Beefs & Bouquets, Sept. 15

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A great seafood bouquet to chefs Tom and Chad at Bayside Bistro in Parksville. Thanks for the best bouillabaisse ever.

A big bouquet of gratitude to the lovely couple who invited me in after my accident just off Stewart Avenue. Thank you so much for your kindness and hospitality. It truly made my week.

A big bouquet to the person who cleared a path to the water at the beach off Blueback Road. This swimmer appreciates your efforts. It makes a high-tide swim so enjoyable.

An appreciative bouquet to Sean of Junk to the Dump for cheerfully removing some heavy and awkward pieces of junk on an uncomfortably hot day. Good service.

A hearfelt musical thanks to Jason and all the gang at Long & McQuade for donating more than $600 worth of instruments to the Estevan music program and providing all the clients with so many smiles and giggles. You went far beyond what we could have ever imagined. You guys are amazing. Hugs and kisses.

Baskets of Roses to Jan of Coast Optical in Wembley Mall in Parksville for his patience, skill, customer support and fair prices. I am grateful I chose Jan’s local business rather than a chain store for my first pair of glasses. Jan’s prices are competitive, his personal service exceptional and – best of all – I get to support a local businessman.

Thank you Bouquets of fragrant Sweetpeas to all the sponsors who supported the recent Gift of Life Walk for the Kidney Foundation. Two small words but ever so important to recognize those who help others. While 85 per cent of British Columbians favour organ donation, only 17 per cent are registered donors.

A big bouquet to Sydni at the COCO Café in Cedar for her cheerful personality and for making the best latté with the best designs on top.

A Huge Basket of Roses to Sandra Petryk of Hoopla for her innovative and highly-skilled marketing services. I am really grateful that I chose Sandra as my social marketing coach. Working with her made my “sense of intimidation” disappear.

Thank you to the couple at Save-On-Foods in Terminal Park who gave me a bouquet of flowers recently. It was most unexpected and I shall be eternally grateful for this thoughtful gesture.

a bouquet to Bunsmaster for having a large order for our out-of-town family reunion ready early so we could catch a ferry. They even went the extra mile and specially packaged it to survive the trip. The cinnamon buns were excellent.

A swinging bouquet to the Nanaimo Blues Society for the wonderful three-day blues festival at the new venue – Maffeo Sutton Park. Nanaimo hasn’t had an exciting event like that for a long time. Looking forward to next year.

A very angry BEEF to whoever hit the fawn on Hammond Bay Road early Friday morning and left him there to die alone, afraid and hurt. I stayed with him for half an hour, comforting him as he slowly and painfully slipped away. Before he died he gave one last cry for his mom. Thanks to all the ladies who stopped and to the officer who came to the scene. I cried off and on all day wondering what kind of person could do this.

A beef to the driver who hit the white truck in the parking lot at Value Village recently and did extensive damage. My wife went shopping there to save money to spend on other expenses like school supplies and hockey for our children.  I hope someone reports you.

a beef. As a “valued” customer of a local cable company, I received a postcard in the mail telling me I could view a free movie. After  viewing this movie, I was charged for it on my latest invoice. When I disputed this bill, I was told by a customer service representative that they had no knowledge of this offer and I would have to go to their local office to get the fee taken off my bill.

A STINKY beef to the older lady driving a white Mazda turning left at the Norwell/Ross roads intersection. I want you to know you just about hit me and my 11-month-old son, who I was pushing in a stroller, when we were in the crosswalk and you never did notice us. It is a good thing I was paying attention to your driving. Open your eyes and pay attention

A beef to the elderly lady who kept feeding our cat despite our pleas not to. Our cat was on a special veterinarian-prescribed diet and you caused her irreparable harm. Next time, think about the cat’s welfare first before you indulge your desire to have other people’s cats in your house.

A humongous stinky beef to people who smoke on their balconies. They get to pollute our fresh air, depriving us from breathing that same fresh air. Shame on you. Even if you’re told that you’re allowed to do so, it doesn’t make it right. You have no respect for others. How can you sleep at night knowing that other people have difficulty breathing because of you?

a gentle beef to the woman who did not hit me while I was riding my bike at the Comox and Wallace streets intersection. I’m fairly certain that you were running a red light. That isn’t the point. You were slowing down as soon as you saw me, and I was stopping as soon as I saw you. Our interaction was scary, but luckily neither one of us was hurt. Don’t feel extraordinarily bad.

A beef to people who bring their garbage to my condominium complex and empty it in the complex’s garbage bin. We are now taking licence numbers and pictures of you and your vehicle and will post them. Maybe on Facebook someone would recognize you.

a beef to a cable company for making it so difficult to get through on its phone line while trying to cancel my service. Another beef to TV stations for airing such drivel in the first place. Did you know there’s a show called “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant”?

a really big beef to a big box store for charging HST and PST. Check your bills, people.

a beef to those who like to complain about the ferry service. If you don’t like it, then move off the Island. Then it is not an issue for you.

A beef to the woman across the street. There’s a fine line between obsession and stalking. Back off.

A beef to the people who walk their dogs down a public path to the ocean and let their dogs bark continuously when they stop and talk to other dog owners. We do not appreciate listening to that disruptive noise. Control your dog.

a beef to a company for withdrawing $427 from my bank account when the account was closed and paid up. The business admits an error occurred, but after two months, it has still not returned my money.

another beef to the bus service for raising my hopes about keeping the bus stop on Uplands Drive. The company gave us a reprieve for one week, then took it away. If they gave us one week, they could have left it there.

a beef to the stores that had Halloween stuff for sale before Labour Day. This reminder that summer is over is not only depressing, but I’m also wondering who buys for Halloween in August?