-mail