Bouquet of the Week: Confront your negative thoughts with positive rebuttals: I am strong, I am positive, I am cute, I love me.

Beefs & Bouquets, Sept. 9

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BOUQUET Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Woodgrove Manor for doing such a fantastic job and keeping our loved ones safe and cared for during these difficult times.

BEEF I am sorry for the loss of your pet, but there is only one person to blame here. Why would you let your pet run around outside of your house or yard? How do you know it was a speeder that ran it over?

BOUQUET I recently punctured a tire on my bike along Tenth Street and in the 30 minutes it took to remedy this, no fewer than three cars and one cyclist stopped to offer aid. Lovely.

BEEF In response to the have a heart for the homeless letter, I think we have a different opinion of what that means. To me that means helping to give them back a purpose in life, give them a chance to feel that they can have a positive impact and contribute to the community. Encouraging them to take drugs and promoting reckless destruction is not my idea of having a heart.

BOUQUET To Courtney at Classic Appliance for her help with my damaged stove top. Her friendly, efficient service helped make a bad situation better.

BEEF To the gym that advertised a membership which could be transferred within Canada and U.S.A. We were double-charged maintenance fees. When questioned they said the two were different entities and we had to pay both. We’re seniors on a fixed pension.

BOUQUET To Quality Foods for turning their plastic shopping bags to compost shopping bags. Great idea. Use them for counter top compost bin.

BEEF Regarding the B.C. Housing project on Terminal Avenue. This area is a commercial area. Where would families shop? Look in the Harewood area – ideal with mall, schools, parks, etc.

BOUQUET Thank you to Tyler K. at Nanaimo Toyota for buffing out the scratches when I carelessly drove my car through some bushes. He did it quickly and efficiently. Great customer service.

BEEF To the people who walk their dogs on extremely hot days on cement sidewalks or pavement.

BOUQUET To all residents of Vancouver Island for making our region possibly the safest metropolitan area in all of Canada. Great job!

BEEF To the pickup driver talking on your cellphone as you pumped gas while standing under the sign that read ‘no cellphone use,’ even after the attendant asked you to put your phone away. Cellphone batteries have been known to create a spark while in use. A spark that could ignite the fumes from the gasoline you were putting into your truck. Next time avoid gambling with your life and those of people around you.

BOUQUET To RCMP members who have to wear all that heavy gear at all times to be ready for anything every second. In Canada we have speed limits, and someone who cannot read the road signs can get a driver’s licence. Then the RCMP has to babysit some grown-up to tell them to learn to read. Thank you RCMP for looking after us, I salute you.

BEEF To the beefer complaining about people who complain. Not seeing your hypocrisy, hey?

BOUQUET To Roberta and her wonderful staff at Elements Nanaimo. I recently suffered a major panic attack while there and they were absolutely amazing. It was scary for us all but they were both caring and professional and really saved the day. Beyond their excellent services they are wonderful human beings and the world could use more like them.

BEEF The city needs to enforce its bylaw down at the seawall and Maffeo Sutton Park in regards to the steady traffic of skateboarders, speeding bikes, etc. Very dangerous for the walkers. Need more visible signage awareness for these violators.

BOUQUET To Len from Movrguy for moving my cramped packed apartment faster and more efficiently then I have ever seen. If you’re moving, he’s the guy you should call.

BEEF To the parents of the teens hanging out at the north-end playground. Every single day those boys have been wandering the subdivision until dark, screaming, yelling, vandalizing trees, leaving garbage. I think it’s time you showed more interest in their well-being.

BOUQUET To city bylaw enforcement officers for their continued good work doing a thankless job.

BEEF To people who are rude. Shouldn’t we be more caring during this COVID-19 infection? Where is the human side?

BOUQUET To my loving boyfriend, L.G., for being very patient with me. You have been my rock for several years now and our daughter is growing into a beautiful young woman. Even through our challenging times you always put a smile back on our faces. We know we can call you up any time and you are there as needed. Thank you sweetie for being you. We love you!

BEEF To all those who do not practise social distancing. About 40 men and women were seated on the lawn by the bandstand in Maffeo Sutton Park, in close contact, with no one social distancing. A few days later a group of about 20 were having a potluck picnic, again with no one social distancing. Sadly you are hurting your fellow citizens by not complying with COVID-19 regulations.

BOUQUET To the girl with the long dark hair stocking shelves at Fairway Market. You were very helpful and your great attitude helped brighten up my day. Thank you for the great customer service.

BEEF To the man in the rehab waiting area who sneezed forcefully without attempting to cover his mouth or sneeze into the crook of his arm. Neither he nor his companion were wearing masks. Beef to NRGH for not requiring all who enter the hospital to wear a mask. I was astounded that people were not wearing masks in a hospital.

BOUQUET To the guy from Kaycan who saw me struggling to manoeuvre my load of wood into my vehicle and came over and helped me. You are fantastic. Thanks!

BEEF To the woman who is cutting the hydrangea at the south-end grocery store Not only are you so selfish you think you are the only one who should be enjoying these gorgeous flowers, you trampled the rest to get to the best, then decided to toss the flowerheads that weren’t large enough for you.

BOUQUET To DH Contracting Ltd. for taking on a very challenging job building backyard stairs down a very steep slope in loose, sandy ground. Darren undauntedly took on the head-scratcher and we wound up with beautiful, safe, sturdy stairs at a reasonable price. I highly recommend them.

BEEF to the pub in the Gulf Islands for not protecting your patrons. None of the servers were wearing masks and the tables were sticky and dirty. Used to be our favourite place to go – not anymore.

BOUQUET To the Planet Fitness gym. The staff there have been very professional and helpful at all times. Now, they are going the extra mile in keeping the place absolutely spotless during this COVID pandemic.

BEEF To the speeder in the black pickup truck with a canoe in the back on Lost Lake Road. I was trying to get your attention, there was a baby deer beside the road. You did not see me as you came around the corner and you started speeding up and talking on the phone.

BOUQUET To all of the people who actually care about others by wearing a mask, socially distancing, and being polite about it all. Thank you. I wish there were more of you! The world can’t expect seniors and those with compromised immune systems to stay home 24/7 while the scientists and medical community get everything figured out.

BEEF To amateur sports organizations charging the same registration fees, or in some cases more, as pre-COVID times yet can’t offer the same program. This is not a time to make money off kids.

BOUQUET To the businesses requiring that their employees wear masks and socially distance when possible. Why wouldn’t all businesses require this? I mean, you care about more than just our money, right?

BEEF I just want to say how very sad I am that the gorgeous angel wings painted on the side of the old A&B Sound building downtown have been graffiteed over. All the art on the walls there gives downtown a lift and the wings certainly added some beauty.

BOUQUET To my neighbour and tech expert, Brad, for helping me move photos and put them into a claim report. He kindly did this after working hard outside on a hot day.

BEEF To those who think their children should not be going back to school this year. Children need socialization and education, it’s critical for their personal growth and developmental stages of life.

BOUQUET Sincere thanks to Jeremy at the car wash for getting my car clean.

BEEF To politicians who believes taxpayers should pay for bike trails for them to ride on. What a sense of entitlement you have.

BOUQUET Confront your negative thoughts with positive rebuttals: I am strong, I am positive, I am cute, I love me.

BEEF To the mall for not making patrons follow the clearly laid-out signs indicating the side of the mall you should walk on and the direction. I work in the mall and I see security guards ignoring those people. What’s the point of having this in place?

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Beefs and bouquets

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