Beef to the driver who ran my son off Ross Road and kept driving when he was walking home from work, we ended up at the emergency room for four hours for treatment of a slight concussion, scrapes and bruises and a broken collarbone. He was wearing a brightly coloured hoodie so no excuse.

Beef to the driver who ran my son off Ross Road and kept driving when he was walking home from work, we ended up at the emergency room for four hours for treatment of a slight concussion, scrapes and bruises and a broken collarbone. He was wearing a brightly coloured hoodie so no excuse.

Beefs & Bouquets, Oct. 5

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BOUQUET To the lady with a child at the Pharmasave at Westhill Centre. I was so sick and you ran into the store and got me some water and Kleenex. Your kindness is truly appreciated.

BEEF Some dog owners who walk their dogs at Oliver Woods have mastered placing their dog’s business in a bag. Now if we could just get them to master taking their puppy’s poop home with them instead of leaving it behind in the woods. I pick up an average of 20 bags of other people’s poop bags per month. Please take the next small step and give the environment a break.

BOUQUET Hard to find the words to express my gratitude for the anonymous BMX rider who assisted my badly injured wife on the upper Westwood Lake trails by hiking her down the mountain on his back to where the Nanaimo Fire Rescue team stabilized her and got her out of the woods, to the paramedics who were so caring and helpful and to emergency doctors and nurses in NRGH during an awful trauma incident the same afternoon. I’ll never forget all of you.

BEEF To Parksville council for permitting fast-food restaurants that will bring more trash to the streets, smelly air and minimum wage jobs, and saying no to so many great condo housing projects. Parksville is growing. We need to keep up with growth. The city is a destination for young families and retirees and everyone should be treated the same.

BOUQUET To Adair Tree Service for the excellent service. Chris and his team were excellent. Meticulous clean up, happy guys, highly recommended.

BEEF Ridership on the Nanaimo-Cowichan connector bus is still low but improving. Why is it necessary to use a full-size bus? Why not use one with half the capacity? Cheaper, greener, etc.

BOUQUET To Guava downtown. No matter what kind of day I am having, your store window is so beautiful and something I look forward to seeing every day.

BEEF To the driver who ran my son off Ross Road and kept driving when he was walking home from work, we ended up at the emergency room for four hours for treatment of a slight concussion, scrapes and bruises and a broken collarbone. He was wearing a brightly coloured hoodie so no excuse.

BOUQUET To Country Grocer for your donation to the Dufferin Place activity department’s silent auction. Your donation will help toward activities and increasing the quality of life for the residents. Thank you for always giving back to our community.

BEEF To the city for the concrete jungle narrowing of Metral Drive and elsewhere. To the few who want more of this so-called European road-bike lane concept, get out and bike more as cyclists are rarely seen using these costly lanes.

BOUQUET To Andy, who regularly shops at Country Grocer’s Bowen Road location, for the kindness you bestow not just on the staff, but customers who are surprised by your random acts of kindness. On multiple occasions you have purchased gift cards and passed this onto the next customer in line. You do not get to see their reaction and it is amazing to watch their appreciation. Thank you for being you.

BEEF One of my children relies on public transit to get to and from school. I am sick to my stomach about how many times he complains about the people around him and their very unpredictable actions at the downtown bus exchanges. He is almost 17 years old and is very hesitant to catch the bus. It’s plain scary and it’s sad that this is what is becoming the norm.

BOUQUET To Peggy for making AC Taxi what it is today. You are really missed.

BEEF To the residents in the north end who sent out cards saying they were throwing a children’s party that might get loud and blasted techno music featuring foghorns and sirens until 11 p.m. with strobe lights as if the noise wasn’t enough. This is the second party you’ve thrown this week. Sunday and Wednesday nights are not party nights in this neighbourhood.

BOUQUET To the teddy bear house on Country Club. Thank you for all of the smiles you have brought to the neighbourhood. It’s always a joy to see the kids’ reactions to the imaginative scenes you created for them. You will be very missed.

BEEF To cyclists for not stopping at red lights and stop signs. I’m surprised some cyclists haven’t been hit and injured or even killed. They are suppose to observe and obey the traffic laws the same as a motor vehicle. I’ve had two instances here this past week where I’ve had the right of way and the cyclist just rides by the stop signs without a care.

BOUQUET Special thanks to the staff at Mobile Klinik in Woodgrove Centre. One of the staff members not only helped retrieve the sim card from my iPhone but did it completely free of charge. Her helpfulness and excellent customer service skills were very much appreciated.

BEEF To the letter writer. While I ‘look fine,’ I can assure you that I do not feel fine, ever. My muscles, ligaments and joints tear easily and I’m usually wearing some sort of joint support. I can only last a small amount of time walking and standing, so shopping has to be timed correctly, and if it’s not, you can find me sitting in awkward places as I can’t go on. Stop judging what you don’t know.

