Thanks to the girl and her brother who drove after, chased down and got my purse back intact from the thief who grabbed it from my waist while I was putting groceries from my walker to my car trunk at the grocery store on Bowen Road. Also thanks to the lady who called 911 from her cellphone and the many people who asked if I was OK.

Thanks to the girl and her brother who drove after, chased down and got my purse back intact from the thief who grabbed it from my waist while I was putting groceries from my walker to my car trunk at the grocery store on Bowen Road. Also thanks to the lady who called 911 from her cellphone and the many people who asked if I was OK.

Beefs & Bouquets, Nov. 3

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BOUQUET To the hard-working people at the recycling depot. They are always helpful and friendly, even when working in the summer surrounded by wasps. I hope they know how much we appreciate them and what they do for us.

BEEF To all the do-gooder climate change bleeding hearts. I get you. But if you really wanted to make your ‘beef’ felt, you’d call it ground round cause we all know what the farming of beef does to the climate. I mean, come on. My chick pea veggie patty must be ready.

BOUQUET To the many teachers in our community, especially those in high-needs schools. They work very hard in difficult circumstances, with far too few resources, to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children. They don’t get the credit they deserve.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for not doing anything with the old A&B Sound building. We need change. Did you forget that building is prime retail location? Do you think downtown would be better off if that space was better utilized with multiple businesses to attract tourists? Just a thought.

BOUQUET To the kind lady who complimented my mothering when I was trying to soothe my fussy baby. Thank you for taking a moment to share that positive affirmation. I really appreciate it.

BEEF To the grocery store still using plastic bags. Why don’t you do your part like all other stores? The excuse is getting old.

BOUQUET To Kim at Damsels in the Old City Quarter. Not only was Kim great with her customer service, she went the extra mile and brought me many dresses, even ones I would have never picked out that actually surprised me. I made a fast choice at the end still unsure of myself. Kim did something for me that brought me to tears of joy and appreciation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have never been so moved. I will be back to shop in your store, and because of you. From the lady in the green dress.

BEEF To people who complain about high grocery prices yet they continue to shop at the stores that have on average 15-20 per cent higher prices

BOUQUET To the kind ladies at a Walmart till who recently saw me struggling to use my credit card and paid my bill. They can rest assured that I will pass their kindness on.

BEEF To the group that commented at my ripped jeans, “oh look, at that poor girl, she can’t afford to buy proper jeans.” I found this exhibited a lack of understanding and consideration for the fact that there are other generations with different ideals.

BOUQUET To the cheerful first responders, the nurses, technicians and doctors in Nanaimo and at NRGH. The ambulance attendant made me laugh so hard my ribs hurt. At NRGH, all the staff were very kind and professional. And the cab driver on the way home was the icing on the cake.

BEEF Why is it taking so long to repair Metral Drive, is it a retirement project?

BOUQUET To the always helpful, always pleasant staff at Nanaimo North Library. Sleuth out this quote by Borges on one of the library walls: “I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library.”

BEEF To the lady yelling at the staff at the clinic, you were rude and disrespectful. I hope you are embarrassed, you deserve whatever may be wrong by the sounds of it.

BOUQUET Thanks to neighbours Arla and Sue for jumping in and extinguishing the fire that was set in the Book Nook before it could spread to the hedges. We greatly appreciate it.

BEEF To the mayor. A $15,000 fine at $150 per month, a 1,000-word essay and clean-up and you say the city is taking action. For 400-plus tags, that is absolutely pathetic in terms of a penalty and clearly speaks to weak leadership. $100,000 plus jail time plus clean-up is more in keeping with the commensurate penalty for this anti-social behaviour crime.

BOUQUET Forever grateful to the first-aid attendants at Frank Crane Arena. Your fast actions and knowledge of spinal precautions saved our dad during his hockey game. A shout out to the lady who held his head still on the cold ice. To ambulance and NRGH, a huge thank you.

BEEF To the big box store. What’s up? No Wi-Fi, no free samples.

BOUQUET To all employers who give people with disabilities a chance to work and keep their dignity. Please consider sensitivity training and consequences for your other employees because some think it’s OK practise harassment at work and it is never OK. Thank you.

BEEF To the house in the Buttertubs Marsh area that set off the fireworks. It sounded like gunshots and absolutely terrified our children and rescue dogs. I can’t even imagine what our elderly people and our veterans felt like listening to it. Apart from being illegal they have an impact on other people that is horrible. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

BOUQUET To Island Health’s health protection and environmental services for following up on concerns regarding businesses that do not check vaccine cards or that contravene COVID public health orders.

BEEF To all those who want everyone to be vaxxed like themselves. If you believe masks and vaccines keep you safe, then what are you worried about? Mind your own business.

BOUQUET To the ladies of Wallace Street Clinic working so hard for their patients. I always have the very best care from Dr. Barretto. We’re all in this together and we all would be lost without you ladies, thank you for always being so kind.

BEEF To the manager of a mall; you need to have your security inside more to tell customers and some staff to put their mask on properly now. This is the worst mall for this, so do better please.

BOUQUET To a few of the beefers. I have often wondered why we closed the speedway in Cassidy? People are constantly complaining about the racing vehicles as well as the noise.Wouldn’t it be better to give them a responsible place to race?

