Beefs & Bouquets, Oct. 16

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BOUQUET To the awesome folks at Laird Wheaton Body Shop. Thank you for taking such good care of me and my Trailblazer.  Your customer service was great and all the extras you provided were amazing, from the courtesy shuttle to the beautiful cleaning job of her interior and exterior.

BEEF To the national charitable organization that turned my contribution into permission to inundate me with weekly mail solicitations. One has to wonder how much of the actual donation goes to the needy or sick when so much is spent on free cards, stickers, pens and gift bags, not to mention postage.

BOUQUET To Craig from The Transfer Studio. Thank you for putting together a slide show and for video taping a recent Celebration of Life Service I was organizing. Both were first class productions.

BEEF To the drivers who still don’t know what distracted driving is. BOUQUET to ICBC for raising its rates and penalties to help the distracted drivers understand better.

BEEF To all Nanaimo gas stations that continue to charge Nanaimo drivers higher gas prices than both Victoria and Courtenay and Comox drivers. Why have the prices in Nanaimo not come down?

BOUQUET To the person who found my camera and turned it over to the RCMP. This old couple was able to wish their 50-year-old daughter a happy birthday.

BEEF To all the drivers who stop on a main street to let people out from side streets – don’t do this. You can be held responsible for accidents caused by drivers behind you who are not expecting you to stop. You have the right of way, keep going.

BOUQUET To the young mom in Wal-Mart who recommended a mattress topper to me. I let her take the only one available. Shortly after she found me in the store because she had found another one. Thanks to her helpfulness I am now having great sleeps.

BEEF To businesses and people who fly very torn and faded flags on their flagpoles. It is disrespectful. The flags should be taken down immediately and replaced. There is a thing called flag etiquette which most people don’t seem to know about these days. If you don’t know the rules on how to fly a flag, don’t fly one.

BOUQUET To Chris and Veronica Mitchell from Ferguson Exteriors for their sponsorship of minor hockey. Your generosity was greatly appreciated. Also a huge thank you to their son Robert for making Niki feel so special with the Buccaneers hockey team.

BEEF To anyone who speeds through a school zone. School zones are 30 kilometres per hour from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday when school is in session. There is no excuse not to know that.

BOUQUET To the two people who spotted my dog running free on or near Townsite Road at rush hour. You kept my dog from running out into the traffic until I showed up to claim him.

BEEF To the hockey goalie who skates to his net before the end of the singing of our national anthem while his teammates stand respectfully in line facing our flag.

BOUQUET To the staff at Nanaimo’s banks, restaurants and stores for always being helpful and friendly and having nice smiles.

BEEF To almost all the electricians listed in our city’s phone book. My wife called every one listed to quote us on work we needed done at our house. Not one answered their phone, and after leaving messages with every one, only one bothered to call back. I don’t know how people can run a business this way.

BOUQUET To Chantelle and her two co-workers at the Bay for their assistance and concerns when I had a fall in the store. Also, to the gentleman who helped get me on my feet. Thank you all, your efforts were certainly appreciated.

BEEF To the three-toed sloth, which sleeps up to 20 hours per day. That makes it one of the most slothful mammals I know.

BOUQUET To Dr. Ehman, Dr. Somerville and the amazing perinatal nurses. We are so appreciative of the excellent care we received before and after the delivery of our baby girl. You all made us feel at ease during a potentially scary time. Thank you from Trina, Leif and baby Naomi.

BEEF To the local roofing company whose crew re-roofed our home in July. A few of the shingles are not laying flat and the chimney flashing is poorly done. I was assured by the manager the shingles would even out. The problem still exists.

BOUQUET To Simon Holt for good service.

BEEF To all those drivers out there who think it isn’t necessary to use your turn signal. It’s installed in your vehicle for a good reason. The car behind you can’t read your mind.

BOUQUET Thank you to the lady in the red truck who helped a senior citizen get home safely.

BEEF To some holistic practitioners who share confidential information about their clients. It gives the honourable ones a bad name.

BOUQUET To the kind-hearted people who walk the waterfront and smile and stop to talk and even walk along awhile. The simple act of a smile and a hello costs nothing and makes someone else’s day so much brighter. May you be blessed with the same goodness coming back to you.

BEEF To the driver of the pickup truck travelling between Courtenay and Nanaimo. Your antics could have easily caused death. Travelling 100 km/h ahead of us and slamming on your brakes caused us to stop abruptly.

BOUQUET To the Southgate Tim Horton’s, Costco and Superstore for their generous donations to the Nanaimo Chapter of the Children’s Heart Network. Your support helped make the Pumpkin Patch Event a huge success.

BEEF To the two thieving teenage skateboarders who pigged out at the Chinese restaurant buffet and then left without paying.

BOUQUET To those who provided the piano outside the library in town. I enjoyed playing it and hearing it played by others. Please bring it back next year.

BOUQUET To ‘premier’ George. You did a great job on my carpet. Money well spent.

BOUQUET To Moe and her great staff at the Terminal Park Starbucks. A very friendly place for coffee.

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