Beefs & Bouquets, Oct. 9

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BOUQUET To the mower driver for the great job of clearing the side of Haslam Road, especially the intersection of Haslam and Adshead which has been such a hazard the last couple of years. Shame to the highway maintenance company for not doing it and also the homeowners for not clearing their fence lines.

BEEF To the couple who came to my yard sale and stole all my hockey sticks and pet cage while I was taking down the signs. What a good example to set for your kids who were in the backseat of your van.

BOUQUET To everyone one who made our Hawthorne Park Playground a success, including the committee, volunteers, Kirsty MacDonald from City of Nanaimo, Easy Living Holdings, Palladian, DJ designs, Mayco Mix, Young Blood handyman and the local businesses that contributed to fundraising.

BEEF To drug culture. I have great sympathy for drug addicts. These people have a terrible sickness and need our care and support. I have no sympathy for people who begin taking drugs, knowing full well what the consequences can be.

BOUQUET To parents who teach their children their civic duty and the right to have an opinion by taking them along to the picket lines.

BEEF To the Nanaimo hardware store selling mineral scents advertised to attract deer to your yard. Are they not aware of our growing problem?

BOUQUET To all the picketers at North Oyster Elementary School. Every slot was filled every day all summer. Many thanks to the parents and community for your awesome support this summer.

BEEF To all those speeding and using cellphones while in school zones. What makes you above the law? Beef to the police for not ticketing these idiots more aggressively.

BOUQUET To the person who came across the package I dropped at the Lantzville mailbox and remailed it. I was hoping that a kind and honest person like you would find it.

BEEF To writers who do not understand the difference between the words ‘compliment’ and ‘complement.’ Please use your dictionary.

BOUQUET To whomever turned in my navy blue vinyl bag to Wal-Mart on Sunday night. Thank you so much. The documents inside were very important.

BEEF To the low-life thief who stole my expensive electric assist bike and trailer. Having heart failure, I ride for exercise on doctor’s orders and being on fixed income, cannot afford another one.

BOUQUET To the owners and staff of Almost 2 Easy movers. You were quick, efficient and reasonably priced. You made my move to a seniors’ complex almost too easy.

BEEF To the people who ruined and stole plants from the freshly landscaped garden at the Diplomat Motel. We watched a handyman lovingly craft a stone and bush garden over multiple days only to have it destroyed overnight and the plants ripped from the ground. They were only trying to improve the look of their lot and the area.

BOUQUET To Travelodge Nanaimo for your friendly staff, clean room and lovely breakfast.

BEEF Parking on Cavan Street went from $3 for 12 hours to $6.25 for eight hours without any kind of notice. I work downtown, use the local businesses such as pharmacy, shopping, eateries as well as gas station and convenience store – not anymore. The city has made it too expensive for me.

BOUQUET Beyond excellence for Applecross and staff for the wonderful service and kindness in their repairs of my car.

BEEF To everyone who shoots guns into the trees at Dumont, and to the land owners who continue to turn a blind eye to it. Will it take a death before someone in a position of authority takes responsibility for this dangerous activity?

BOUQUET To Gord at Chase River Tim Hortons for being so kind every Sunday morning recently to a widowed elderly lady. Enjoy your new job. We will miss you.

BEEF Stang-2 fix your mufflers and stop speeding. No one is impressed with your noisy car or your driving habits.

BOUQUET I owe the rec centre an apology. I didn’t realize the water cannon tower was rotting away. I should have checked before I beefed.

BOUQUET Just getting back from out of town I realized how clean Nanaimo city is.

BOUQUET To George S. at Buttertubs for fixing my chairs again.

BOUQUET To south end Kal-Tire. They always give outstanding, courteous service. Twice now I’ve had to replace a flat tire that wasn’t in my budget and both times they gave me a discount.

BOUQUET To the kind man who helped me out at Kal-Tire. I had no money to get a flat tire replaced. He saw how I was struggling with the money issue and chipped in to help me pay for it.

BOUQUET To Kelly’s Café on Bowen Road, the best take-out breakfast in Nanaimo. We devoured it on the beach.

BOUQUET To the staff at Nanaimo Seniors Village for making our mother Adelaide’s last eight years some of the best of her life. You really were family to her and she loved you all dearly. Your great stories about mum have eased this difficult time.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo and Lantzville Rotary Club members who generously gave of their time, talent and pocketbooks to work on the fence for the Nanaimo Community Hospice serenity garden. They stained, hammered, nailed and sawed for two weekends in a row – smiling all the while.

BOUQUET To the wonderful staff at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital who looked after me during a day procedure recently.  The doctor, Maureen, Stephanie Lesley and the recovery staff were all so nice, knowledgeable and patient with this patient.

BOUQUET To my caring friends and colleagues at Nanaimo Youth Services Association for supporting my and my son’s bake sale. All proceeds went to the Nanaimo Child Development Centre which does invaluable work for our deserving local kids.

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