Bouquet to the person who sent the beef about the rude couple at the fast food restaurant. I want to say a huge thank you for standing up for that poor person who had to endure their bullying. That couple would be my father and his girlfriend. It’s about time someone told them off.

Bouquet to the person who sent the beef about the rude couple at the fast food restaurant. I want to say a huge thank you for standing up for that poor person who had to endure their bullying. That couple would be my father and his girlfriend. It’s about time someone told them off.

Beefs & Bouquets, Oct. 21

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BOUQUET To the kind, honest person who turned in my white gold earring, lost at Costco. You are very kind and I am so grateful to you.

BEEF To my neighbour in East Wellington who was burning yard debris a day after the smoky haze lifted. The same guy waters the boulevard grass and street, due to sloppy sprinkling all summer. It’s everybody’s water, whether it comes from a well or the municipal system. Don’t waste it on a green lawn.

BOUQUET To the beefer who wants the casino moved to the old Sears building – it technically already is!

BEEF To the individual who is letting their dog run loose in the Holyrood Drive area. It does its business all over the lawns. It’s enough that I have to pick up my own dog’s droppings without you letting yours do it in our neighbourhood. This is your dog so take care of it properly and abide by the rules that most of us follow.

BOUQUET To our mail carrier Brent who kept a watchful eye on our home while we we away. Much appreciated.

BEEF To our premier for calling a snap election in the midst of a pandemic. With the costs of the pandemic, the province can little afford the costs of an election let alone the worry of people trying to self-distance.

BOUQUET The ferry report shows 53 per cent want better public transit connections and 29 per cent want passengers-only ferries. Nanaimo to Vancouver is the most wanted route. The next provincial government should force B.C. Ferries to operate that route instead of a private company.

BEEF To the parents who race up to the end of Carriage Drive to drop off/pick up their children from Frank Ney Elementary. Be respectful of those who live in the neighbourhood. There are children walking (the street has no sidewalks), there are seniors with mobility issues, parents pushing strollers. And be courteous; do not block driveways while waiting for your children.

BOUQUET To the person who sent the beef about the rude couple at the fast food restaurant. I want to say a huge thank you for standing up for that poor person who had to painfully endure their bullying. That couple would be my father and his girlfriend who cannot tolerate anything that isn’t just like them. It’s about time someone told them off. Kudos!

BEEF Don’t hold an unnecessary election during a pandemic. Putting lives at risk trying to win a majority is wrong.

BOUQUET Choose to see your challenges as opportunities.

BEEF To the religious group that is stuffing plastic bags with their literature and leaving them by the beach at Maffeo Sutton Park, please stop. I prevented three of your bags from being blown into the ocean. This is just litter. You are not doing Mother Nature any favours.

BOUQUET To Morgan at Quality Foods on Turner Road. I’m sure he was on his way to a break but saw that I looked puzzled so he stopped to help me find my item.

BEEF To the media, whale chasers and biologists. Stop harassing the new killer whale and perhaps it might live this time.

BOUQUET To all the wonderful people who donated apples to the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 257, and a beef to the two girls who stole the sandwich board out front of the legion.

BEEF To the local established pub and restaurant. Meal was scanty and not hot. Meal-sized soup did not even come with bread. Bill was huge. Won’t be back.

BOUQUET To Janine and Dr. Boos for making my visits to your clinic for dental treatment so pleasant. Your professionalism and kindness was extraordinary. Thanks ever so much.

BEEF To the store for choosing this time during a global pandemic to rearrange their aisles. It took me three times longer to find my items, hence spending far too long in a very busy store.

BOUQUET To Kangaroo Contracting for a recent fencing project. Friendly and professional service.

BEEF To the legal system, which will allow a known criminal who killed people in cold blood to spend only 20 years in prison because of time served because of games lawyers play of delay and stall. He should spend the rest of his life in prison.