BOUQUET To the staff, volunteers, and VIHA at Nanaimo Kiwanis for the great care of the residents there including my mum Daphne. You all are truly a blessing.

BEEF To landlords boo-hooing over rental caps. Did it not occur to you that acquiring property with the expectation that rental income will cover your mortgage costs and bills, that perhaps you made the poor decision of purchasing beyond your means? Buying a home versus making a rental business investment are two very different things.

BOUQUET Many thanks to Tracy at the Frontrunners store who spent considerable time finding the right pair of running shoes for my ‘mature’ feet.

BEEF To the beefers complaining about the rent increase cap, whining that it is unfair to landlords. Maybe landlords should get real jobs and learn how to budget instead of expecting their tenants to pay their bills for them.

BEEF To the oil companies and service stations for the 25-30-cents-per-litre gouging increase at the local stations.

BEEF To those who have kidnapped the Canadian flag. As a proud Canadian citizen I can no longer fly my flag because of you.

BEEF To the party-goers at Pipers Lagoon. You should be ashamed of yourselves. The mess of garbage and empties you left at one of Nanaimo’s most beautiful spots is an absolute embarrassment. I’m all for people letting loose and having a good time, but there are two rules you must follow: don’t disturb others and respect the space. You’ve failed at both.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo. The gardens at city hall looked worse this year.

BEEF To the managers at the chain restaurant for wrongful dismissal of their employee who faced racism in the workplace. Instead of addressing the issue they have had their employees put up fake five-star reviews for their location. Shame.

BEEF To the system of having to choose eight of 29 candidates for city council while trying to decide in only a five-to-six-week period of campaigning time allowed who would be the best ones for the job. I would vote for those who are problem solvers who work for the greater good of the community, not self-appointed judges of diversity, inclusion, and equity.

BEEF To the thoughtless person who found my prescription Oakley sunglasses in May Richards Bennett Pioneer Park’s dog trail and replaced them with their cheap pair. Why would you do that? They won’t do you any good but were important to me plus cost a lot of money because of my prescription.

BEEF To the beefer regarding dogs urinating along waterfront. Even though dogs can hold urine for several hours, it is not advisable to regularly have them hold urine for long. It is not only uncomfortable for them, but poses severe health risks.

BEEF To Nanaimo for not having more walk-in clinics.

BEEF To the toxic people on the board at the sports association. We all see what you are doing. Kids should not be treated like pawns in your game of power. There needs to be better oversight on these people.

BEEF To the B.C. Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions for enabling drug users and putting fear in local citizens.

BEEF If you are wearing a mask for personal reasons, and I tell you that I can’t hear you, I’m deaf and read lips, believe me. Talking louder or getting up close is not going to help. If you cannot deal with that then please call another salesperson who can.

BEEF As I get older and less mobile I am using park benches more and more. This has brought to my attention just how many smokers dispose of their used butts on the ground and especially around places where people sit. I don’t wish to berate smokers in general, just the ones who litter.

BEEF Just a friendly reminder that when we’ve got a problem like the Metral Drive bike lanes, there’s always a bigger person to contact – the B.C. Ombudsman. People need to use this service more often. They are great in helping and dealing with problems in a timely manner.

BEEF To politicians for ‘reimagining’ how to do their jobs on a regular basis. For 130 years they have reimagined to do the same things but do them with even less productive results.

BEEF To the city for entertaining a $20-million art gallery expense. Another example of misplaced priorities. With so many other needs, this is a non-starter. Cancel this just like the provincial museum.

BEEF To the city for the costly massive elevated bike lanes on Metral Drive compromising the safety of thousands of motorists, affecting businesses negatively, for the sake of so few cyclists. What will happen to these lanes in bad weather and winter? It’s practically unused in good weather.

BEEF To some who write bouquets praising the city for a wonderful job on the hardly used Metral Drive and Front Street bike lanes. Sounds like the very people responsible praising themselves for the expensive catastrophic mess they created. This to counter the outcry from the majority.

BEEF To the drivers using roundabouts. When entering a roundabout, you can either go straight or turn right in the right-hand turning lane. People who are in the right-hand turn lane are trying to turn right and not trying to pass you. We have our right blinky thingy on to turn right, pay attention, more than once I’ve almost been sideswiped because drivers thought I was trying to pass them.

BEEF I agree with all the beefs about Metral Drive. Not enough room for cars due to large bike lanes rarely used.

BEEF To G. who made the easy choice to waste away days, months, years of his life smoking drugs rather than work to improve his family’s prospects. Not surprising that his kids never troubled to visit.

BEEF To the proposed downtown development. Nobody is going to own a car I take it.

BEEF Why does the city build new things and never take care of older ones? They make it nice and then forget to maintain it, especially landscaping.

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