Beef to the revolting people who actually spit on a food delivery person when he was 10 minutes late. Reminder: these days that can be termed as assault.

Beef to the revolting people who actually spit on a food delivery person when he was 10 minutes late. Reminder: these days that can be termed as assault.

Beefs & Bouquets, Sept. 15

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BOUQUET I want to thank the young man at Mark’s for the interesting conversation we had about sports, particularly about running. I rarely get the chance to talk to somebody who is keen in the sport that I enjoyed in my youth. I wish him well in the future.

BEEF I’m sick to death of everyone blaming what they call ‘anti-vaxxers’ for spreading COVID. This FDA-approved vaccine doesn’t work since people who have gotten the double shot can still contract and spread the virus. And a third ‘booster’ may be required. Didn’t your parents teach you not to use experimental drugs?

BOUQUET To the Great Spirit for all things under and including the sun. We don’t deserve the blessings you have bestowed upon us and I am eternally grateful to have been allowed to participate. Thank you again.

BEEF To the beefers who think that those who choose to not get vaccinated and contract COVID-19 ought to have to pay outright for any care they receive or not have any care at all. What about the obese, smokers, vapers, and those who choose unhealthy lifestyles that lead to diabetes and other chronic ailments?

BOUQUET To health care workers. So sorry you have to see the figurative middle fingers from anti-vaxxers. The majority of us appreciate you and what you continue to do in the fight against COVID-19.

BEEF To the nurse at the COVID vaccine centre. My friend inquired how to get a third vaccine to even out her mixed doses so that she could still go on her upcoming cruise. You asked her “are you going on a trip you can’t afford?” Not that it is any of your business, but she has saved for five years to take that cruise and she is worried about losing that money. Perhaps next time you should try to be a bit more understanding and helpful instead of shaming a senior.

BOUQUET To Dave in the appliances department at Home Depot. He is very professional and helpful. Returning a dishwasher turned out to be no problem.

BEEF Do the laws and regulations not apply to motorcyclists? I see them pulling up in front at red lights, passing on shoulders and in the middle of two lanes, going double the speed limit, tail-gating, shall I go on?

BOUQUET Many thanks to Dani and Will. They found my purse in a shopping cart at Save-On-Foods. They not only returned it to my mailbox, they left a cheerful note with it. I’m so grateful and relieved.

BEEF To those who focus on death by COVID, as if people aren’t quitting this world every day from many many other causes. You need to turn off the TV and go do something that will liberate your mind and give you some perspective.

BOUQUET To the doctors, nurses, technicians and all staff at NRGH emergency department for their competency and kindness in restoring and old lady’s ailing heart. You are the greatest. Love you!

BEEF To the revolting people who actually spit on a food delivery person when he was 10 minutes late. Reminder: these days that can be termed as assault.

BOUQUET To Caroline and Kat at Lilybelle Locks. Both ladies were very knowledgeable and compassionate assisting a cancer patient with choosing a beautiful wig.

BEEF To the supermarket with their signs that all carts are sanitized. Their employees just drag them in from outside and leave without doing anything else to them.

BOUQUET To the RCMP officer whose alertness resulted in the recovery of my stolen bike. RCMP subsequently delivered the bike to my home. Heartfelt thanks.

BEEF To the hand-wringers over Nanaimo’s problems. They can be all readily remedied if we apply the law as written without exceptions.

BOUQUET Community and neighbourliness is alive. Thank you Ben, Bill and Devo for helping load hay for sheep and showing children looking out for others makes this world a better place.

BEEF To the beefers who beef about doggy doo. Why don’t horse riders have to clean up as well? Ever drive through a pile of road apples? ‘Nuff said.

BOUQUET To Nick and Nat Painting for the awesome completion of our deck. You are true to your word of trust, skill, service and quality. Thank you so much for your workmanship and friendly attitude.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for charging for tickets for no dog licence tag and I don’t own a dog. What’s wrong, are you broke? You need a better dog catcher.

BOUQUET To Grant of Island Truck and Auto Collision Ltd. for the professional and excellent service performed on our fifth wheel and red chair.

BEEF To the drivers on Labieux Road. This road is not a race track. Came home to a beautiful dead cat on the road. So sorry to owners. Also the driver with a boom box in his car shakes my windows and walls.

BOUQUET To Reynie M., Kate W., Sticky W. and Constance C. for being such a great team despite their differences.

BEEF It is time to remove the beef section.Nothing but negative, whining, privileged comments which are at times nasty and bullying. Let’s make bouquets the most positive uplifting section for all those fine folks who read your newspaper.

BOUQUET To Adam and the service department at Toyota. Excellent service. From a very grateful senior.

BEEF To the guy in Nanoose Bay who washes his driveway every one or two days while water restrictions are in place and during a drought.

BOUQUET To the Lorax who speaks for the trees. Thank you for speaking for the trees. They need to be spoken for as they don’t have mouths and can’t speak for themselves.