BEEF To the people who set off fireworks. Tally? one crying child, one dog barking, one dog drooling with fear under the kitchen table and one adult woken up by all this who had to go to work at 5 a.m. the next day and couldn’t get back to sleep.

BOUQUET Thanks to the girl and her brother who drove after, chased down and got my purse back intact from the thief who grabbed it from my waist while I was putting groceries from my walker to my car trunk at the grocery store on Bowen Road. Also thanks to the lady who called 911 from her cellphone and the many people who asked if I was OK.

BEEF To Nanaimo RCMP. The driver of the pickup truck causing all that damage in the early-morning crash had five warrants. I’ve seen that truck driving around all over town. Obviously the RCMP are not looking for guys with warrants or maybe that damage could have been avoided.

BOUQUET To the Snuneymuxw First Nation for bringing us together around truth and reconciliation and to Noel Brown and everyone who contributed to the beautiful new welcome pole in our harbour. It was so heartening to see that sea of orange shirts and to imagine so many Nanaimo citizens committed to moving forward in a good way.

BEEF To customers of the recycling centre who don’t sort their Styrofoam. It isn’t that tough. There are instructions posted. Help the staff out, the centre will not be paid in full if you put the wrong ones in the bin.

BOUQUET Congratulations Captain Kirk, you finally made it to space. For those not vaccinated, remember Mr. Spock’s words, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one. Roll up your sleeves, Star Trek fans.

BEEF Please stop parking vehicles on sidewalks and stop letting your plants encroach on sidewalks. Walking is good exercise and good for the environment, so we shouldn’t make walking difficult and dangerous.

BOUQUET I find the beefs and bouquets rather interesting. One does not have to soak up the beefs if one does not want to as they are clearly stated, and reading the gratitudes was a good way for me as a newcomer to know some issues, as another reader had already stated. I scan and read what I want. Thanks again for this paper in its variety in reporting of news and its community inclusion.

BEEF Enough with the yoga pants/leggings thing. They’re not for everyone.

BOUQUET To the Lantzville Pub for the most delicious turkey dinner that I have ever had in a restaurant. The serving of turkey was very generous and the rest of the meal was first class. They even added a lovely touch to the meal with a yam and squash croquette. That pub serves the best food.

BEEF To the beefer choosing to ignore the constant micro-agressions – and possibility of much worse physical and emotional violence – that people of colour face everyday. Everyone deserves justice, respect and acceptance. Justifying your own prejudices by dismissing people calling out racism “because they don’t get what they want when they want” is disturbing to say the least.

BOUQUET To Aaron at Lowe’s. He went above and beyond to help this senior purchase appliances after I had a stressful time with another appliance company. He was so patient and helpful. I would highly recommend him and Lowe’s. Thanks so much.

BEEF To the illegal drug users and anti-vaxxers. You are taking up invaluable health resources and pushing the system to the brink of collapse for your unjustified and selfish decisions. What if everyone in society acted like you? Your poor choices are killing others along with yourself.

BOUQUET Images has a worthy mission – to greatly improve their patients’ vision. With ultra-modern gadgetry, they provide state-of-the-art optometry. When your exam is over and done, you realize it was almost fun. And frames galore are all around the store for you to choose – how can you lose? You’ll look and feel just right and have so much better sight. Thanks to Dr. Ian and his whole crew.

BEEF To the tortillas bag. It always rips. My tortillas become undesirable before the date of expiration. I have no choice but to buy more. It’s a tortilla conspiracy.

BOUQUET Thank you to Brad, who paid for my large latté indulgence. Yep, gestures like that do make people smile.

BEEF To the beefer complaining about the flaggers on Metral, as a resident I watch drivers in this construction zone and at least 30 per cent can’t follow directions or even a row of brilliant orange cones showing the path. I watched one driver honk at the workers to get out of the way. Why, to drive into the hole they were digging?

BOUQUET To Denise at the Quality Foods in Harewood. Thank you for the personal touches when you shop for others – the flawless produce, appropriate expiry dates, careful packaging – a job well done.

BEEF To the government stooges who convinced everyone to switch to natural gas. Now it’s bad and we’re told going back to electric is the way to go. Where is the accountability?

BOUQUET To my neighbour Jesse for fixing my ornamental fence. It looks great and I’m really grateful. Thank you.

BEEF To the black Jeep going around Nanaimo north end with the deafening sound system with bass that rattles people’s windows. No one wants to hear your attention-begging noise. Where is the enforcement of noise bylaws?

BOUQUET Thanks to Cooper, my young newspaper carrier. I really appreciate your reliability and work ethic. I know it’s hard work on our hills. I’m very grateful to have my paper delivered by you.

BEEF To the person who beefed about Northern Health patients being transferred here for medical care. A lot of these patients are coming from communities where there are no hospitals let alone resident doctors. It’s shameful that you are so privileged that you cannot see this.

BOUQUET Huge thank you to Josh at Traffic Jams Car Tunes and Toys for recovering my CD from my radio/CD player in my vehicle. An impossible task, but not for him. Amazing, plus quick service.

BEEF To all the climate experts. Please spend even a small amount of time without the luxuries of heat, shelter and the creature comforts that we have struggled so hard to achieve before casting stones.

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Beefs and bouquets