Beef to the individuals who dumped their containers of construction garbage in our yard. I have cancer

Beef to the individuals who dumped their containers of construction garbage in our yard. I have cancer

Beefs & Bouquets, Oct. 13

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BOUQUET To Lorenda of Dynamic Focus Physiotherapy. She and her son kindly assisted me after I twisted my ankle and fell on Metral Drive. Driving me home and suggesting to ice my ankle was exactly what I needed.

BEEF To a co-worker who has little sense of teamwork. Your workload was not as heavy as your co-workers that evening. I’m guessing you were just too lazy to do your own work, as you usually try to pawn it off on others anyway.

BOUQUET To businesses for their donations to our annual Not Back to School Picnic: Nanaimo Museum, parks and rec, Serious Coffee-Hammond Bay, Country Grocer-Dufferin, Cobs Bread-Terminal Park, Splitsville Bowling, Pattie’s Party Palace, VIRL-Wellington, Jolly Giant Childcare, Real Canadian Superstore.

BEEF To the hockey team for buying alcohol for its welcome barbecue. Encouraging those as young as 15 to drink is highly inappropriate.

BOUQUET To Brendon Dean of Ministikos Construction and his workmen. We appreciated their high-quality renovation of the new Well Seniors’ Centre space at the Nanaimo Women’s Centre.

BEEF To the individuals who dumped their containers of construction garbage in our yard. I have cancer, and it’s all I can do to take care of my own garbage. Your thoughtless dumping of materials that I’m too weak to lift and get rid of makes my life more difficult than it already is.

BOUQUET to Customer Service at London Drugs in Port Place for replacing/activating a gift card which I had accidently forgotten to validate some months prior.

BEEF To the pet owners who want help identifying who is responsible when the pet that they allowed to run on the road is injured or killed. Perhaps you should take a good long look in the mirror.

BOUQUET To Luna, the wonder dog, for helping me dig the hole for the bush transfer. You actually removed rocks that the shovel had a hard time with. Your canine consciousness then proceeded to fill in the old hole later on. What brains, what paws, what a nose.

BEEF To professional football and all field sports players who spit on the playing field and sidelines. Lead by example and show some class, respect and intelligence. Hockey players included.

BOUQUET To the ‘orange shirts,’ the technical helpers at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital during the last few months during the initiation of IHealth.  Your patience and knowledge was greatly appreciated by an older nurse as the new computerized patient chart was rolled out.

BEEF To the grocery chain and supplier of blueberries that have increased their sale price on a small box of blueberries threefold since last year’s purchase.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo transit drivers. We used the transit system to come home from the ferry terminal and the three bus drivers that we met were extremely helpful and courteous.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo. How about doing something about the traffic chaos at the Jingle Pot and Westwood roads? It’s a big accident waiting to happen.

BOUQUET To Adrian and his staff for doing an amazing job of repairing our trailer. The rebuild was done quickly and professionally. Nice to have a dry unit.

BEEF To the masses who consistently vote to high office career politicians and lawyers, and then wonder why there is a disconnect between them and us.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo Regional General Hospital emergency department. Very professional personnel, very competent, very positive and pleasant.

BEEF To the person who dropped a big, red soaker tub and bags of garbage behind a business in the middle of the night.  Who do you think is going to clean it up?

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Community Health Services team. Your innovative services have contributed to allowing many of our citizens to improve dealing with their chronic conditions and in some instances saved lives.

BEEF To the cyclist who constantly flies through the four-way stop at the intersection of Dover Road and Uplands Drive. Stop signs apply to cyclists too.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo Toyota for the two-year lease of the Coco van. With love from all of us at Coco Café.

BEEF To the person tailgating me up the parkway. I motioned you to back off. When you passed on the right then pulled back in and stabbed the brakes, you endangered everyone.

BOUQUET To everyone who helped me to find a new place to live.

BEEF To a communications service provider that consistently keeps customers on hold 45 minutes-plus before reaching a representative. Extremely poor customer service.

BOUQUET To Richardson Woodwerks. Gary and Gordon transformed my dark and grimy 80-year-old dining room suite into a beautiful blonde. It will last another 80 years.

BEEF To salespeople telling those with shake roofs they need replacing. Cedar is one of the best roofing systems and has the advantage worn shakes can be replaced without a full roof job. With proper care it may outlast the homeowner.

BOUQUET To the House Doctor Aaron Vega for the fantastic work he did gutting and renovating my entire bathroom. It looks amazing and I’m thrilled with the attention to detail.

BEEF To the beefer. The universal symbol for all persons with disabilities is the wheelchair. A person with lung disease has a disability and is entitled to use a fitting room with a bench.

BOUQUET To the person who found my black purse in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Thank you for being a great citizen.

BOUQUET To the staff at B.C. Ferries Departure Bay for their concern and help when I was searching for my missing special needs teen daughter, especially the lovely lady in customer service for getting me the security pass so I could search for her.

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