Behaviour of teachers’ union sullies reputation of profession

Citizens should be outraged with teachers' union.

To the Editor,

I have been scanning a number of B.C. newspapers looking for expressions of outrage to appear in print, condemning the B.C. Teachers Federation for its blatant abuse of union power.

Unfortunately, it would seem that many citizens (taxpayers) do not care, fail to recognize that they are being held to ransom or lack the courage to rebel against such abuse.

During the last provincial election, the BCTF employed despicable tactics and propaganda, overtly in support of the NDP but covertly to set the stage for presenting and undoubtedly realizing outrageous demands should the NDP achieve power.

During that campaign, they cited school closures and class size punctuated by photographs of children with saddened faces, ostensibly to give the impression that they are the victims of some Third-World regime bent on denying them an education.

It was an appalling, disinformation campaign using the welfare of children as an aegis to mask its real agenda – to secure excessive, unearned salary increases and even greater outrageous benefits.

Teaching is a noble profession being sullied and degraded by its union.

I have no doubt that there are many wonderful teachers in the education system that do not agree with BCTF belligerence. They are compelled to remain mute, however, for fear militant, unprofessional union supporters may target them.

I am dismayed that many Canadians are surrendering their individuality and becoming complacent over issues that may have a detrimental impact on their lives and, in particular, on the lives of their children and grandchildren.

Bill McRitchie