Beefs & Bouquets, Sept. 11

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BOUQUET To the lovely salesperson in the Bay’s linen section. Thanks so much for finding the perfect pillow for my husband. Customer service is so rare these days and you were so cheerful and helpful.

BEEF To noisy people in and around the apartment building. If my neighbour had to work the next morning, he’d be very upset with you.

BOUQUET To the crew of Duncan Paving who graciously relocated their paving trucks and equipment at the Cedar Community Hall before a celebration of life was to be held. Thank you for making this day a little brighter.

BEEF To all drivers. When it gets dark, start your vehicle, walk behind and see if you have tail lights – if you don’t, you have to push, pull or turn your knob to turn on tail lights. Please make it safe for everyone on the roads.

BOUQUET To the lady in the white RAV4 who paid for our two Egg McMuffins at the Mary Ellen Drive McDonald’s. What a surprise and how kind. I’ll do the same for another person somewhere.

BEEF To men who wear perfume cleverly called aftershave or cologne. You are polluting the air and smell ridiculous.

BOUQUET To the lady who stood by my wallet at the ferry terminal on Monday and to the gentlemen who waited for me to return to let me know that it was safe and awaiting me. Such care for others is truly appreciated.

BEEF I’m tired of the jerking of the new buses. It is very uncomfortable to ride and getting hard on my neck. Can’t they be driven smoother?

BOUQUET To the lovely women who helped pay for my parking at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital emergency department. You deserve a big hug.

BEEF To foolish parents who place a “children playing” sign at the stop sign and then let three young children play on the street unattended. Try the church parking lot across the street – a lot safer – and supervise them.

BOUQUET To Dr. John Olsen and Linda at Seven Sails Dental for my smile back. They’ve replaced my tooth three times. Your service is something to smile about.

BEEF To Beban Park rec centre. The new sauna should have cedar walls, not glass; the steam room is 25 per cent smaller; the lockers are too shallow even to put your shoes in. Last year you took the candy machines, this year the water cannons, next year probably the slide.

BOUQUET To the drivers who exited via the arrow and exit sign from the drive-thru at the Southgate Tim Hortons.

BEEF To the drivers at the Tim Hortons who ignored the signs and turned left where the pylons used to be. The pylons were removed because people drove over them and destroyed them.

BOUQUET To Wexford Creek care facility for making George’s last days so comfortable.

BEEF To the teachers’ union. Comparatively, teachers have excellent jobs, pay, benefits and amazing holidays. On top of all of this the union wants to spread jam on all of them.

BOUQUET To Viv for caring, comforting and supporting the lucky few who are blessed to know and love her.

BEEF To everyone honking car horns at the striking teachers from 7 a.m. onwards. You’ve successfully disturbed a sleep-deprived new mother and her baby every day. How is honking your car horn supporting teachers – who are at the school but not teaching – doing anything to help move the strike along?

BOUQUET To honour the memory of the late, great Pat Barron, who fought his last great battle for Harewood’s Colliery Dam Park. We honour his service.

BEEF To the person who stole the tank bag off my motorcycle that was parked outside the Oxy Hotel. It had documentation, more than $200 worth of tools and other personal effects of no value to anyone but myself.

BOUQUET to the local sponsors who helped make our ‘not back to school’ picnic a super time: Country Grocer Bowen, Wellington library, Nanaimo parks and rec, Kool and Child, Patti’s Party Palace, Nanaimo Museum, and the Wilson family.  Your support added to a special day for Nanaimo’s home-school families.

BEEF To the company for putting me through numerous interviews, testing and then you fell off the face of the planet with no explanation. if that is how your company runs I am glad not to be part of it.

BOUQUET To the lady in the blue car, who stopped to guide my frantic dog across Uplands Drive. She got away from my friend while out for a walk, and they had a large dog encounter that frightened her.

BEEF To the cable company for changing television channels without any notifications, and now making the news network into a pay-extra channel. We are already forced to pay for many channels that we never use.

BOUQUET To the Brickyard Dental Clinic. I took my granddaughter in without an appointment (she is not a patient of theirs) and they took her in immediately and fixed her dental problem. It was exceptional, smiling service.

BEEF To the elderly man in the right-hand-drive van at the Mostar light. l was not using my phone. l have hands-free. You then sped up, cut me off and crossed two lanes in order to get my plate. How frightening for a woman alone.

BOUQUET To everyone at the Co-op. Thank you from Mariah for the fun family day. We had so much fun and I won a gift basket – my first win ever.

BEEF To the rude couple on B.C. Ferries who thought it was OK to tell my kid to shut up so that you could sleep, and then tell them it doesn’t matter what your parents say. Next time think twice about riding on the boat – if you don’t like kids, stay in your car and sleep there or learn to fly.

BOUQUET I was so impressed by the outstanding customer service I received at the Brooks Landing Staples store. Divisional sales manager Kathy Paterson was so helpful and friendly that I left the store totally impressed and keen to give that store my business from now on.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, please e-mail