Beef to the woman in Pioneer Park walking her dogs, saying “I am not a fan of bikes in dog parks” as I cycled by. Read the signs, this park is for everyone, including cyclists. Go to a park exclusive for just dogs.

Beefs & Bouquets, Sept. 5

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BOUQUET Thank you to the thoughtful and clever person putting up inspirational and cheerful signs on poles in Harewood. You make my day, make me smile, feel hopeful and live better.

BEEF To the furniture store. You represent yourselves as selling high-quality products but your made-in-Mexico couch wore out in five months and the seams on your chairs were never straight. Not what we expected paying premium prices.

BOUQUET To the house on the corner of Invermere and Icarus for putting out a full bowl of water for our dogs after they’ve been playing at the off-leash beach.

BEEF To the family that thinks face timing during lunch at an expensive restaurant is acceptable to other patrons or the business. What happened to teaching our children polite manners in public places, respect to business owners, and patrons?

BOUQUET To Ken M. at the public works department at the City of Nanaimo for taking immediate action for a problem on Chesterlea Avenue.

BEEF To bicyclists who do not stop at stop signs on Nanaimo walkway, in particular at intersection of Northfield Road and highway 19A. The law says you must come to a complete stop, dismount and walk through the intersection.

BOUQUET To a lovely young woman at the back entrance at Country Club Centre. She was way out the door and returned to open the door for we seniors. You have wonderful manners and so thoughtful.

BEEF Canada Post can abandon a parcel on your doorstep and claim it was ‘save drop’ delivered. This is not the post office I grew up with. Just thought your readers should be warned.

BOUQUET To Marilyn at Simonholt restaurant. I had my friend out for lunch and she is disabled. Marilyn went out of her way to be so helpful and kind. Thanks again.

BEEF To motorists turning at Boundary Avenue onto Northfield Road who break the law blocking the through traffic lane. All that money spent on the intersection to prevent accidents. The city should block public access from Boundary Avenue to Northfield Road before another one happens.

BOUQUET To the staff at the Nanaimo North Library. They are so helpful when we request books and videos that are not so popular or well-known. Thank you.

BEEF To the city for putting a traffic light at the intersection of Jingle Pot and Westwood Road. Roundabouts have been shown to be an efficient way of moving traffic and are in use here in Nanaimo. Why put out the money for a set of lights that already has traffic backing up almost to the parkway.

BOUQUET To Pastor Chris at our beloved city church. Your sermons are awesome. We look forward to Sunday mornings.

BEEF To the worker in the downtown Nanaimo business that pollutes the streets with her cigarette smoke while standing in front of her store then throws her cigarette butt down the storm drain.

BOUQUET There is no gift on Earth greater than the gift of life. Thank you daughter-in-law Gail for saving my son’s life. Thank yous to paramedics, doctors, nurses and technicians in Victoria and Nanaimo. Forever thanks to all.

BEEF To the woman in Pioneer Park walking her dogs, saying “I am not a fan of bikes in dog parks” as I cycled by. Read the signs, this park is for everyone, including cyclists. Go to a park exclusive for just dogs.

BOUQUET To Laura C. and staff at Highview Optical for the excellent service on new lenses purchased recently. Excellent customer service is outstanding – no wonder Highview was voted best overall in Nanaimo.

BEEF To the taxi driver who felt it necessary to voice his homophobic views to me when at the Pride crosswalk on my way to the hospital. Your job is simply to safely transport paying passengers from one place to another, without such a vile narrative.

BOUQUET To Bowen Co-op gas bar for the lovely day they provided for our community. Free entertainment for our community, hotdogs and face-painting. Thank you from your patrons and the public.

BEEF To the person who beefed about seniors with full pensions taking jobs. Not all pensions are big. I had to take a part-time job just to have heat in winter and keep my modest home. I am sure my 12-hour-a-week job isn’t impacting your ability to feed your family as much as it keeps me from becoming cold and homeless.

BOUQUET To my angel Christie, who, when I realized I couldn’t find my car keys, helped look for them for an hour. Then drove me all the way home to get my spare keys and back to my car even though your own kids were waiting to be picked up. You are an angel. Thank you.

BOUQUET To my tenants, Ginette and Connie, for being there 24/7 during my grieving period, after the loss of my loved one. Feeding me, driving me around when I couldn’t do it, and helping in many ways. I couldn’t have got through it without you. Thank so much.

BOUQUET As a visitor from Edmonton, I have found Nanaimo to be extremely friendly – at Woodgrove mall I asked for help from a woman, who didn’t know, so she approached two strangers to help me. Friendly drivers, friendly people, lots to do. I love it here! Thank you Ray and Lynne for letting me house-sit.

BOUQUET Many thanks to the lovely lady, who followed my vehicle from Brooks Landing to Stewart Avenue to return my backpack that had fallen out of my trunk as I was automatically closing the door while driving from the parkade. She is a Good Samaritan.

BOUQUET To Shawn of Junk in Our Trunk. We have used Shawn twice to haul away unwanted items. Honest, dependable and at a reasonable price.

BOUQUET To the man in the Grand Prix car on Wellington Road. He recognized my Tour de Rock training jersey and was cheering me on, ringing his Coast Capital Savings bell. It means the world to us to be supported and cheered on during those long, hot training rides.

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