Better uses for tax dollars than gallery

NANAIMO – Re: Art gallery envisions 'outstanding' space, June 27.

To the Editor,

Re: Art gallery envisions ‘outstanding’ space, June 27.

If you’re a special interest group, whine hard enough and schmooze the right councillors, then you can easily get your hands on whatever Nanaimo tax money you want.

The art folk have done just that.

It’s not bad and sad enough that taxpayers keep propping up the dilapidated Nanaimo Centre Stage which should never have been bought with our money in the first place. Now we’re upping the handouts so the downtown art gallery can expand.

Has anyone ever been in this place? When I have, no one else has been in there. The ‘art work’ is expensive.

I beg the question, are we just helping out the elite with their hobbies?

Our tax money can certainly be spent on more practical and common sense projects like roads, water and emergency services.

The majority of  our spoon fed council needs to toughen up, take the soothers out of their mouths and say no to the greedy trough feeders who feel it’s their god-given right to slurp up everyone else’s hard earned money.

This from a city council that couldn’t give 4-H kids a few more thousand bucks to run a petting zoo.

Kevan Shaw