Beef to the person who borrowed the wheelbarrow from the Nanaimo Lawn Bowling Club, it would be much appreciated if you could return it after you have finished with it. Thank you, from a senior citizen volunteer gardener at the club.

Beef to the person who borrowed the wheelbarrow from the Nanaimo Lawn Bowling Club, it would be much appreciated if you could return it after you have finished with it. Thank you, from a senior citizen volunteer gardener at the club.

Beefs & Bouquets, Oct. 27

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BOUQUET Great veterinary care for Mui Mui our family pet at the Linley Valley Vet Clinic.Veterinarian and admin staff were professional, caring and great communicators. Our choice for animal care.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo. As a resident of Lost Lake Road, I supported the traffic-calming measures when suggested. However, I don’t understand how authentic you feel your six-month review of its effectiveness will be. Especially because less than two weeks after its initial install, the majority of the plastic delineators were either run over, kicked over or removed entirely and have never been replaced.

BOUQUET To the kind gentleman behind me in line who generously paid the $4 still owing on my groceries at Thrifty Foods downtown. You said that you would have only spent it on candy anyways. Thank you for making the world a better place.

BEEF To the bus driver who was lifting up the platform on the bus when I was still on there. You made me fall down on the floor.

BOUQUET To Sonny’s Jewellers for all the help resizing my ring. Thanks Sonny, you are the best.

BEEF To the bogus name change from the Nanaimo Economic Development Corporation to the Nanaimo Prosperity Corporation, because it’s just like a breakfast cereal company doing a ‘new and improved’ look, but it’s still the same old cereal with a different twist.

BOUQUET To the gentleman with the white beard who left me a gift card at the Bowen Road Tim Hortons. Thank you for your kindness.

BEEF How sad to see the continuous defacing of the lower dam spillway in Colliery Dam Park. Reimagine Nanaimo without endless graffiti on public property.

BOUQUET To the person at Triple O’s who paid our takeout for $32. Many thanks and we will pay it forward.

BEEF To Premier Horgan and vaccination cards. It’s bad enough. We are back to Square 1 where businesses will close.

BOUQUET To the friendly and dedicated skippers of the Saysutshun ferry. Marty, Steven, Amanda, Rob and Phil work hard to make ferry rides safe, fun, informative and happy summer memories.

BEEF To those city councillors only interested in their personal agendas instead of trying to represent the majority of citizens.

BOUQUET To a very nice man Kelsey S. for his very nice work at Thrifty Foods at Port Place mall.

BEEF My beef is covering the mouth with the masks. People who are deaf or hard of hearing read lips, which is impossible when you wear your mask, and shouting does not help. Wear those with a clear area, and I ask all people to do so, because you have no idea who is deaf.

BOUQUET To Rogie for tidying up around Cameron Island early in the mornings – picking up garbage, returning grocery carts, etc. – and helping with safety and security issues. His dedicated efforts to keep the neighbourhood an attractive, safe and happy place to live are an inspiration to us all.

BEEF Without beefs, your comment about beefing would not be in the newspaper. So cheer up.

BOUQUET To Ross at Laird Wheaton for the very nice surprise. Thank you.

BEEF I am also saddened when seeing a dog leashed to a cyclist going fast. The dog’s tongue is hanging out the side of its mouth as it tries to keep up. So sad.

BOUQUET To the staff at the appliance department of Home Depot, especially to Lisa. The refrigerator I purchased was awkwardly occupying too large a space. This worker kindly understood my situation and spent a great deal of time and effort to locate a model that was suitable and provided an exchange. I highly appreciate your efficient work and thank you to all in the department who helped.

BEEF 2+2=4, not 5. To my understanding, that’s exactly what happened here in our voting system. This is fraud.

BOUQUET Almost every recent COVID-19 patient in the hospital is someone who was not vaccinated. To the beefer, obesity and smoking are not contagious diseases, unlike COVID-19.

BEEF To the receptionists who insist on calling people ‘dear.’ This isn’t 1960 and people have names. Sir or ma’am or even just a first name is sufficient.

BOUQUET To the two guys with MJR Tree Service who did a great job on Bourbon Road.

BEEF We banged pots and pans for our heroes, the hospital staff. But then we told the same staff to get vaccinated or lose their jobs. Without a job they have no way to pay rent or put food on the table. Is this the way to treat heroes? Is this the true north proud and free? I think not.

BOUQUET To local Rotary clubs for the many facilities and programs they provide for our community.

BEEF To Island Health for asking if I have flu-like symptoms when I was there to get a booster shot for rabies (the side effects are flu-like from the previous booster shot). Then told me to wait outside in the rain and someone would give me the booster shot outside when it was ready.

BOUQUET To Christine at Triple T Party Rentals. So kind, knowledgeable and helpful during the planning at our COVID wedding. Great service.

BEEF To the provincial government and public health officials. Nothing is being done to those who refuse to get vaccinated. These are the present majority of people catching the virus and taking up space in hospital beds and ICUs and causing surgery delays.

BOUQUET To those who support vaccine passports. We have been given the gift of a vaccine to protect ourselves and others. Do not blame the government or anyone else for your decision not to get vaccinated or get a passport to safely participate in life.

