Beef to my looky-loo neighbours on Leslie Crescent. If you have something to say, say it. If you retain a key to my suite when I’m not home, this is illegal and I will have locks changed. (The News Bulletin)

Beefs & Bouquets, Oct. 5

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BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo for the new roundabouts. They are a pleasure to use, save on my gas, pleasant to look at, safer than four-way and two-way stops and help the environment with less gas fumes at stop lights. Bravo.

BEEF To the Trump defender. Wake up and see what’s happening. Even though the Republicans now have the power everywhere, they aren’t united behind the president.

BOUQUET To the couple with the poodle at Long Lake. They gave our golden retriever puppy their dog’s floaty toy to encourage him to swim. It worked immediately. Your kindness was so unexpected and very much appreciated.

BEEF I am a longtime customer of the produce farm. I am very disappointed in the customer service this year and the general unwelcoming feeling. What ever happened to the nice people from last year?

BOUQUET To the kind police officer that followed me into a restaurant parking lot and gave me a friendly reminder that I had been going over the speed limit down the highway. The four old codgers in the red car thank you for being so nice, and yes we did enjoy our dinner.

BEEF To the employee who had the great pleasure in firing me; with your attitude in life, customers will dislike you and staff will hate you.

BOUQUET To Coastline Electrical for their professional work on our pantry. Grant, Matt and Tom were skilled and knowledgeable. Highly recommend this team. And to Tom from DAM Good Drywall. Excellent work.

BEEF To the city for not helping to keep open Nanaimo Recycling Exchange. Do you not realize how many people use this facility? Every city should have one like ours. You will see a lot of Styrofoam and plastics in garbage.

BOUQUET To Breanne at Dulux Paint who was so pleasant, professional, and patient in helping me decide on just the right ‘blue’ for my bathroom. It came out even better than I’d imagined. Bonus was the great price.

BEEF A hundred times to speeders and tailgaters. It is unsafe, irresponsible, rude, and a cause for road rage. Back off and drive safely.

BOUQUET My husand and I had just arrived at the Duke Point ferry terminal when he collapsed and needed medical care. The ferry personnel were so amazing in their assistance. When we arrived at the hospital, not only were we anxious, but had a small dog with us who was suffering in a hot car. The staff of the emergency department allowed me to bring him in and provided water and affection.

BEEF To whoever is responsible for defending IHealth against the caregiver community who claim it’s harming patients. I hope you’re held criminally accountable for the harm you’re causing to patients and taxpayers.

BOUQUET I would like to thank the people at Auto Check for their fast, friendly and great follow-up service. After dealing with recurring problems on my Mitsubishi Montero for more than two years and spending thousands of dollars to diagnose with no results; they were able to diagnose and repair the problems at minimum cost in four hours.

BEEF To the people who drop their garbage or discard their cigarette butts at Departure Bay Beach. There are plenty of trash cans (including recycling baskets for returnables) along the new walkway.

BOUQUET My thanks to all my neighbours and visitors to Cinnabar who are pet owners that pick up after their animals. Our lawns, parks, schools, and trails are not pet toilets. So thank you to all the responsible people that help keep the neighbourhood clean for everyone.

BEEF To the beefer who made a very discriminatory remark about Albertans for cutting down trees. If it was someone from another province, would that make it right? Nanaimo is beautiful, but not because of it trees; it is beautiful because of its people who are friendly, warm and caring.

BOUQUET To Sun Ray for sending Bert out to deliver our barbecue. Excellent work. We are enjoying it every day.

BEEF To impatient pedestrians at crosswalks. Don’t you know that by repeatedly pushing the button, you are resetting the timer, only to force yourself to wait even longer?

BOUQUET to Lantzville Liquor Depot under Lantzville Pub for helping out with a wedding at Costin Hall. Great community support.

BEEF To the secondary school for allowing its students to create a smoking area just across the street from the school. The adjacent homeowners must put up with the second-hand smoke, noise, cigarette butts and garbage. Take some responsibility and at least clean the area daily.

BOUQUET To Bente with the Mind Matters dementia group at the Nanaimo North Library. Your tireless efforts to keep us active and engaged as a community is greatly appreciated. It can be very isolating as a caregiver but I look forward to being among friends on Mondays.

BEEF To my looky-loo neighbours on Leslie Crescent. If you have something to say, say it. If you retain a key to my suite when I’m not home, this is illegal and I will have locks changed.

BOUQUET To Karen from Bay Street who helped us by carrying our freezer in her van after we were having problems with it outside of London Drugs. Your kindness shows what a beautiful person you are.

BEEF At old Island Highway at Townsite there was congestion. Incorrect signage indicated the curb lane was opening up, when clearly everyone was moving into the fast lane as an arrow board further up indicated. Bad enough wrong signage, but complicated by the slow-witted trying to move over at the last minute.

BOUQUET To Bill at Ajac’s. Dropped off my broken lawnmower and the next day Bill called and had it fixed. We were told it would be done in a week.

BEEF To the person who doesn’t tip delivery drivers. If a few dollars plus tip is too much for a delivery service then you should not be partaking in the convenience of the service. Sad that you think these young kids should be paying for the gas out of their own pocket to bring you food you’re too lazy to get yourself.

BOUQUET A huge beautiful thanks to Steven at Shannon Motors for going the extra mile for customers.

BEEF To the annoying woman in a red car going through the drive-thru blasting her horn, waving to the car in front, 10 vehicles in front and nowhere to go. Have your meltdown at home and stay off your cellphone while driving in line.

BOUQUET To Les who walks the Nanaimo seawall almost every day with a rubber glove so he can pick up garbage.

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