Beef. How could you do what you did to your sister? What you have done will never be forgotten, may you rest in peace, but inevitably you won’t, Karma is not your friend.

Beef. How could you do what you did to your sister? What you have done will never be forgotten, may you rest in peace, but inevitably you won’t, Karma is not your friend.

Beefs & Bouquets, Oct. 20

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BOUQUET To the two ladies at Departure Bay ferry terminal. Thank you so much for helping me with my ticket when I purchased the wrong one online. My anxiety was through the roof and you were so patient and kind to me.

BEEF I usually praise doctors, but in this case, I have a huge beef. All Dr. W. will do is scare you unnecessarily. I had to phone my GP for him to calm me and tell me that what I was told by the first doctor was wrong. Thanks to Dr. Putter who calmed me after I was told false information.

BOUQUET To all the dogs in Nanaimo, I love you.

BEEF To the vaccinated person complaining about our government vaccine mandates. Sad how it’s all about you and some of your unvaccinated family and friends that can’t go to restaurants, games, etc. Most people, including employees, don’t want unvaccinated people in these places so they can feel safe. Don’t suppose you considered any of them?

BOUQUET To J.S., Shaw supervisor, for outstanding customer service, satisfied a dissatisfied customer. I hope your employer appreciates you. Well done.

BEEF To furniture-for-sale posters who repost the same over-priced, second-hand, outdated, ugly furniture endlessly. No one wants your $1,000 used couch, your $2,500 used wrought iron patio set, your $900 chairs, your $250 used entrance table or your $1,500 used queen-size bed. Furniture stores sell some of these items new, in perfect condition, stylish and for way cheaper. Consider dropping the price.

BOUQUET To Makayla at the Brooks Landing Save-On-Foods. I put an online order in for my groceries to be delivered, to find out that day I hit pick-up by accident. I called the store to make arrangements for the pick-up and there were no questions asked; Makayla went out of her way personally to have my delivery to my doorstep within 15 minutes, on her break to boot. This is exceptional customer service and doesn’t go unrecognized.

BEEF The Nanaimo Bulletin should charge at least a toonie for a beef. This would help me decide if my brilliant observations are worth the price of admission. The Bulletin could donate half the proceeds to charity and keep half to pay for newsprint. P.S. Please put this beef on my account.

BOUQUET To the young gentleman listening to Groove is in the Heart on his portable speaker. It made my day.

BEEF To the person who left his beautiful big black dog in the car for too long parked at Bowen Park with all the windows completely rolled up. Although your car was parked in the shade of the tree, it was getting hotter with the afternoon sun inside the car. Please don’t do it.

BOUQUET To the young man at 7-Eleven on Bowen Road working evening shift. No one should have to deal with the rude, aggressive man who refused to wear a mask and who continually harassed you. You dealt with him well and deserve a pat on the back. He should be banned from the store permanently, especially since he also parked in the no parking zone.

BEEF How could you do what you did to your sister? What you have done will never be forgotten, may you rest in peace, but inevitably you won’t, Karma is not your friend.

BOUQUET To the gentleman who found my wedding ring in the parking lot at Madrona Imaging lab and turned it in. Also a big thanks to my office staff who searched the office for me before I got the call from the clinic. I’m so lucky the right person found my ring. Thank you.

BEEF To the protesters at hospitals and schools. How dare you threaten the very people who will risk themselves and their families’ health to keep you alive when you get COVID? It’s not an if, it’s a when. Get the vaccine so we can get back to living. You’re embarrassing.

BOUQUET To the lady who found this senior’s purse hanging in a public bathroom stall at Nanaimo North Town Centre and turned it in, intact, to security. Thank you.

BEEF To all the anti-vaxxers/maskers: You have right to harm yourselves – that’s called personal health. You do not have the right to harm me – that’s public health. Figure it out.

BOUQUET To the flash pit-crew service that organically assembled after my distress signal on Lake Trail Road. I overshot the shoulder, where I was pulling up, and went straight in the ditch. Two young guys and an older gentleman pulled up and were pulling out a chain when another guy in a truck swung up and had a winch, so they attached it to my car and hoisted it out of the ditch and back onto the side of the road. Quite an amazing experience in kind courtesy really, and very much appreciated.

BEEF To all the dog owners who have their dogs off leash at Bowen Park especially at the disc golf course. It’s unfair to dogs who aren’t dog-friendly and for people who are anxious around dogs. Please leash up your dogs or bylaw will be called.

BOUQUET To the carver and others involved in the new totem pole in Maffeo Sutton park. It is one of the most impressive totems that I have ever seen and a great addition to the park. I hope there will be a plaque recognizing the carver and giving us the stories of the figures on the totem.

BEEF To the media for constantly showing people getting jabbed while you report on the COVID-19 virus. Many people absolutely hate needles, so why scare them even more. You are responsible for forcing a large number of people away from getting vaccinated. Report without showing the needle and show some compassion.

BOUQUET Many thanks to the staff at NRGH, the ambulance attendants, porters, technicians. nurses and doctors who gave me such first-class care. What’s more, you renewed my faith in basic human goodness. Can’t tell you how much that meant to me.