BEEF To the beefer whining about whiners.

BOUQUET To the gentleman with the white beard who left me a gift card at the Bowen Road Tim Hortons. Thank you for your kindness.

BOUQUET To the staff at NRGH during my surgery and recovery. Thank you so much for your care, concern, hard work and dedication to your patients. Thank you to Dr. Jenkin, Dr. Jacobsen, Dr. Kloos, Dr. Garsil, Sebastián and the rest of the OR team who made the experience the best it could be. Thank you to all of the nurses and HCAs on the third floor who looked after me. Thank you to the cleaning woman who helped me in my hour of need. All of you are amazing.

BEEF To the beefer saying that unvaccinated people ending in the hospital should pay for it because of their reckless behaviour. How about smokers or alcoholics?

BOUQUET To the lady who walks with a bag and tongs picking up litter in the Linley Point area.Thank you for caring. I applaud you.

BEEF To my fellow shoppers who continuously come out with their grocery buggies and turn right while looking left. Please look where you are going. This includes people walking without grocery buggies as well.

BOUQUET To a respiratory technician named Rob at NRGH. When I was sick with possible COVID, Rob hooked me up to a life-saving oxygen machine. He took a blood sample but was very gentle and apologized after he poked me. NRGH is lucky to have COVID heroes like Rob.

BEEF To the teens we saw pole fishing for spawning salmon at the Nanaimo hatchery, flinging the fish around by their backs and walking through the spawning channel. Imagine making it all the way back to spawn just to get caught for fun – so sad.

BOUQUET To those many souls burnt out by this pandemic, especially those waiting with medical and surgical needs. Let’s pull together and get back to sensibility.

BEEF To the owner of the fast food restaurant. Nanaimoites want some different fast food options. Please, anyone thinking about opening a franchise, bring one we don’t already have.

BOUQUET To DeVon at Country Club Starbucks for using sign language as he spoke. I am hard of hearing and masks and plexiglass can make ordering very difficult, but this visit was a breeze because of your kindness. Thank you so much for thinking about us hearing-impaired folks.

BEEF To the city. Why have my user rates almost doubled in a decade when my water use and garbage pickup halved? Wages? Enquiring minds want to know.

BOUQUET To Jarrett and his crew at Canpro Deck and Rail. They did a great job on our decks and were a pleasure to have working around the house. Thanks Colin, Dustin, Yannick, John and Chris for making the project less intrusive than we would have expected. Also thanks to Troy in the office who kept up to date on what and when things were happening.

BEEF To the beefer complaining about the golf course. If you are vaxxed and wearing a mask, do you not feel safe? This is a hard-working, family-run business. Did you expect a teenager to enforce a mask mandate with grown men who should know better? Play somewhere else if you are so offended.

BOUQUET Thanks to my friend Lita for the phone calls and for doing the grocery shopping. To Barbara for the check-up calls, the flowers, and for doing the power washing of the front and back of the house. Both of you had given me tremendous help during my recovery from surgery. Love you.

BEEF To the beefer concerned about criticism of law enforcement organizations. Not everyone in the world does envy our nation. Also, suggesting those unhappy should leave is absurd. You can love something and still wish for it to improve. Criticism can facilitate growth and change.

BOUQUET To all of my neighbours who stopped to check on me and my fallen Pyrenees Gracie. I lost a beloved furry family member that day, but I gained a sense of community and I thank you for that. The biggest bouquet goes to my neighbour who helped me carry Gracie, drove us to the vet, and cried with me when the bad news came. Words cannot even begin to express my gratitude. Love and miss you Gracie, every single day.

BEEF To all the opportunists taking advantage of EI/CERB. Your free ride is over and businesses are desperate for staff. Get a job.

BOUQUET To my good friends who stood by me during the trying times of my life. To Gina and Susan for the deliveries of cooked foods, driving me to doctors’ appointments, and for walking and caring for my dog during my convalescence. I will never forget your kindness.

BEEF To the city for discouraging but still allowing cats to roam. They can still enjoy the outdoors but how does this help all of the hunting? And really what cat owner cares if they are roaming all over someone’s yard? They don’t even know where their pets are. You really changed nothing here, again.

BOUQUET Very grateful for the support and care from the neighbours who came to our aid when our dogs were violently attacked by a loose dog. Thank you.

BEEF To the person wandering the mountain bike trails at the Abyss with her dog who detained myself and my riding partner to drone on about how we should install bells on our mountain bikes. It seems we “really startled her badly.” Are you kidding me? At least we slowed, stopped and were friendly to you until you verbally assaulted us with your logic, blocked the trail and held us hostage for several minutes while you lectured us.

BOUQUET To the News Bulletin. Thanks for the opportunity to engage on your platform.

BEEF To the person who borrowed the wheelbarrow from the Nanaimo Lawn Bowling Club, it would be much appreciated if you could return it after you have finished with it. Thank you, from a senior citizen volunteer gardener at the club.

BOUQUET To all the anti-vaxxers who willingly give up their ventilator to make way for someone who followed all the guidelines and still ended up sick. Takes courage to do the right thing.

BEEF To drivers who turn right at a stop sign or red light without stopping first as the law requires.

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