Beefs & Bouquets, Oct. 17

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BOUQUET To the woman who found my daughter’s hoodie in the parking lot at Beban Park after the CIBC Run for the Cure. Thank you for taking the time to find her name and number inside the jacket, take it into the office at Beban Pool and call to let us know it was found.

BEEF to the drivers who do not stop at the crosswalk at Dover and Applecross Road

BOUQUET To Sharon and Ruby for tidying up my house after being painted while I was gone. Thanks for the flowers and tablecloth.

BEEF To the worker who collects the green bin compost materials on Kentucky Place in Cinnabar Valley. I watched you pick the green bin up from where it was holding down the empty yellow bags, dump it in your truck, and then thoughtlessly leave the bin on the sidewalk, a foot away from the empty bags, allowing them to start blowing down the street.

BOUQUET To the ladies at the Edge hair salon for making me feel gorgeous while getting my pre-chemotherapy head shave. They made me smile and then refused to let me pay.

BEEF It is really sad how destructive humans are by wanting to set traps to get rid of beavers at Linley Valley. They are not a nuisance – people are.

BOUQUET To the Colliery Dam Preservation Society for its efforts to honour Harewood trustees. It was their dream.

BOUQUET To Dusenbury Automotive and especially Steve for the exceptionally kind way he treated customers by providing extra service beyond that needed and without charge.

BOUQUET To Allison and Jo-Lynn for the great service at Jysk in Nanaimo. You went beyond customer service to help a senior with a mattress problem.

BOUQUET To Robert for finding my purse at Quality Foods and turning it in.

BOUQUET To the girl who turned my bag in to the lost and found and to all people who turn things in.

BOUQUET To Laura, very nice lady at Wal-Mart in the women’s clothing department for her kindness and help. Very appreciated from her customer.

BOUQUET To Bill, a very nice bus driver, for his integrity and compassion. Thank you for your help when I had fallen down on the road in Cedar a while ago.

BOUQUET To Diane Bestwick and Claudia Gray at Lone Pine Contractors who have kept the beach at Swy-a-lana Lagoon so pristine. Thank you to council and harbour managers for employing them.

BOUQUET To the kind people of Nanaimo. I travel most places by HandyDart. I’m very grateful for the service, but often have long waits before being picked up, so I’m grateful to anyone who chooses to sit and talk with me.

BOUQUET To Amy and Steve whom I met at Costco. I was using one of the store scooters but they would not let me take it out to my car. These wonderful people put my things in the car for me and I was able to give the scooter to their father. Such kindness is so wonderful these days.

BOUQUET To the EMTs that came to our house to get my husband out of his bed, then had to come back an hour later and help him out of his chair and onto his scooter. Your gentleness with him was marvelous.

BOUQUET To Judi at the Kitchen Technician. After terrible customer service from another cabinet shop, Judi saved the day.

BOUQUET To Trojan Collision for always doing an amazing job and being No. 1 in customer service. We have been dealing with them for more than 20 years and have never been disappointed.

BOUQUET to Ana at Central Drug Post office.She was so kind in replacing a broken mug that came in a parcel she accidently dropped. She ordered me another exact kind of mug along with a card and gift certificate which was way too kind.

BOUQUET To Landon of Lassman Floors and installer Dan for their superior service and thoughtfulness.

BOUQUET To Jeff and Mary-Anne, two amazing Samaritans who answered my cries for help when I fell and injured my back in my yard in Diver Lake. You have restored my faith in humanity and I cannot thank you enough for being there for me. You kept me calm and got me the help that I needed when I needed it.

BOUQUET To the thoughtful city worker who collects the recycle materials on Kentucky Place in Cinnabar Valley. You emptied the yellow bags and then took the time to lift the heavy, still-full compost bin to place on the bags so they wouldn’t blow away.

BOUQUET To the Pauline Haarer PAC for an amazing Fun Night fundraiser. Thanks to the volunteer parents, ex-students and performers. In spite of heavy rain everyone had a terrific time with pony rides, inflatables, games, refreshments – just incredible.

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo for considering having seniors pay for rec passes. Entitlements like that should be a thing of the past. After all, free really just means paid for by someone else.

BOUQUET To Eric at Ridgeview Landscaping. We love the sprinkler system you and your guys installed. Your workers were all respectful young men, who went above and beyond.

BOUQUET To the young couple and another young man who all stopped on Old Victoria Road to help an injured seagull. Everyone worked as a team and he was taken to a local vet who waited for him to arrive even though it was almost closing time. Warmed my heart.

BOUQUET To the person or persons who made the orca whale face from the natural rock formation on the right hand side heading south out of downtown Nanaimo. It makes me smile every time I see it.

BOUQUET To wives. They have eyes which are as sharp as those of eagles, and they can find needles in haystacks.

BOUQUET To GT Hiring Solutions at Brooks Landing. I recently moved to Nanaimo semi-retired, looking for a part-time job. GT not only supported, encouraged and included me in the community, they also reflect friendliness and welcoming spirit.

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