Beefs & Bouquets, Oct. 27

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A huge bouquet to Dr. Cobus Smith. I greatly appreciate the patience and determination that you have displayed over the past year. Even though my knee isn’t quite there yet, I know it will be. Your support has lightened what could have been a very depressing situation.

A Bouquet of pumpkin pies to the VIEX Pumpkin Festival for supporting Wellington Band.

A sweet smelling bouquet of gratitude to Jason and the service department at Nanaimo Honda. They, by far, provide the best in customer service. I always drive away feeling that my business is appreciated and knowing that my car is safe.

A big thank you to the Backyard Wildbird and Nature Store for the suet feeder from the Georgia Basin Ecological Assessment and Restoration Society’s raffle. Now I’ll be feeding the birds, too.

A 25-rose bouquet to all the past and present volunteers at Tourism Nanaimo. For the last 25 years you’ve helped make Nanaimo what it is today and your duties have not gone unnoticed. Thank you for all you have done for this community and this organization.

Kennels of kudos to Dr. Brett Hayward – one of the best veterinarians we’ve ever met. Thank you so much for taking such good care of our little Maddie during her dental surgery. We have a brand new little dog with renewed energy and a great big smile. Your work ethic is beyond reproach.

A big bouquet of gratitude to the father/daughter team at National Car Sales in Nanaimo. Thank you so much for taking the time to help us find a safe, reliable car we can depend on. We appreciate your excellent, down-to-earth customer service. It made our decision to purchase very easy. We will definitely recommend you to family and friends.

A Bouquet of musical notes to Janet at the Port Theatre. Thank you for the complimentary tickets. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.

A big bouquet of kitty kisses and purrs to Dr. Langelier and staff of Island Veterinary Hospital from Allie, a Himalayan cat. Your kindness and compassion along with excellent dental care was much appreciated.

A million bouquets to Little Caesars on Bowen Road, Cyber City, Brechin Lanes, Pet Smart and the north Nanaimo Dairy Queen for participating in my son’s Amazing Race birthday party. Your staff helped create some amazing birthday memories.

Many thanks to the Nanaimo News Bulletin. I was delighted to have your excellent paper delivered this week.

Many thanks to the gentlemen at Stone Bros Auto Body Ltd. on Comox Road. They eliminated the white on a grey van. It looks great.

a beautiful bouquet to the lady and her daughter who stopped to help me when I fell recently.

A wonderful bouquet to Mike who works at Wal-Mart. He put my friend’s cart together when we were struggling with the wheels. He even went on two trips into the store for bolts. All this with a smile.

A bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin. Such great people to know and to work for. You get paid to exercise while meeting people and making friendships to last forever. From Sandy Brimacombe.

Two dozen yellow roses to my sisters in Beta Sigma Phi, Beta Nu Master chapter for the help they gave me with the Alzheimer’s coffee and muffin break. It was a great success. Thank you everyone for your donations … much more than expected.

A big bouquet of flowers to Laurie Gourlay as he is not afraid to show how much he loves his wife Jackie. Way to go.

An Italian feast to Luke Francescutti at Home Appliance Services for fixing our fridge. The new custom-made gasket looks great. You keep our appliances working beautifully in keeping with the recycle, reduce and reuse motto. You are always friendly, knowledgeable, honest, prompt and tidy. We thank you and wish you all the success you deserve.

A bouquet of red roses to my husband for all the back massages, help with bike repairs and dinners. How lucky I am to have such a wonderful partner.

a bouquet. As far as I am concerned, Steve Marshall Ford is one of the best businesses in town. I’m an older, low-income chap and if it wasn’t for this business, I would not be driving any car.

A long overdue beef to those who constantly find fault with the RCMP.  Like all organizations involving humans, there are some officers who are more competent than others, but all of them are committed to upholding the law and the protection of the public. Members of the RCMP are the only people who stand between us and gangland tyranny. They are the people who willingly confront situations the rest of us would run away from. Recognition of this, and public appreciation of their bravery and dedication, is long past due.

A beef to a local restaurant. My husband and I were seated one evening recently and your servers were too busy chatting to each other (three of them in our section) to serve us any food or beverages. After waiting 15 minutes, we left your establishment and will not be returning.

A beef for the beefer who complained about people who thanked them for doing their job. What’s wrong with you? I work hard at my job and I am more than delighted when someone thanks me. A simple thank you can really brighten up a person’s day.

A tall beef to the customers in the grocery store who are constantly complaining about the height of the counters at the checkouts. Those women are standing there anywhere from five to eight hours and they need to adjust the counter to their liking to save their backs. You are there for five minutes, maybe a bit longer on a bad day. Stop badgering them. They have enough to put up from the public without people complaining about their body height.

a frustrated beef to people who say one thing and then do another. It makes me so angry to hear someone criticize another person’s behaviour, then go and do something similar. Grow up.

a beef. What a joke and an embarrassment to women when we hear reports that some women who have a baby are surprised, that they didn’t know they were pregnant until they gave birth. Give me a break. I can’t believe that.

A BIG, juicy T-bone steak beef to some central Nanaimo residents. Don’t blame us for living in a bad neighbourhood. What goes around comes around. Take your anger out someplace else. And keep your mitts off our cat.

a beef to the people “occupying” the Diana Krall Plaza in downtown Nanaimo. There may not be jobs to your liking, but there are jobs to be had (minimum wages often lead to maximum wages). Nobody owes you a living. With your mindset, you contribute nothing.

a pile of manure to the people responsible for spraying sewage sludge four inches deep on the mountain bike trails off Doumont Road.