Beef to the male driver of the Ford F-150 at Westwood Lake who lost his temper with his dog and dragged it back to his truck with a tight leash such that the dog’s front feet were off the ground because he was upset by its behaviour. If your dog’s behaviour frustrates you, take lessons in dog training.

Beefs & Bouquets, Sept. 26

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BOUQUET Thank you to the bystanders at the Snowbirds performance. Your help when my mother fainted was appreciated. I am so proud of my fellow citizens.

BEEF To builders and tradespeople who believe they can park anywhere they want without paying attention to City of Nanaimo bylaws. To the tradesman who told the woman she had no right to stand in the lane way and complain to him, a great big beef.

BOUQUET To the people walking on E&N Walkway. I once beefed you for always walking the same route instead of trying different parts of the city but I have grown up since then and I think I am a better person now. I am sorry. Please enjoy your walks in whichever direction you choose.

BEEF Another set of lights on the Island Highway is resulting in backed-up traffic and a new accident-prone area.

BOUQUET To Apple Auto Glass for reattaching the rear view mirror in our vehicle. We can see so much better now.

BEEF To the people who wrote about a cat traumatizing snakes. How sad that you think this is OK, why should anything be tortured? Another reason to keep your cat inside. Everything has a right to live, please be responsible.

BOUQUET Kudos to the provincial government for implementing automated speed cameras at high-risk intersections and for ensuring one was installed in Nanaimo. This is not a ‘cash grab,’ driving is a privilege not a right.

BEEF To the male driver the Ford F-150 at Westwood Lake who lost his temper with his dog and dragged it back to his truck with a tight leash such that the dog’s front feet were off the ground because he was upset by its behaviour. If your dog’s behaviour frustrates you, take lessons in dog training.

BOUQUET To the creative and inspiring City of Nanaimo landscape architect/designer and gardeners creating the exciting displays at Maffeo Sutton Park. The ever-evolving gardens show new and unusual surprises almost every week.

BEEF The smell is disgusting and unhealthy. I open my windows to cool down my home at night only to awaken to the acrid smell and screaming sinuses. Make it stop please.

BOUQUET To Jamie at Uplands Dental. I was such a chicken when I went to get my teeth cleaned after eight years. It took two appointments, and she was so patient, so kind, so intuitive. Best of all, she didn’t judge me and my smile looks fabulous. I highly recommend her to anyone who has dentist anxiety.

BEEF To you, neighbour. Your schoolgirl antics are grossly misplaced. Grow up.

BOUQUET To the lovely lady in the lineup at Rock City Tim Hortons. As we chatted I commented I was picking up Timbits for a treat for my husband who had just gone into care. At the order counter you turned to me with a box of Timbits and said here, these are for your husband. Your kindness to me, a stranger, was so caring, you have no idea how much it meant. Thank you, I will be paying it forward.

BEEF To the people who continue to let their dogs run off-leash in on-leash dog parks in the East Wellington field area. You put me and my leashed shep at risk of harm and I’m sick of it.

BOUQUET To the person who painted a pretty little rock with the word ‘Nice’ on it. I found it in Bowen Park a couple of days ago, cleaned it up and put it on my coffee table. I think of you whenever I see it and although I don’t know who you are, you make my day. Thank you for your kindness.

BEEF To the beefers angry about live music outdoors. I’d take music over lawnmowers, leaf blowers or saws any day. Enjoy the festivities. It is completely legal to do such a thing, no law was broken. Chill out.

BOUQUET To Dr. Oluyede and staff in the perinatal unit, and our incredible midwife Emma. For going above and beyond to help us feel safe and heard when our daughter’s birth didn’t go according to plan. We feel blessed to have had such an amazing team watching over us.

BEEF To auto-tuned mumble rap. Can you go away already?

BOUQUET Thank you Fairway Market for supporting Stone Soup for 16 months. Thanks from the Wisteria Community Association, all the volunteers and especially the 150 homeless and low-income families and individuals who were fed seven days a week by your contributions.

BEEF To the stores that don’t have loonie locks on their shopping carts. No carts would be left around town, if they had a loonie in it. Help clean up our city.

BOUQUET To the two wonderful people at the Cedar intersection who called an ambulance and stayed with me until first responders arrived. You were the positive part of a otherwise awful situation. Thank you so much.

BEEF To all dog owners who let their dogs run loose when signs are clearly posted at parks and beaches. Laws apply to everyone and are there for a reason. As a dog owner, I appreciate that I need to be responsible to obey the law.

BOUQUET To the friendly staff at the Nanaimo Museum. My kids loved participating in the new scavenger hunt. Thanks to the volunteer Les for all his help.

BEEF To the clothing store whose owner requires the manager on duty to search the bags and purses of staff coming off shift. I was there for 20 minutes and saw two women have their purses checked right at the front door. How humiliating.

BOUQUET To the live music on Prideaux Street. My family and I had a wonderful time; so nice to see a family-friendly community event on our street. What a great way to meet your neighbours.

BEEF If it is true that the RDN pays mileage to its directors just to get them to the office, they should be ashamed of themselves. Never in my working life have I or anyone I know been paid to make it to work. That is not how you should be spending our tax dollars.

BOUQUET To the woman who flagged me while driving to let me know that I had a pair of shoes on top of my truck.

BEEF To the business owner. You are a hypocrite, last year you told anyone who would listen about how you felt sorry for the homeless and unfortunate. Fast forward one year and now you start complaining on social media and starting petitions for action, complaining how it’s affecting your business.

BOUQUET Recently used Nelson Inspection Services for a home inspection. Today’s prices, condition and legal work are big concerns buying a home. Scary too. Fears dissipated after the professional and knowledgeable report was given. Many thanks to this top-notch company.

BEEF To all the hospital employees who park on all the residential streets around the hospital, especially Crescent View Drive. You are parking around apartments and condos. When you exit your vehicles at all hours, could you please lock them manually, rather than using your clicker as you walk away, consequently your horn beeping?

BOUQUET To Maggie’s Seafood Market. First-class food, service, and staff. Our family visiting from Alberta insisted on repeat visits for fish and chips, during their four-day stay with us.

BEEF To all the property owners in Eagle Point who have let their yards become run down and really overgrown. This neighbourhood used to be pristine. Please have pride in your yards and your community.

BOUQUET To the computer service department of London Drugs at Nanaimo North Town Centre.The staff is always very helpful, answering all questions very clearly even for a senior with lots of questions and little knowledge about computers.

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