Beef. My friend takes pride in getting published in the beefs section, I wish he had more bouquets to provide.

Beef. My friend takes pride in getting published in the beefs section, I wish he had more bouquets to provide.

Beefs & Bouquets, Oct. 6

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BOUQUET To my ears. They have hung in there with me for 80-plus years. I’ve pierced them, hooked sunglasses, eyeglasses, and hearing aids on them, and now hook masks on and off of them. Their only complaints have been throwing my hearing aids away while taking off the mask and growing over my piercing so I can’t wear pierced earrings anymore.

BEEF To the mechanic. You ignored a very firm, clear budget and went far beyond without our permission. You then had the audacity to yell and make personal insults while patting yourself on the back for unrequested ‘discounts’ which were still far beyond stated budget. You then refused to allow us to take our vehicle back. We were so scared of you we handed it over to you, although it was greatly needed. We were humiliated and now have no transportation.

BOUQUET To the very considerate postal worker at the north end Shoppers Drug Mart. I was so excited to send a very sentimental package to a family member I made an error on the postal code. You took the time to find me in the store to ensure the error was corrected as you knew the heartfelt importance behind it. Goodness only knows where it may have ended up otherwise without your sharp eyes. Thanks so much.

BEEF To the ones who feel they must erect a shrine in a public place to remember a loved one. We acknowledge your grief but perhaps consider putting it in your own home. And beef to the city for permitting it.

BOUQUET To Bavarian Imports Auto Repair – they are the best in Nanaimo. Friendly service, always taking care of my car. They are amazing. I had high quotes from other places and went to Bavarian and wow. Well done Klyntt and his team.

BEEF My friend takes pride in getting published in the beefs section, I wish he had more bouquets to provide.

BOUQUET To the person who found my earring and thoughtfully left it on the base of a lamp standard on Logan’s Run, where I was thrilled to find it. What a great neighbour. I am happy to be wearing these earrings again.

BEEF To the constant attacks on our great law enforcement organizations. Why do people think that everyone in the world envies our secure, free and safe nation? For those in doubt the door swings both ways.

BOUQUET To Mercedes-Benz in Nanaimo which went above and beyond to resolve my new car glitch. You were patient, understanding and persevered to ensure this elderly lady was satisfied and confident in her new car. Best customer service ever.

BEEF To those speeding on Hammond Bay Road. Being September is not a valid reason for doing 80-90 kilometres per hour in a 50km/h zone. RCMP would be well advised to set up their speed traps, until then the sound of my horn will have to suffice.

BOUQUET A brand new hockey season is just around the corner. The Canucks are going to be a good team this year. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Let’s all cheer together and enjoy the upcoming colder months.

BEEF To people who make online orders. People try to fraud the online system, report orders missing items, or damaged items to get out of paying. During these times, people making these deliveries have the choice to make those deliveries, you are not doing them a favour. We are all in this together, we all live in the same community, helping one another is a fantastic way to build community confidence and we desperately need that.

BOUQUET To all of those beefers with their petty and inane grievances that make me truly appreciate just how wonderful my life is.

BEEF To B.C. for not making the vaccine passport mandatory to buy alcohol, cigarettes and cannabis. Make it mandatory in those places along with the ones in place and vaccine rates will skyrocket and cut the risk down and you know it.

BOUQUET Vancouver Island has some amazing trails and hikes and rivers and waterfalls, get outside and play, rain or shine. Turn off your TV, put the phone down, connect with nature and you may feel rejuvenated. We are so lucky to call this place home.

BEEF To drivers who make illegal and dangerous left-hand turns by not turning into the nearest lane of a multi-lane roadway in their direction of travel. This law exists because it seeks to avoid crashes between two cars making turns from opposite directions.

BOUQUET A heartfelt thank you to the young man who paid our ferry fare in cash when the debit machine broke. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Newcastle Island and will pay your kind gesture forward.

BEEF To the receptionist who obviously doesn’t know when to properly use the word ‘obviously.’ 24 times (five times in one conversation) in her six-hour shift. A little excessive don’t you think? What’s even sadder is that other employees are now keeping track.

BOUQUET To all the restaurants and businesses that will not check their patrons’ vaccine status.

BEEF To the gas station for empty hand sanitizer dispensers at your pumps. How much does it cost a major oil company to provide customers with soap during a pandemic? Small business owners and restaurants can look after the safety of their customers by providing sanitizer. Why can’t an oil company? I left without filling and won’t be back.

BOUQUET To Mother Nature for finally giving us some rain. It was a long, dry summer.

BEEF To all the anti-vaccine passport protesters outside. Get used to it out there, that’s where you’re going to be for quite some time and we love it.

BOUQUET To Ryan and the whole team at Flesh Auto. They have no fear of the intimidating aura surrounding the Lucas electronics of an MGB. Cheers to you.

BEEF To people who park their vehicles in commercial loading zones downtown. As you know from taking those parking spots, parking downtown is extremely limited. You’re either unable to read, or you’re very rude and entitled.

