Beef to the store that puts profits before employees. A huge thanks for firing my wife

Beef to the store that puts profits before employees. A huge thanks for firing my wife

Beefs & Bouquets, Sept. 1

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BOUQUET To Price’s Alarms. Great customer service. Thank you for appreciating long-time clients and going above and beyond to make one happy.

BEEF To the beefer about parking on side streets near NRGH. Employee parking is deducted based on hours scheduled to work. Carpooling, cycling to work is still same rate. Unable to find parking consistently, a spot is not guaranteed even though we pay monthly.

BOUQUET To all organizers and sponsors who made the recent Snowbirds visit to Nanaimo happen. Also to volunteers with the CHILD organization.

BEEF To those with loose or improperly secured dogs in the backs of their trucks.  It’s illegal under the Motor Vehicle Act. If your dog is injured you can be charged under B.C. Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and if your dog causes a collision, you could be liable for associated costs.

BOUQUET To the gentleman in the white SUV who reunited me with my wallet on an extremely wet day on the parkway.

BEEF To the Port Authority for not re-posting the signs to dismount your bike on the walkway. They have been asked many times but it falls on deaf ears. There is an accident waiting to happen when many are there to enjoy the walkway, not bikeway.

BOUQUET To first-time nanny Bonnie. What a big thrill. Shelby you are the best. Doug, too. You must be beaming, granddad Dan to be.

BEEF Libraries are non-existent in south Nanaimo. The downtown library has a parkade which unfortunate people use for shelter so it can be uncomfortable to use.  Additionally, that library has books placed at low levels which require bending which is very inconvenient.

BOUQUET To Jim and Marianne Turley for all the good work they do in the community.

BEEF To the no-dog owner beefer. How selfish do you have to be to believe that your enjoyment of the off-leash trails supersedes mine. Life must be annoying for you.

BOUQUET To Terry Matheson Jewellers for your kindness, patience and excellent service. You have extraordinary talent in designing jewelry.

BEEF To people who complain when there is developing news. News outlets don’t report on innuendo and rumour. They report on the facts, with as much information as they have available.

BOUQUET To Archie and Sigrid McNab for their generous help with our recent move. Could not have done it without you.

BEEF To the emergency department. My mother, who is 92 years old, was sent by her doctor, in an ambulance, to have her heart checked out. After tests she sat for four to five hours waiting to see a doctor. She had her husband take her home. I am shocked that a 92-year-old person with a heart condition was left waiting.

BOUQUET For Kerry. Thank you for your kind gesture at the post office.

BEEF To Christy Clark for taking away our disabled bus pass subsidy. Now we have to pay $52 a month for our bus passes out of our raise and having $25 left after not getting a raise for about 10 years.

BOUQUET To Ernie at Budget Brake and Muffler for customer service above and beyond. Will always recommend your shop.

BEEF When we have cruise ships coming into Nanaimo, you would think the city would make it a priority to ensure the garbage along the path for the cruise ship passengers to walk to the downtown core would be cleaned up.

BOUQUET To Lorna at Slegg Lumber. She was so patient and knowledgeable with my window order. What a gem.

BEEF The high rate of animals being hit and killed by vehicles is getting ridiculous, sometimes accidents happen, but I’ve noticed with the rising population there are more people speeding and driving reckless.

BOUQUET To the city workers who keep the median grass and trees so nice.

BEEF To the impatient delivery driver and other drivers of higher vehicles. Lower cars have less of a sight line than you and need to take a moment longer to be sure it is safe to proceed. Have some patience.

BOUQUET To Nick of Fairwinds Flooring. He did an exceptional job laying our wood flooring which was a challenge. Nick and his assistants even moved our heavy teak furniture.

BEEF To the store that puts profits before employees. A huge thanks for firing my wife, a dedicated employee of eight years, who made a whopping $16 an hour to replace her with a minimum wage kid.

BOUQUET To Guy of Virdigris Gardening. He always does an exceptional job with his expert pruning techniques. We have a wonderful garden that is such a joy to us and the neighbourhood.

BEEF To the city for not having transit to Nanaimo Airport area. There are two family mobile home parks and three senior parks, not to mention airport customers. The area  pays for city transit on property tax.

BOUQUET To those who continue to be my friend even though I’m not very friendly.

BEEF To the beefer saying family members or visitors who can’t afford parking fees at the hospital should stay home. I hope you never find yourself in the position of visiting someone you care about who may be critically injured, terminally ill or in hospital for extended illness and you need to be there for them for hours every day.

BOUQUET To the man who paid for my coffee at Southgate Tim Hortons. I didn’t deserve that after I had given you a dirty look. You are more gracious than I am.

BEEF To those who think ‘garage sale’ is Latin for, ‘stop on a dime, don’t signal, cross as many lanes as possible, and park in the middle of the road.’

BOUQUET To Mauro at London Drugs at Nanaimo North Town Centre. Mauro works in the computer department. I get tongue tied when I need to deal with electronics. Mauro was very patient and kind as he explained everything to me.

BOUQUET To Gord, owner of Long Lake Nursery. He came over to see our tree and confirmed that it was dead. Gord brought us two other trees to choose from. Excellent customer satisfaction and just a wonderful person to deal with.

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