Beef to the shoe repair shop. I brought in my vintage Louis Vuitton purse to be repaired, when I came to pick it up they couldn’t find it because it was thrown in a pile on the floor.

Beef to the shoe repair shop. I brought in my vintage Louis Vuitton purse to be repaired, when I came to pick it up they couldn’t find it because it was thrown in a pile on the floor.

Beefs & Bouquets, Sept. 27

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BEEF The person who complained about the natural noise the rooster made ought to try living with the extremely loud noise that the speeding motorcycles and trucks make on Stewart Avenue, day and night.

BOUQUET To all who helped in the search for lost dog Freddy in Lantzville. Your energy, support and persistence was greatly appreciated.

BEEF To the parents in the Long Lake neighbourhood with the kids who scream from dawn till dusk. Nobody should have to listen to that let alone some that work nights. Show some consideration please.

BOUQUET To the kind individual who found my Corolla insurance papers and decal and delivered them to my gate. How and where I lost them will remain a mystery.

BEEF To the fair for having some of the animals tied up with rope so short they could not even look around.

BOUQUET We wish to thank the staff at Milano’s for the delicious meal prepared for our wedding, also Rob at Thrifty’s for the beautiful wedding cake, the deli staff for the pre-wedding trays and the flower shop for making things right. Remember to have a wedding when you are in your 70s is just as important as the ones 50 years ago. A new start in life. Thank you everyone.

BEEF To people who put their Vancouver Island map stickers sideways in their car windows. There are surely better ways to be non-conformist than to challenge north-south conventions.

BOUQUET Nanaimo Community Gardens Society would like to pass on a big thank you to the Milner Group for allowing us to dump our wood and yard waste at their facility, free of charge. Great community support.

BEEF To the jerk with a dealer plate who parked in a disabled parking spot with no disability placard. You may have thought you were not going to be long but I got my groceries and was back out to my car and you were nowhere in sight. Shame. You’ve been reported.

BOUQUET Darby our server was the sweetest. Poor girl felt it was all her fault that the food was terrible. Management should be ashamed, they need to train their cooks, not just throw them into the job.

BEEF The protesters who would like to help the homeless, take them home and let them live in your backyard. They spend their money on tattoos, drugs and alcohol. In return we are chasing away cruise ships and tourism.

BOUQUET To the circulation manager at the News Bulletin for the excellent idea of putting a bright yellow newspaper box by our mailboxes. Now we can all pick up our paper conveniently and not be frustrated with delivery.

BEEF To B.C. Ferries for the never-ending mechanical issues with their fleet and terminals. At least have better than sub par Wi-Fi for the wait. Having to take ferries is absolutely painful. Everyone pays a fortune to travel on the ferry, and a delay is the icing on the cake. Thanks for ruining a day and other plans.

BOUQUET To Barber and Haime accountants for their help in dealing with my late husband’s paperwork. They were extremely kind, courteous, compassionate and patient. I couldn’t have managed without them. I am so grateful for their professionalism.

BEEF If hundreds of waterfront dwellers are exempt from property taxes, water/sewer etc. I think all home owners should be able to apply for this exemption. Is it not a fair and just society where all should be treated the same? So I call on the City of Nanaimo to put a moratorium on property taxes, water and sewer.

BOUQUET To those in leadership roles whether schools, agencies or government, who bow to the whim of the minority of those suffering from mental instability and gender confusion. Biology and science have been thrown out the window along with discernment and wisdom.

BEEF to the owner of a light tan cat that roams and hunts behind Departure Bay school. I’ve witnessed this super predator attack baby quail, rabbits and songbirds. It even chases adult deer. Please do the local wildlife a favour and make the responsible choice to keep your housecat indoors.

BOUQUET Being a resident of the Nanaimo River Road wildfire evacuation alert area, words can’t express how thankful we are for the firefighters and everyone involved in keeping our community safe and informed. So thankful for our family and friends that contacted us with their thoughts of concern and offers of help. Means so much.

BEEF Shame on the local politicians who didn’t show up at the VIEX.

BOUQUET To Ray at London Drugs computer department for going out of his way to process a return for me quickly, when I told him I had a dog waiting out in the car.

BEEF To the shoe repair shop. I brought in my vintage Louis Vuitton purse to be repaired, when I came to pick it up they couldn’t find it because it was thrown in a pile on the floor.

BOUQUET To my landlady for rescuing a small dog in the extreme heat last month in the University Village mall parking lot. The dog was found inside a car cowering under the foot pedal suffering from heat exhaustion/dehydration. Beef to the person who left the animal to suffer.

BEEF To the person who had personal belongings stolen from your car. Maybe personal belongings shouldn’t be in your car, that’s how stuff gets stolen.

BOUQUET To Mr. Callaghan for cleaning up a huge mess. Perhaps the Discontent City residents could lend a hand?

BEEF To the people on Facebook marketplace who post their used items at, near or more then the price of the same item new. We see you, you aren’t smart, a simple Google search exposes you. You’re making yourselves look like scammers.

BOUQUET To Ranjit and Paula Parhar and the entire Terminal Esso team. You are the kindest employers I have ever had and I will always be grateful for everything you shared with me. Thank you.

BEEF To people who think they can rely on GoFundMe, instead of buying life and fire insurance.

BOUQUET To the two lovely ladies at the East Wellington post office. Thank you so much for all your help regarding the parcel I was sending to Telus. Experience and customer service extraordinaire.

BOUQUET To Chris who returned my wallet (and vacation money) to the service desk at Superstore, after I left it in the cart. What an amazing feeling when Superstore called to say my wallet had just been turned in. So awesome to know there are still honest and honourable people around. Thank you.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo SPCA. When getting my dog out of the car to take her into their wonderful dog park I shut the car door on my finger. They expertly provided first aid to me and looked after my dog while I was at emergency.

BOUQUET To the flag person on the Northfield Road construction site who always has a friendly word and great smile while steering people through.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo News Bulletin family of workers. No paper, no problem. Delivered the next day and delivered by truck until a new carrier was hired.

BOUQUET To Erin and Pat at Thirsty Spirit Coffee at Beban Plaza. They are always so welcoming and genuinely care about how your day is going. The coffee is great too.

BOUQUET To Jared at Home Hardware at Brooks Landing for delivering my barbecue this summer, and helping me with all my questions and needs after moving here from Ontario and trying to set up our new home.

BOUQUET To Bill and Kevin at Eye Mean Graphics for their friendly, professional service.

BOUQUET Thank you to my fellow Walmart associates for the flowers, gift cards and best wishes on my last day of work after 39 years. Happy retirement to me.

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