BEEF To the port authority for keeping the washrooms on the busy Harbourfront Walkway closed. How do the many visitors and customers of the walkway businesses feel when they are re-directed to the washrooms in the mall? We’d like to know how the port justifies closing publicly funded washrooms.

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo for being a total pleasure to deal with throughout our home renovations. Particular thanks to Tyler, Kim, Chris and Reuben.

BOUQUET To the Victoria Crescent Association president for his words of wisdom in regards to the Jean Burns building site.

BEEF To anyone who banged their pots and pans for the nurses last year only to treat them as disposable heroes this year.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo contestant in the Fab Over 40 contest.

BEEF To the politicians and virtue signallers who have contributed to the vilification of our police forces. The recent rash of violence and hatred toward these brave souls is blood on your hands.

BOUQUET I agree with the letter writer. Dr. Bonnie Henry is calm and to the point. In a world of lies, she is a breath of fresh air.

BEEF To whoever decided to remove the infant change tables from the family change rooms at Nanaimo Aquatic Centre. There is now nowhere safe to change little ones, and it’s only a matter of time before a baby falls off a wet, slippery bench.

BOUQUET To the staff at Life Labs at Nanaimo North Town Centre. Pleasant and professional even when short-staffed.

BEEF To the ferry walk-on passengers who insist their luggage be wheeled beside instead of behind them. This blocks anyone from passing and holds up the pedestrian traffic flow. Be courteous and pull it behind you with the handles please.

BOUQUET To B.C. Ferries staff at Duke Point. Thank you for helping us out in our time of need. You went above and beyond and we will be eternally grateful. RIP, dear brother.

BEEF To the Ministry of Health for begrudgingly reporting the true hospital COVID-19 stats only after a TV station reported on false reporting by public health officials.

BOUQUET To Tipsy Avocado, thanks for the best Mexican food I have ever had. I can’t stop eating there.

BEEF To the Yosemite Sam shooting his rifle from 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. in the Jingle Pot/East Wellington area. How can you be sure you are shooting safely in the pitch black? Yes I realize you most likely live outside city limits but this area is still populated and too close to the highway, busy streets and a school for somebody to be shooting a high-powered rifle in the area as much as you do.

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo. Downtown Nanaimo should be built like Gastown. Forget bike lanes on Terminal Avenue – too narrow. And bringing back a CPR ferry? Remember what you’re dealing with.

BEEF To the people who camp in the gravel lot by the reservoir on Nanaimo Lakes Road and then leave a bunch of trash when they leave. So disrespectful.

BOUQUET To Andrea and Bryan who were taking very nice care for me during the ride by ambulance to the emergency room at the hospital. Thank you to the doctor and all nice people there.

BEEF I noticed 13 bouquets and 35 beefs in a recent issue of the Bulletin. Maybe an idea to pay a bit more attention to the positive voices in our community? Let’s at least balance out the beefs and bouquets. We often tend to forget the little good moments in our lives. Let’s celebrate them here.

BOUQUET Keep the beefs and bouquets coming. They are fascinating to read. You learn so much and you realize that someone else feels the way you do.

BEEF To the government for saying there are enhanced cleaning measures in schools yet doing the opposite. All of our district’s daytime cleaning positions from last year were cut and this is why viruses are spreading through our schools.

BOUQUET To Wendy and her team at Royal Canadian Legion Branch 257 for the wonderful veterans’ dinner.

BEEF Only people with a vaccine card are allowed to enter the casino. It’s a ‘club’ of the vaccinated. I am curious how well all the vaccinated people will be doing after four weeks to three years.

BOUQUET To VIEX organizers and volunteers for a great job bringing back the fair this year. Our family loved it.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for passing the buck to the Nanaimo property owners with this new graffiti bylaw. It proves that they can’t handle the problem and it’s bail-out time.

BOUQUET To Royal Canadian Legion Branch 256 and the artists responsible for the attractive mural on the outside of the building. Very impressive.

BEEF I may disagree with anti-vaxxers but I haven’t seen them laugh at those dying of COVID or wishing death on unvaccinated people, whereas I’ve lost count of how many pro-vax people wish harm or death to the unvaccinated.

BOUQUET To Jeff who rents bikes, kayaks, paddleboards and paddle boats on Saysutshun, and is a tourist attraction himself. His friendly, laid-back and encouraging manner sets customers up for a successful and fun experience.

BEEF To the man loading a replica revolver, because that could have gone the wrong way. Beef also to the sporting goods store for selling replica guns in the first place.

BOUQUET To the drivers who signal as they leave a roundabout. This makes it a much more easy flow for all concerned. It takes away a lot of the guesswork for the other drivers and isn’t so frustrating. Thank you.

BEEF To those in charge of the B.C. medical system who thinks it is acceptable for patients to wait over 90 minutes just to be triaged in the Nanaimo emergency department, then to wait four to five hours to see a physician. COVID or not, wait times like this are unacceptable. This is supposed to be a working medical system? I think not.

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo workers for maintaining local parks and trails during the summer season. Water parks were especially appreciated.

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