BEEF To those in Cedar who voted out the popular swap meet at the Cedar hall.

BOUQUET Hurray, no casino entrance without a vaccine passport. Finally I can kick my habit.

BEEF To my neighbours two doors down. They continually feed stray cats and squirrels. This attracts the rats. The neighbours have been reported to the city. A very bad situation.

BOUQUET To Legion Branch 256 for the fabulous mural of our many branches of military services. It warms my heart and reminds me we should never forget.

BEEF To the thrift store that has two bathrooms and tells customers who need one to use the one in the restaurant. Not fair.

BOUQUET To the renovated Old City Station Pub. Good food at reasonable prices.

BEEF To the south Nanaimo cat owner who lets her cat roam 24/7.

BOUQUET To Katerina’s Restaurant in Lantzville. Their vegetable dish has maybe eight or 10 different vegetables included and cooked beautifully. Most places you are lucky to get three or four different vegetables.

BEEF To the man aggressively driving the electrical company truck on the highway. You should probably think twice before giving others the finger when your logo is emblazoned all over your truck.

BOUQUET Thank you to the two angels I met at the Tsawwassen ferry. They live in Tofino. They helped me in every way possible.

BEEF To grocery stores that advertise weekly specials to draw customers in and then have no inventory of the item – poor business practice.

BOUQUET Thank you to Joyce who took good care of Git.

BEEF To the visitors at NRGH who pull down their masks as soon as they’re past the front door. Enjoy it now, because karma says when you need medical care, you’ll get back the same level of consideration and respect that you clearly can’t be bothered to extend to the rest of the community.

BOUQUET Thank you Lynne and Derrick in Prince George. Lynne was prettier than Cinderella and Derrick, you are Prince Charming. Love Mom,

BEEF To bumper sticker profanity. I get that we don’t like cancer, but do we really need to swear at it too?

BOUQUET To Steven the regional sales manager for Nokian Tyres and the staff at Kal Tire on Norwell Drive. Many thanks for your exceptional customer service. Very professional people.

BEEF To the countertop company that only works 1960s bankers hours and is 20 per cent over all of its competitors’ pricing. Staff who work there are lovely but that’s not enough for us; we will take our new build elsewhere. Not being open for even a half day on the weekend is inexcusable.

BOUQUET To the city councillor who missed a meeting to attend a logging protest. Sounds like you have your priorities straight.

BEEF To my landlord, who, after seven years of never missing a rent payment and being respectful tenants, is very obviously trying to scare us out so he can charge more rent. It is no wonder to us that you live alone. You are a mean bully and we are happy that we made the choice to move along. We hope that your next tenants bring you much stress and frustration.

BEEF To the the thrift shop that is selling puzzles with pieces missing for exorbitant prices.

BOUQUET To Kim at the Lexitor clinic. Your empathy and care over the phone was appreciated. You are a shining light.

BEEF To the woman in the red pickup who distributed flyers to customers sitting outside a local coffee shop today. The flyer was devoted to anti-vax propaganda and COVID conspiracy theories.

BOUQUET To the first responders and good Samaritans who came to aid of a family of three women after a crash on Highway 4 in Coombs. Thank you for stopping, staying, and helping. We won’t forget your kindness.

BEEF To protesters. They deserve everything they get. They are lawbreakers and no better than criminals. In the good old days the loggers would take care of these protesters. But the bigger issue is a spineless government that allows anybody to protest. Here in Alberta we have a law to stop this Last time we had protesters blockade the railway, the local people came with trucks and tore blockade down.

BOUQUET Thanks to Dr. Maggs and the staff at Linley Valley Vets. Hunny is on the mend thanks to your excellent care and exceptional service. You’re the best.

BEEF To the man who decided my pickup truck was the great target of dozens of rocks to throw, causing major damage to the truck while driving down the highway. Major bouquet to the RCMP who swiftly attended and knew who the suspect was and went to arrest them.

BOUQUET To the person in the grey car at the University Village Starbucks who paid for my order. I had a particularly exhaustive week and this was thoughtful and encouraging of you. You are a gem.

BEEF To those who insist on roaring around with their bikes and cars in the north end of town at all hours of the day and night. Time to write some tickets and maybe get these drivers and their vehicles off the road.

BOUQUET To all the people on the Saysutshun-Newcastle Island ferry dock who allowed me and my exhausted four-year-old to board the ferry ahead of them so we could get home. It was a long day, and a long wait for everyone and I am forever thankful for your kindness.

BEEF To C. from the coffee shop. You were incredibly rude and disrespectful when I asked a simple question. You may have been having a busy period but that is no reason to take that frustration out on your customer.

BOUQUET To the person at Walmart who found my black wallet and turned it in to the lost and found. It is very much appreciated.

BEEF To those members of a trade union screaming from the mountain tops for mask mandates and safety protocols until it meant jabs in their arms. Shameful to say the least.

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