Big schools bring more benefits

It is obvious that the children in the largest schools have more access to learning materials.

To the Editor,

Re: Cedar advocates aren’t wavering, Letters, Oct. 3.

How can it be that a small local school can provide a better learning environment than a larger, more equipped one?

Having taught in two-room schools, K-6 schools, K-8 schools, most of which were small, and then a Grade 7-8-only school, fairly large, it is obvious that the children in the largest schools had more access to learning materials because the cost per student was much less. Add better gym facilities, larger staff for extracurricular activities and the benefits are excellent.

I’m not a fan of busing students, but the economics of the present demand the best use of limited funds.

Yes, it’s nice to have that neighbourhood school to walk your children to. Yes, it’s nice to have the teachers a walk away if needed to consult them. But the children will get a feel for their neighbourhood through play, sports and their own social network.

J. SharpeNanaimo