Beef to the lady who backed into my car at the gas station at Rutherford Road. Thanks for damaging one of the nice things I have worked hard for while you went on your way enjoying your day.

Beef to the lady who backed into my car at the gas station at Rutherford Road. Thanks for damaging one of the nice things I have worked hard for while you went on your way enjoying your day.

Beefs & Bouquets, Oct. 28

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BOUQUET To the drive-thru attendant at the A&W on Turner Road who went above and beyond. Thank you very much for the kind gesture, it was greatly appreciated.

BEEF To pedestrians and cyclists who take too long in the crosswalk and think they own the road. I’m a motorist who pays for insurance, gas and repairs. I don’t have time to wait for lingering pedestrians. Get moving please.

BOUQUET To the guy who cleans up the tunnel at Brooks Landing. Great job! But to the city for not putting a garbage can there, no bouquet for you.

BEEF To the city. Since when do we give precedence to people experiencing homelessness over those working and trying in this decade to make ends meet? We work hard for our dime and pay our dues, nothing was handed to us for free.

BOUQUET To the southern resident killer whales for showing people how resilient nature is. Environmentalist panic button can be questioned now.

BEEF To NRGH for not making it mandatory for all to wear masks. You are the only hospital in Nanaimo. That’s why you will never see me there, ever! My father died there, C. diff.

BOUQUET I recently had day surgery at NRGH. I would like to acknowledge Dr. Cheng and her team for the wonderful way I was treated through the whole procedure. I read so many complaints about the hospital that I feel it necessary that the staff be praised for the caring and professional way they actually do treat patients. I just want to thank them from my heart.

BEEF To the grocery chain for not thanking a 20-year employee whose personality and floral knowledge brought in many return customers. Not even a bouquet on her retirement.

BOUQUET To Shawn, a plumber and longtime employee of Art’s Plumbing and Heating Services. Shawn showed respect for my home. He was friendly, obliging, conscientious and persistent in his efforts to locate and correct the source of plumbing issues.

BEEF To the furniture store that is greeting customers with a handshake and not wearing masks. Follow the proper pandemic protocols.

BOUQUET Thank you Jerry from Flesh Electric for troubleshooting and repairing our truck camper. You are the best.

BEEF To the person mentioning the tattered flag hanging from someone’s house in Departure Bay. Maybe the owner of the house is unable to remove the flag due to a disability and they cannot get up on the roof to remove it. Never pass judgment before you know the complete story. Maybe you could offer help to take it down?

BOUQUET You deserve better than all that weight you carry on your shoulders.

BEEF Just shutting down illegal drag racing every weekend at a different location is not the solution. The mid Island has been without a proper racing facility for many years, whether it’s drag, dirt, go kart or circle track racing. It’s time a first-class, multi-use, money-making, tourism attraction track was built to take illegal racing off the streets and put on a track where it belongs.

BOUQUET Breathe, relax and focus on the task at hand.

BEEF To the lady who backed into my car at the gas station at Rutherford Road, you didn’t even look before backing up and acted like it was no big deal, didn’t offer to pay for damage or anything. You shouldn’t be driving. Thanks for damaging one of the nice things I have worked hard for while you went on your way enjoying your day.

BOUQUET To the lovely lady who gave us a boost up by ICBC. We hope your dog is well. Thank you so much for your help.

BEEF To the senior in the small, grey vehicle turning left into the strip mall. You waited and waited and then turned directly into the path of an oncoming car, narrowly avoiding a collision. You should not be driving.

BOUQUET To the gentleman who offered to pay for my items at the dollar store at Country Club Centre. I had forgotten my wallet. His unusual kindness to a stranger pleased me all day. Thank you so much.

BEEF I wonder if the City of Nanaimo is going to be paying for all the front-end damage repairs to all the vehicles caused by the new speed bumps on Bay Street in Departure Bay. These bumps are so poorly marked just past the crest of the hill it’s actually more dangerous than it was before.

BOUQUET To Tess, who helped me above and beyond expectation at the Bay after an online transaction gone wrong. She was calm and cool through the whole process and wanted to make sure I was taken care of. I will be happy to keep shopping at the Bay.Thanks for being so awesome Tess.

BEEF To the optometrist. I made an appointment to have an eye exam and update my contact lens prescription. When I got home, I realized that the optometrist had actually written me a prescription for eye glasses. When I went back to the store to complain, the clerk told me that they no longer do contact lens fittings. That’s when they suggested that I go to the Duncan store and pay an additional $35 to be fitted for contact lenses.

BOUQUET To Mike at Top Lite Car Service for picking up my car and dropping it off again when I had a hard time getting there because of our baby. I will never take my car elsewhere. Honest and reliable.

BEEF To the supermarket for having a mandatory mask policy but not enforcing it. What’s the point of having it when you do nothing about it?

BOUQUET To R.W. (Bob) Wall Contracting and Precision Detailing. Recently a very accidental and minor incident happened involving a bit of a mess on my vehicle near a construction site. Totally above and beyond, Mr. Hais and Penny of the contracting company arranged for a full detailing of my car. Terry made sure that my detailing experience was amazing as well. Thank you so much to all for this special attention.

