Beefs & Bouquets, Sept. 25

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BOUQUET To Nesvog Meats for awesome service. I picked up my order on Saturday and found out I was short after they closed. The owner personally delivered the rest of our order to our home. He would not take any money so we will donate the money to charity.

BEEF To harassing neighbours because your neighbour spoke out about the noise you create. Harassment is a form of bullying and against the human rights constitution for all Canadians that I so strongly defended during my military career.

BOUQUET To Alice Busch Charbonneau for her report on the sad state of the support services in our local school system.

BEEF To the people watching as a man on crutches struggled to get his heavy bags of shopping through the automatic door that closed on him. Also to the store for leaving it to a passerby to go back in the store and call him a taxi. Everyone just gawked.

BOUQUET to Troy and his team from Vancouver Island Tree Services Ltd. Ryan and Scott removed five towering trees from my property. They cleaned up behind themselves and made a huge job look easy.

BEEF To the parents who set up a play area in the middle of the street, with their car blocking view of oncoming traffic. A recent encounter with a very young child on a bike took years off my life. The church lot seems a better bet for all concerned.

BOUQUET To my kind neighbours Sarah and Dan, who kept the dogs in and allowed access for the tree removal on my property through the top of their yard.

BEEF To the folks who consistently throw their garbage from their vehicles between the Southgate Mall and Douglas Road area. Also a beef to the folks who drop off their garbage at the local industrial site, not caring when most of it floats out onto Tenth Street from their pickups.

BOUQUET To Dave and Collette of Westhill Pharmasave. Your kindness and support during my husband’s battle with cancer will always be remembered.

BEEF To the city for leaving up some of the flood signs. We want them all gone. They are blight on our Harewood neighbourhood.

BOUQUET To Ashley at the Dog’s Ear for her above and beyond amazing customer service when we needed a rush done.

BEEF To the articles on increasing fish farming and logging industry. Why waste space encouraging a practice that research has proved threatens wild salmon and an industry that is not sustainable?

BOUQUET To the Woottons for their excellent display of hanging flower baskets, adjacent to the Nanaimo Golf Club.

BEEF To city council for giving away our seawall to a hotel chain.

BOUQUET To Sigrid McNab for extraordinary customer service. McNab farms is a business to support.

BEEF To Microsoft for selling my personal information to companies overseas so I can be telephone solicited by aggressive bloodsuckers insisting my computer is about to crash any moment. Apparently being on the province’s do-not-call list makes no difference to the purveyors of global greed.

BOUQUET To Jacob who fixed my flat tire at Port Place shopping centre Friday evening. Thank you for your kindness – I really appreciated your help.

BEEF To the guy in the black pickup on Douglas Avenue with the old yellow lab loose in the box. The dog may have ridden this way all his life but he is getting old and unstable. He is at risk of falling out when he rides with his feet up on the  wheel well and you take a corner too fast or brake suddenly.

BOUQUET to Cathy and Rob at Best Choice Quality Used Books for their expert advice on my computer issues.

BEEF To the person beefing about Garfield. You sure don’t give it up do you? We are all getting sick and tired of your criticisms no matter how you phrase them. Don’t you have anything better to do?

BOUQUET From Pots and Pans for Public Schools to the residents of Departure Bay and Harewood. We received a warm welcome and it was wonderful to have so many families join us on the two nights.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for allowing non-residents to run for city council. Candidates for school board are required to be residents.

BOUQUET To my wonderful wife Sherri who has forsaken her own personal time lovingly working tirelessly for many hours not without stress to ensure my enjoyable healthier life.

BEEF To the grocery store. Bread had been taken off the shelves and the loaves were strewn around the floor with nothing underneath them. Shelves empty – floor covered with all the bread. What a filthy practice.

BOUQUET To the two sides in the teachers’ strike for coming to an agreement.

BEEF To the fellow working in the paint department. Customers ask questions – that is part of your job. Snapping at me that it is up to you what paint I buy and what the letters mean is not good customer service. From now on I will buy my supplies elsewhere.

BOUQUET To my wife for the last 50 years.

BEEF To the person who failed to pick up his or her dog’s excrement at Swy-a-Lana Lagoon. My four-year-old son fell off his bike and landed right in it. If you are not going to pick up after your dog then don’t own one – you never know when your negligence is going to ruin somebody’s afternoon.

BOUQUET To all who helped Aug 20 at the Nanaimo courthouse. Special thanks to Jen Stanger, Jennifer Vickers, constables Herault and Armstrong. Because of your quick actions we expect a full recovery for Chris.

BEEF To the mayor and councillors. It would be more appropriate to change the name of City of Nanaimo to City of Tax and Spend.

BOUQUET Beyond excellence is the service you will find at Uptown Auto Sales when you’re looking for just the right car. Salesman Pat Cody is a credit to the company and a pleasure to do business with.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, please e-mail