Beefs & Bouquets, Oct. 28

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BOUQUET To all the super nurses and doctors on the first floor rooms and the emergency room of the NRGH who took such great care of my husband for two weeks. He could not have received better care at any hospital.

BEEF What a real eyesore. All those election signs scattered all over the place are unacceptable. They should be allowed only in some areas. There are already too many signs and sandwich boards that take too much room on sidewalks.

BOUQUET To Cover Right Roofing, Ptarmigan Projects, Mid-Island Plumbing and Van-Isle Shower Door for their outstanding courteous, compassionate, professional work during our recent renovations.

BEEF To the person who took my brown Sturgus hat from the thrift shop on Bowen Road. That was a birthday gift. You saw me put it down when I was trying on bicycle helmets. I hope you are proud wearing stolen birthday gifts.

BOUQUET To the kind person who found my old model cell phone in the parking lot at Woodgrove Centre and turned it in to customer service.

BEEF To oil sands protesters. You are anti-Canadian and should be ashamed. Pipelines are the safest way to move petroleum products.

BOUQUET Many thanks for the wonderful 60th anniversary party for the Circle and Squares Dancing Club.

BEEF If the city has nothing else to do, could it please make property owners do some fall tree pruning?

BOUQUET To Frank at Rona. Every time I come to the store you are so knowledgeable and kind.

BEEF To parents who cannot get your kids to school on time and disrupt the class when your child is late.

BOUQUET To the lady who gave me golf passes as I entered the Bite of Nanaimo.

BEEF To the medical office, which told me that there were no dogs allowed in the clinic. I looked on the door and windows to see if there was a sign posted about no animals allowed – nothing. I would be more inclined to catch something from some of the people that come in there than a puppy in a crate.

BOUQUET To Nola at Marlin Travel and Air Canada for organizing the excellent wheelchair assistance from Nanaimo to Heathrow and back on my recent trip to the U.K.

BEEF To whoever gave ICBC a bouquet for charging good, accident-free drivers for bad ones, are you serious

BOUQUET To the person who complained about the veterinarian. He was also abusive and made threats to me. He called authorities on me while I was away on vacation. My pet was well and looked after.

BEEF To the fishermen who leave their fishing line, garbage, old rods, etc. at the Nanaimo River. Clean up – nature is for everyone.

BOUQUET To Cam and Kyle from Acclaim Restoration. Excellent, professional customer service from office staff and technicians. Delivered what they promised, plus some. Even the cleanup was five-star.

BEEF Theatre expansion is too soon and is a boondoggle.

BOUQUET To the lady who has kept the cemetery free of Canada geese droppings.

BEEF To the person beefing about the retired man telling jokes. Did you ever stop to think that maybe telling jokes is his livelihood? Have some patience.

BOUQUET in advance to home owners who make their stairs safe for the dear trick-or-treaters.

BEEF To the bank branches that insist that a person paying a credit card bill, in full, in cash, must prove his or her identity. They claim it is for security reasons, but no security considerations are involved, just more bank bureaucracy.

BOUQUET Thank you to the gentleman with first aid knowledge who came to my assistance in the Woodgrove Centre food court. Also thank you to mall security.

BEEF To the gasoline retailers of greater Nanaimo. The price of a litre of regular gas in Nanaimo was 125.9 cents, while in Victoria it ranged between 112.9-113.9. Bearing in mind that the Victoria price includes a transit tax that we don’t have, this discrepancy is disgusting. How can Nanaimo’s gas retailers justify this blatant greed?

BOUQUET To Dr. Schneidereit for his excellent care when I had a gastronoscopy and colonoscopy. Also a big thank you to all the lovely and caring nurses.

BEEF To the receivers and the providers of $9 million of our hard-earned taxpayers’ money for land at Linley Valley.

BOUQUET to the nice lady in Qualicum who found and returned Clair’s wallet.

BEEF To speeders and tailgaters all over Nanaimo. A beef to those who speed in school zones too. Slow down or you may injure or kill someone. A beef to police for lack of law enforcement and presence. I wish photo radar were back. Nanaimo drivers are some of the worst ever.

BOUQUET Appreciation to the staff at Highview Optical for the repair of my reading glasses, without charge.

BEEF To B.C. Ferries’ high rates. Why does the B.C. government treat the Island people as second-class citizens. The ferry is an extension of the Trans Canada highway, and they want this section to show a profit.

BOUQUET to Brenda in the appliance department at Sears for her suggestion to get rid of the awful noise the new fridge was making. Your suggestion worked and there are no more problems.

BEEF to our postal worker. You leave us a note that there is an obstruction that is causing you trouble delivering our mail. When we leave you a note asking what the obstruction is and you wrap a leaf in our inquiry? Please note that those deadly leaves drop to the ground every fall.

BOUQUET To everyone who participates in pumpkin-carving contests, whether they win or finish as a runner-up.

BEEF Why is it that city workers always seem to close busy roads and highways down to one lane at the beginning of long weekends as they stand on the side of the road on their cell phones?

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, please e-mail