BEEF To the government and school districts that expect the teachers and kids to just ‘catch up’ like they didn’t miss three months of school.

BOUQUET To the attendant at KPG Goldsmith who repaired the clasp on my husband’s necklace a few weeks ago. Thank you so very much for your kindness.

BOUQUET To all our wonderful customers at the grocery store. Thank you for standing patiently in line while we sanitize our counters, for passing a single item to us so that we do not have to wipe that counter again. Thank you for following all the rules whether you believe in the reason for the rules or not. Beef to all those customers who think that the rules do not apply to them. Be aware of the signs and rules in each store and business where you visit. If you are unsure, ask.

BEEF To the hair cutters. I have been going to you guys for eight-plus years with my family and never had such bad service. The manager was so rude to my child, let alone raising her voice at the staff – so uncomfortable and unprofessional.

BOUQUET To Steve at Cloverdale Paint. He perfectly matched a previous paint colour that a competitor said they matched and didn’t. He has a very good eye for colour and asked all the right questions about the previous paint. Thank you.

BEEF The university doesn’t have a proper COVID protocol plan in order for students to be able to attend the facility for labs, etc. This coupled with increased costs for materials and tech and not having any benefit from the facility or getting full course material covered with tuition, several students are feeling like we’ve been taken advantage of and not getting what we paid for.

BOUQUET Apple Auto Glass made my day by treating me like a friend. The staff was so kind and caring. If other businesses are wondering how to improve, Apple Auto Glass could give you a few tips. Thank you so much for helping the community be better.

BEEF To the restaurant that assured me the delivery person would wear a mask when coming into our condo and then sent the delivery man who arrived without the mask. He seemed surprised when I took him to task on this issue. Our residence is mainly seniors. You put us all at risk. You have now lost a long-time customer.

BOUQUET To Lois at Central Drugs at Beban Plaza. Thank you for your help getting my prescription filled from a different province and having it delivered to me. All while I was in isolation. It was such a huge relief for me. What a great city Nanaimo is.

BEEF To the moving company. My mother booked a truck weeks ago, told them exactly what she was moving and they showed up to her house and didn’t want to do it. My mom and grandmother who is dying of cancer were left to move on their own.

BOUQUET To Brian and the staff at Budget Glass for their exemplary service and kindness. What you did for me was above and beyond.

BEEF To a Nanaimo store after a visit left me with blood dripping down my forehead. I hit my head on a large hanging metal display that had been unsafely placed. The salesman said he’d hit his head countless times; the manager said nothing like that had ever happened. What happened to customer care?

BOUQUET Many thanks to Coastal Community Credit Union for supporting the creation of an online visual arts exhibit this fall. The Nanaimo Arts Council, its members and subscribers appreciate your community contribution to arts and culture.

BOUQUET To all the staff that work in the palliative care unit at NRGH. The care to patients and family is given with kindness, gentleness, and respect. You are all amazing.

BEEF Shame on the parents in Harewood who haven’t instilled any values in their young children and let them hang out at the skatepark and lacrosse boxes all day eating sugar and littering everywhere. Please dispose of your trash.

BOUQUET To Greg at the Dollarama at Terminal Park. COVID has brought out a lot of bitterness in people lately and Greg is always happy and helpful. His kind nature reminds me that despite the world filled with so much negativity, there are still good people and brings me faith there is still hope for a better world.

BEEF To the local politicians for yet another pet project reducing the speed limit. The asphalt on my street still has potholes and downtown is still a cesspool. Priorities?

BOUQUET To the News Bulletin for creating this forum that keeps me going. I moved here from Vancouver and the best part is that an entire city has a Twitter-like news page for drama. I can’t get enough. I follow it weekly, I’m a sucker for beef.

BEEF To people using our quiet road as a race track. The sign on Metral says local traffic only. Our street is a highway now and our kids can no longer ride bikes or walk; we have small children and lots of dog walkers. Drivers come up over a blind hill shifting into higher gear. There is a light at either end of our street, there is no reason to cut through Bergen-Op-Zoom to Arnhem Terrace.

BOUQUET To Centre Court Collectibles, thank you for tracking down the book. You have made us very happy.

BEEF To the government service office where the lineups were less than a metre apart and though it was supposed to be early appointments for seniors or people with disabilities, there was a mixed crowd. No one seemed to be social distancing or wearing masks, including the staff member who was at the door. Really?

BOUQUET To three transit employees in Nanaimo. I am a sight-impaired senior and lost my bus pass The lady who answered the phone was so kind, contacted bus driver, he found it and in the end the transit supervisor met me at a bus stop and returned it to me. They went beyond their job description in helping me.

BEEF To the nurses in NRGH emergency room for joking loudly about checking into the psychiatric unit. Some of us are actually there for mental health reasons and this does not help the patient feel any less uncomfortable about needing help. This is incredibly disrespectful and unprofessional.

BOUQUET I would like to send a huge bouquet to my dentist’s office. Dr. Senini and his staff always go above and beyond to make my dental work as stress-free as possible. I really appreciate how well they take care of me, as well as, the rest of the patients. Thank you so much.

BEEF To the large hardware store. Twice in the last three months I have visited and the washroom has had no toilet paper. In this time of COVID or otherwise, not acceptable.

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