Beefs & Bouquets, September 1

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A VIAL full of thanks to Karen and the other great staff at LifeLabs on Norwell for being so cheerful and upbeat as I went through a series of tests requested by my doctor. Unbelievably, it was so much fun, even though they were stretched to the limit with many patients coming in that morning. Listening to the banter going on with other patients, it was obvious they felt the same as me. Thank you again from someone who hates any form of medical test.

a huge thank you to the volunteers who gave up a Saturday to make the recent Morden Mine/BC Parks celebration such a huge success. Special thanks to Jennifer, Gerta, Ted, Donna P., Donna S., Vivian, Lynette, and SWACA members Krista and Barb. Also, thanks to the directors Frank and Louise and especially Eric and John. Great job.

A great big appreciation to Tom Paterson and Parker Williams for donating their time to give wonderful tours of the Morden Mine during the celebration last weekend. And last, but definitely not least, thanks to Dave Forman and the BC Parks crew for putting on this event. I think we really put Morden on the map.

Weeping willows to Jack. We will probably never see his like again.

a Big bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin for its wonderful coverage of local sports in our area. Thanks Greg Sakaki from the Senior B Timbermen lacrosse team.

A HUGE bouquet of running shoes and paddles to Kyla Hartnell, physiotherapist at Long Lake Physiotherapy. Kyla is the only physiotherapist who was able to help me recover from several sports-related injuries in a relatively short period of time.

a bucket full of fresh tomatoes for my mother for coming over to help me around the house following my injury. You are the best.

A rockin’ bouquet to the Nanaimo Blues Society for putting on the Summertime Blues festival. What a great event for Nanaimo. The lineup of talent was top rate. Everyone there seemed to be really enjoying themselves. It would be nice if we could purchase our beer and wine and go anywhere inside the festival as they do elsewhere. Blues lovers always seem to behave. We hope this is an annual festival as we had a great time. Overall a huge success and great job to the volunteers.

A huge, beautiful bouquet to the two gentlemen at Great Canadian Oil Change who helped me when my car was leaking oil badly. They put more oil in for me and I got it home safely.

The last long days of summer to the neighbourhood children. We will miss you.

A friendly correction to a bouquet writer. The city did not establish Colliery Dam Park. The Harewood Improvement District and the hard work of Alec Virostko did for the children of Harewood.

a big shout out to the staff at the newly opened COCO Café in Cedar. Your brownies are amazing. Great coffee, too.

a beef to a lack of creativity. Why do we have a Centennial Building and a Centennial Building and a Piper Park and a Piper’s Park and a Jingle Pot Road and a Jingle Pot Road?

A beef to the City of Nanaimo. Where is the lady and her dogs that were contracted to chase the Canada geese away? The fields, beaches and running track are covered with their deposits.

an access beef to Nanaimo Regional General Hospital and and all medical offices that don’t have automatic doors for people in wheelchairs, on crutches, or using walkers. Regular doors are hard to open for these people. Access Nanaimo, this one is for you.

A beef to the man who accused me of cutting in the line on purpose at Tim Hortons, then repeatedly told me to “shut up” and “don’t even argue” when I tried to explain myself. I am not a rude person and I don’t cut in lines on purpose, they had just changed the formation of lines from what I was used to. I would have apologized to you directly had you acted mature.

a beef. I just wanted to say to all employers who are advertising for help, when a candidate for the position is interviewed and you tell them you will call on a specific day, please do so. Nothing is worse than to not receive any response from employers, especially when they say they will call and when you try to get in touch to find out why, you still receive no response or are just completely ignored. If this is how you run your business, I do not want to have anything to do with it and I am sure others feel the same way.

a beef to the heartless person responsible for stealing the 54-inch flat screen TV from the residents of our seniors care facility. The TV was a gift from a deceased resident’s family.

A beef to something I don’t understand. Before the recent HST referendum, I heard a lot of anti-HST talk and read plenty of letters to the editor and newspaper articles against it, but although there were many commercials for the HST, I didn’t see one ad against. I wonder why?

a beef to the man who honked at some children riding their bikes along the side of the road and told them to get off the road. As he drove past, I saw he was talking away on his cellphone.

A beef to drunk drivers who get caught and punished, have their keys, vehicle and licence taken away, or are even sent to jail, then whine about how it affects them and their families. What about how it affects other people out there? They don’t seem to care about that. They should think about the consequences before drinking and driving.

A beef to the manufacturers of car light bulbs. A severe shortage has resulted in many cars with burnt out indicaters. Surely this must be the only reason so many people fail to signal a lane change or a turn?

A waste-of-money beef to the north end elementary school that continued to have the Globe and Mail delivered during July and August. Exactly how do the children benefit from this expenditure?

Sharpened pencils to the government’s auditors. Can it take any longer to get rid of this horrid HST?

Unripened tomatoes to the store managers who allow shopping carts off the property. Imagine that cart loaded with dirty cans and booze bottles. It happens every day and soon a family will be made ill by the contamination.

a beef to B.C. Ferries for considering cuts to services. Getting off and on the Island is already a major challenge. Waiting for a ferry for half a day during peak season – and paying as much as it costs to fly over – definitely makes me think twice about using the ferry system. Maybe the company should try lowering fares and subtracting reservation fees from the bill if people show up on time.

A disrespectful beef to the so-called Christians who attempted to crash Pagan Pride Day. How about acting a little more Christ-like and actually practising what you preach for a change? Specifically, the part about doing unto others as you would have done to you. If Jesus had a grave, he’d be spinning in it.