Beefs & Bouquets, Oct. 3

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BOUQUET To our silent majority, and all who obey our laws – which are reasonable laws.

BEEF To the people who keep dumping all their used baby and children’s items, and household items on the sidewalk in front of our homes on the 4600 block of Hammond Bay Road. We’re getting tired of having to pick up your stuff and take it all to the dump for you.

BOUQUET To the person who found my lost car keys at Buttertubs and took them to the police station. And also thank you to the nice constable who went to the trouble to get them back to me.

BEEF To some Nanaimo transit drivers. You go too fast in residential areas.

BOUQUET To Earls restaurant for waiving the bill for two friends and I on my birthday. I couldn’t dine in – I was too sad over the recent loss of my daughter. Thank you to the waiter that night for his quick, heart-felt service. He and his kindness are true assets to Earls restaurant.

BEEF To the principal and staff at the school for having all their students run in the pouring rain on Friday morning. The principal had rain gear and a large umbrella – the students had to sit in school for the rest of the day in their damp clothes.

BOUQUET To Tim and Robin of Big O Tires on Albert Street for their fast resolution to a problem I had. You are deserving of your great reputation.

BEEF To the gas station cashier at the north end of town who let her friend pull up to one of the pumps, not to get gas, but to join her outside to smoke cigarettes, and watch as several customers had to manoeuvre around the parked car and wait in extended lines at other pumps.

BOUQUET To staff of Party Palace and Timberland who assisted me and called an ambulance when I fell. Also to Carol and Chris who retrieved my car, and Mary and Dave for being in the ER and driving me home.

BEEF To the usher at the church who was adamant that we sit in the crying room, even though our baby was almost asleep and not bothering anyone. The children shrieking in there startled her and we could not hear the priest.

BOUQUET To the numerous people who helped paint, pack and move Artzi Stuff to the new location. I could not have done it alone. It is heartwarming to be part of such a great community.

BEEF To the man in the red scooter who was riding down the hill on the sidewalk on Bowen Road. You made no attempt to stop when the traffic signal turned red. Last I knew all were to stop for a red light.

BOUQUET To the entire staff at Mercedes Benz on Kenworth. I recently purchased a Smart car and was astonished by the first-class service I received. From the sales staff, the service staff to the manager Yoshi, I was treated like a princess and left there with an enormous smile on my face.

BEEF To those folks who bring stuff to a north end thrift store and just leave it outside on the sidewalk. We do have a buzzer and there are certain things we do not take.

BOUQUET To the staff at Tip Top Tailors.  They are always so welcoming, pleasant and helpful. Their alterations department is excellent. It is a pleasure to come into your shop.

BOUQUET To Ralph Petley-Jones and staff members Penny and Nadine for preparing a comprehensive will package for me with professionalism and patience.

BOUQUET To Dr. Michaud and the staff at the Petroglyph Animal Hospital for taking such great care of my dog while I was out of the country. The clinic went above and beyond what I expected when my elderly parents had to bring in my dog and helped make a stressful situation for them, as least stressful as possible.

BOUQUET To Chris at Mount Benson Mechanical. Came to the rescue of First Nanaimo Scouts and is donating a new hot-water tank to the group hut, and installing it in record time.

BOUQUET To the caring employees at Perks at Red Gap in Nanoose Bay for saving my purse and a world of trouble.

BOUQUET To Rielly Kathryn for donating her ponytail during the Terry Fox run at Chase River School. Thank you to everyone who donated and helped her raise more than $1,000.

BOUQUET To Blair and Will at the mobile store in Superstore. Unbelievable customer service. I love my new phone.

BOUQUET To Sunny for your recent award – you are just being you and you are loved more than you know. We love your sunny disposition and your sunny attitude.

BOUQUET To the person who paid for our coffee last Thursday at Tim Hortons on Bowen Road. Nice to know there are people like you out there.

BOUQUET To Molly, Jenn, and Dr. Marwood in the ER on Saturday – thank you so much for bringing light to a difficult day.

BOUQUET To Craftsman Collision, Save-On-Foods, the volunteers and everyone who donated to the Salvation Army food drive. Your generosity helped stock the shelves for our Emergency Food Hamper Program.

BOUQUET After having work done on my home recently, I recommend Canadian Home Builders Association members B. Gallant Homes (thanks Steve and Paul) and Coastline Electrical and Plumbing (thanks Robb, Pat, Rob and Brendan) to anyone looking for contractors with integrity, competence and professionalism.

BOUQUET To Applecross Vet Clinic. Thank you so much for taking such great care of Boots. Your kind, caring way with animals is incredible. His paw is healing well.

BOUQUET To the handsome gentleman at Superstore who gave me his cart. The others were jammed and had no seatbelts for my baby. You noticed and came to my rescue.

BOUQUET To Jonker Custom Building for returning and remaking an old home to beauty and function. Your workmanship, creativity and skill are appreciated.

BOUQUET To the nurses and doctors for very good care they gave me in Nanaimo Regional General Hospital and Victoria General Hospital. Went there for brain surgery.

To submit a beef or bouquet to the News Bulletin, please e-mail or send a tweet to @BeefsBouquets.