BOUQUET To the very kind lady in the Brechin area who gave us a beautiful bag of pears from her tree. We thoroughly enjoyed them. They were delicious. Thank you very much.

BEEF To the fisher people on Departure Bay Beach who use more than one hook and techniques to snag fish rather than catch them. I have witnessed this numerous times. In mid-September two individuals snagged and kept two fish each while I was there. Not only is this not sportsmanlike, but it is illegal. Where is enforcement when you need it?

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo for the work they are currently doing at Brannen Lake boat ramp, a huge improvement. A second bouquet will be on its way if Long Lake is next for an upgrade.

BEEF To upper management at the service stations. You are asking your staff to wear a mask. This is because they work with the public. Very good thinking. Now how about paying them their well-deserved hazard pay? They work hard and deserve better.

BOUQUET To the workers at Save-On-Foods at Brooks Landing. Thank you for making me feel relaxed and less anxious while shopping there and for always being so kind and helpful.

BEEF To the driver of the black Ford Mustang who almost ran us off Hammond Bay Road recently. Karma will catch you.

BOUQUET To John at Westcore Mechanical for promptly installing a new smoke and CO alarm. John was extremely courteous and efficient in having the new alarm installed and the special price for seniors was really appreciated.

BEEF If the City of Nanaimo is trying to get us to reimagine Nanaimo, maybe they should think about how they conduct their business using our tax money. Beef to the continuing use of political buzzwords such as strategic planning, etc. It’s a load of hyped-up promises.

BOUQUET Look up, look way up. Kudos to the residence on Chick-A-Dee Crescent with the 100-foot Douglas fir tree flying a Canadian flag on top. Wow! Very impressive.

BOUQUET To Jeff and Bev, John and Karen and Tom and Shirley. You are awesome. God bless you all.

BOUQUET To Walmart, Woodgrove Centre and every other store that requires masks, distancing and hand sanitizing. Beef to those that do not require these measures and/or do not enforce them.

BOUQUET Many thanks for the wonderful takeout birthday Greek food platters Asteras Greek Taverna provided for our family. The food was absolutely delicious, plentiful and the cost was totally reasonable. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

BOUQUET To Berwick on the Lake for honouring residents and staff for the number of years they lived or worked in Berwick. A happy and thoughtful gesture. With card-making, bingo, ‘Oh what’s in the box,’ it keeps us very happy despite the terrible virus.

BOUQUET To Bodhi’s Bakery, not only for providing delicious breads and pastries but for feeding our spirits with the beautiful flowers he sold during this COVID time.

BOUQUET To the kindest post office employee. This lovely lady and angel saw me running to post a card. She had finished delivering mail on Groveland. Kindness, beyond, she waited for me and accepted my card. The post office is so lucky that she works there. Thank you.

BOUQUET Well done ferry workers, thank you very much Taylor for my ride in the wheelchair and the pleasant conversation.

BOUQUET To the local teachers who are struggling to cope with the challenges of teaching during this time of COVID-19.

BOUQUET Heartfelt thanks to the person who turned my wallet in to customer service at Walmart. Your thoughtfulness and honesty are awesome. May a life of wonderful blessings be yours.

BOUQUET To Dave, manager at Real Canadian Superstore. His help and concern for my well-being in store and safe escort to my car was greatly appreciated by this senior. Many thanks.

BOUQUET Thanks for the very thoughtful bubble of three folks who carried my groceries to my car from Fairway Market. Your beautiful random act of kindness made my day.

BOUQUET Last night I was walking on Albert Street and the hat I was wearing was snatched off my head by an owl. Who then landed in a tree about 10 metres away, and proceeded to pick at it, like it thought my hat was food. I am unhurt.

BOUQUET Don’t be shy about your interests.

BOUQUET To the employees of Soccer City – outstanding customer service. It is so wonderful that the employee went out of his way to truly fill the needs of my nephew while making him feel comfortable. He left with a big smile on his face.

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