BOUQUET On a visit from Victoria, I fell ill and arrived at the Nanaimo hospital emergency ward. We wanted to say how kind and well treated I was by the busy staff. A big thank you to the nurses, doctor, etc. who helped us in a stressful time. Nanaimo is lucky to have such good people working in their hospital.

BEEF To the beefer who says that vaccines don’t reduce COVID-19 transmission. Since the vaccines significantly reduce the chances of a person contracting the virus, it reduces their likelihood of having anything to spread. Also, if you’re going to be making a ‘medical choice,’ then you need to follow the peer-reviewed science and take other people into account.

BOUQUET To the volunteers who assisted with this past federal election. Thanks for giving democracy a hand.

BEEF To a doughnut shop for opening and closing at different times lately confusing customers. You obviously need to pay better wages or the manager is very demanding and staff quit.

BOUQUET To the Soap Exchange. Love your wonderful selection, from personal care to cleaning to laundry products, all made in Canada. It’s a simple solution to refill the bottles, thus reducing plastic going to recycling or the landfill or sadly to our oceans. Why recycle when you can drastically reduce single-use plastic? The staff are all friendly and helpful too.

BEEF To those following and filming me with a drone as I walked my dog through Bowen Park. How dare you make women feel uncomfortable and unsafe in public. Next time I will be calling the police.

BOUQUET To Steve and Charlotte for the uplifting note and gift cards you delivered to hospital staff. It brought a tear to my eye and all of us appreciate your kind words and support. From a Floor 5 nurse.

BEEF To the golf course that has not practised COVID-19 protocols during the past 18 months. Nobody was masked in the clubhouse or social distancing during a recent tournament.

BOUQUET Thank you to the ladies at Great Clips in Country Club Centre for always having a treat ready for Reilly. He loved those dried bananas and loving you gave him. He passed last month and we are sure he is looking down on you and wagging his tail. Hugs to all of you.

BEEF To all the jet-setting politicians. What happened to screaming climate change from the mountain tops? Last I checked a jumbo jet doesn’t run on pixie dust and rainbows. Hypocrisy at its finest.

BOUQUET To the lovely lady holding the sunflower bouquet on the hayride float at the Lantzville Minetown Day parade. Your energy and enthusiasm made everyone’s day.

BEEF To anti-vaxxers. Just do it. Make everyone safe.

BOUQUET To Trevor of Rhythm Landscaping for the awesome upgrades to our landscaping. Your ideas and excellent work along with your friendly, cheerful attitude made it a pleasure to work with you.

BEEF To all the selfish anti-vaxxers and anti-vaccine passport protesters. Our forefathers walked into bullets knowing the risks, but that it was the right thing to do and did it. All you need is a scientifically proven, safe little jab, and you kick and scream bloody murder.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo dispatch and first responders. My husband had a terrible fall and from the time I called 911 and spoke with dispatch, to shortly thereafter when firefighters and paramedics arrived within minutes of each other the whole incident was handled professionally with care, compassion, kindness and efficiency. So grateful to each of them for what they do and how they do it. We are so fortunate to have these folks in our community. Can’t thank them enough!!

BEEF To the beefer regarding COVID vaccine. Yes, a vaccinated person can spread the virus and get COVID, but hospital and death rates are much lower and non-vaccinated COVID catchers are filling the hospitals.

BOUQUET To the appreciative citizen who sent the note of praise and the Tim Hortons gift card to the Nanaimo RCMP for the work they perform in our community.

BEEF I should get a motorcycle, because then I can drive as fast as I want, rules do not apply to motorcycles.

BOUQUET To Canada Post’s mail delivery people for improving our neighbourhood’s social scene. Since you insist on putting most of the letters in the wrong slots of the community mailbox, we visit each other almost daily to exchange the mail that’s been placed in our slots by error.

BEEF You have to wear your seatbelt, OK, you have to stop at red lights, OK, you have to drive the speed limit, OK, you have to wear a mask inside for a little while to protect people – ‘You are taking away our rights and freedom.’ People are silly.

BOUQUET To V.I. Precision Detailing. My five-year-old car now looks like it just left the dealership. And all in about three hours. Amazing service from fantastic professionals.

BEEF More beefs, less bouquets. Beefs are the most interesting section of the paper. I can’t even be bothered reading the pollyannish bouquets.

BOUQUET To all the restaurant workers putting up with hassles, insults, and worse from phone-holding diners who think that going for a meal qualifies them to make a social media anti-vax statement.

BEEF To the person wanting to remove the beef section. Don’t like them, don’t read them. I for one enjoy them. It lets people get out their frustrations with life.

BOUQUET To all the generous people at Rutherford McDonald’s for their donations toward Ronald McDonald House. Your generosity will be helping many families. Thank you.

BEEF To the volunteer who refused a man food because he did not have picture ID. Even though it is against policy to provide food without picture ID, couldn’t you have exhibited kindness, compassion and humanity, and given him some food to tide him over? He would have been spared the indignity of being refused service and having to beg.

BOUQUET To the staff at Life Labs at Nanaimo North Town Centre. Recently, I had to get some tests done, they were all friendly and kind even though they were short staffed, I am sure they must have been exhausted.

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