Beefs & Bouquets Oct. 25

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great thanks to the person who turned my wallet in to a gas station in Cedar. I had put my wallet on top of the car while filling up, drove away with it like that and it fell off on Cedar Road. I appreciate your honesty. You saved me a whole lot of trouble replacing my ID, especially since I am about to leave on a trip and would not have had time to do so.

Extraordinary bouquets to the hundreds of volunteers – past, present and future – of the Harbour City Football Club (formerly the Nanaimo and District Youth Soccer Association). They enable thousands of our young people to enjoy the beautiful game.

A huge bouquet to our realtor Mark Koch of Re/Max of Nanaimo. You made purchasing our house a positive experience. We appreciate your building knowledge, professionalism and endless effort to answer all our questions.

Many thanks to Jealine (hope I got the name correct) and Jan at the Nanaimo Clippers office for tracking us down and returning our cellphone.

A MEGA THANK YOU BOUQUET to all the friendly people I have met in the East Wellington area. They are still watching out for Copper, my orange, declawed tabby missing since Aug. 10. He came from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Copper is greatly missed. If you have seen him, please call Betty at 250-585-7738.

A nice bouquet to the Sons of Norway group for their excellent event for the whole community.

Thanks many times over to Marci, Paul and Colin of Mid-Island Stucco and Jari at First Choice Fibreglass and Sundecks for coming to my rescue. So happy to know that “Holmes on Homes” isn’t just a fairy tale.

a pat on the back for all the scuba divers and others who participated in a cleanup at Stones Marina and Boatyard. Everyone who was outside in the horrible weather deserves praise. Volunteers brought up more than 900 kilograms of garbage from the ocean floor. Way to go divers and shore help alike.

Heartfelt thanks to Glenn, Jhan and Liana for all the hard work they have done and the positive results achieved. Words cannot express my gratitude to you all.

A beautiful private hedge bouquet to Pat Van Hest at Art Knapp Plantland for going above and beyond with customer service after we had problems with some trees we purchased. Not only did he replace the trees with beauties, but he also came to our house to see our growing conditions. Thanks for all your advice and expertise, the trees look great. We have always found all of your staff to be helpful and pleasant.

a bouquet to everyone who was able to help out at the Nanaimo and Area Land Trust’s Bottles for the River event. Thanks to your determined efforts on a soggy, blustery day and the donations from supporters and passersby, we raised almost $1,500 toward stewardship activities for the Nanaimo River watershed.

Thanks to Lucky’s Liquor Store for providing a space for the Nanaimo and Area Land Trust’s bottle drop-off, a donation equivalent to two per cent of sales on the day and the various other ways staff lent their support to the group’s bottle drive. Thanks also to the Terminal Park Starbucks for providing coffee and hot water and to Country Club Centre.

Many thanks to Allison for being a cool, thoughtful, funny, bossy, beautiful and amazing teacher/co-worker/friend. I’m sad to see you leave. I’m going to miss your weekly whiteboard drawings.

A thank you to the group of people who picked up trash along Tenth Street recently. The street looks a thousand times better.

Thank you to Granny for always being there to look after our wee ones and the three-legged guy. We would be lost without you.

A big bouquet to Char who has spent the whole summer in cancer treatment. Not once did you lose you smile and sense of humour. You are such an inspiration to me. Positive thinking and a happy attitude all helps and I am so pleased you are on the road to recovery.

A big bunch of blooms to my wife who has overcome a shoulder injury and been able to go back to her passion of dog grooming. I hope you do well in your new business after dealing with so many obstacles over the past three years. Stay fit and healthy. Good luck to you and Pooch Parlour.

A huge bouquet of gratitude to Mary Ann, who found my cellphone case and advertised it in the paper. Then, going out of her way, she delivered it to me.

A bouquet and congratulations to Hank of Hank’s Cycle Shop for 50 years of running his shop in Nanaimo.

A gentle bouquet of beef to the person who took my paint tray, roller and brush from the house on the corner of Morpeth and Cadogan streets. This was not a free sidewalk item. It was leaning against the fence. Please bring it back.

A bouquet to the nice summer and fall weather that we have enjoyed, but a real BEEF about the outdoor patio and sandwich signs that have spread on the sidewalks so someone with a walker or a wheelchair can’t get by unless they go on the street.

A beef to the lady whose unleashed brown dog killed the innocent little stray rooster on Loudon Park and Walkway. Keep your dogs leashed.

A beef to the human complaining about someone who wrote in as their pet. A big fat beef to you for saying animals don’t have souls.  You are an expert in such matters I am sure. Also, what difference does it make to you if someone chooses to do that? Stop being a busy body.

A beef to people who complain about gas prices. It costs what it costs. If you don’t like it, drive less or buy a more fuel-efficient vehicle. Better yet, try walking. The fresh air might make you less of a curmudgeon.

Beefs of Playground blues to the downtown workers who park their vehicles around the Nob Hill playground. There is no room for parents to park who want to take their kids to play in the playground there. Shame on the city for allowing this.

two beefs. Would the driver of the white van featuring a human arm hanging out the back please not park in front of the funeral home. And would drivers of right-hand vehicles please not let their dogs ride in the front passenger seat.

A big beef to the local gas stations that raised gas prices to more than 12 cents a litre for the Thanksgiving Day weekend. This is unethical and just a way to gouge the public.

a beef to the person beefing about the traffic controllers smoking on the job. They smoke because of people like you speeding through their work zones, talking on cellphones. I think I would smoke, too. Please pay attention, it’s their lives on the job, not yours.

A driving beef to all Nanaimo drivers. Stop signs aren’t big enough or drivers just can’t read. Playground zone speeds are ignored. Please remember, if there is no speed sign posted, the speed limit on city streets is 50 km/h.

a beef to the person who has been dumping large garbage bags full of dog poo in Nanaimo’s backcountry.