Beef to Elections Canada for not allowing me to have an option to vote. I was diagnosed with COVID the day before Sept. 20 and no provision existed for me to vote, yet my partner could vote without any identification.

Beef to Elections Canada for not allowing me to have an option to vote. I was diagnosed with COVID the day before Sept. 20 and no provision existed for me to vote, yet my partner could vote without any identification.

Beefs & Bouquets, Oct. 13

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BOUQUET To the staff at Thrifty Foods on Turner Road for returning my lost wallet. I think it is just wonderful that we have such honest people in our midst. Don’t know who found it, but a thousand thank yous. I had nightmares thinking about all the trouble it would be just to get all my credit cards, etc., replaced.

BEEF To the unfriendly and rude employees at the recycling depot. I stepped inside to drop off some empties and forgot my mask in my truck. Within seconds I got yelled at by two employees. You guys were like 20 feet away from me and it was 8:30 a.m.

BOUQUET Thank you to all the politicians for the last few weeks of priceless entertainment and fake emotions. Now you can go back in your holes for the next four years – or less, depending on your egos.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for closing our 911 call centre and moving services to a generic mainland operator. It is not OK to put lives at risk to save a few bucks.

BOUQUET Recently I was in the emergency waiting room at NRGH on quite a busy day. A surly older patient was berating the staff. He looked a bit like he slept rough. The nurse in charge seemed to know him and dealt with it. I watched her present him with a new waterproof jacket and scarf from the donations people make to the hospital. He was grateful and looked quite sharp in it. Our health-care staff are heroes going above and beyond their job descriptions because they care.

BEEF To the masses displaying a paradigm example of how fact is stranger than fiction. Masses of the unvaccinated protested vaccinations and passports in front of the very hospitals they will soon be admitted to. They abused the same health-care workers who’ll be caring for them in days to come when they are wheeled into the ICU gasping for breath.

BOUQUET To the fifth-floor nurses at NRGH who gave phenomenal care to my mom. A special thanks to the nurse with the shaved head and tattoos who treated her with such love and kindness like she was your own mom. I witnessed this with all the patients in the room even though they were not your patients.

BEEF I’m getting really tired of all these cries of racism. Just because you don’t get what you want when you want is not racism.

BOUQUET Don’t be fearing losing your hearing. Head to Nex-Gen, they rate a 10. Everyone there has made my life better, that is why I’m writing this letter. When your hearing begins to fade, they’ll design you a hearing aid. Thanks to Mia, Chris and Brannan.

BEEF I am so tired of people who complain about lockdown measures and the loss of their ‘freedom,’ while still not wearing a mask correctly. It has to mould tightly to your face. If it isn’t properly fitted, you are putting yourself and others at risk.

BOUQUET To all our nurses and doctors working to keep us safe in these pandemic times. We are so grateful for your dedication to your patients and even to those who chose to put you in harm’s way by not getting vaccinated but still expect your care. I hope when this ends you get rewarded for your bravery and dedication. You are all heroes, we need to get back to celebrating you all with our nightly pots and pans. Thank you.

BEEF To the city for putting a portable toilet on at the bottom of the steps between Hecate and Cavan Street. This area is a meeting place for people who are addicted to drugs to gather. Move it to where there are no residents, like city hall parking lot.

BOUQUET To Sylvie at Central Drugs in Pacific Station. Big thanks for always going above and beyond.

BEEF To pedestrians who walk anywhere they want without looking or caring if there is a car coming at them. Do you even care what the driver would experience for the rest of their life if you were to die because you suddenly stepped out in front of them without warning? The vehicle driver will be held accountable, but is it worth your life to be able to say it was the driver’s fault?

BOUQUET To bumper stickers that curse cancer. That sentiment is exactly how cancer patients feel. Furthermore, that attitude is necessary to get through such a difficult time. No one should suggest otherwise, even if they don’t like swearing. Those bumper stickers make people feel connected and supported. From a breast cancer survivor.

BEEF To the new black Dodge pickup that rode my bumper on Hammond Bay until I sped up to 15 over the limit and then passed me on a double yellow line nearly forcing a silver Acura off the road.

BOUQUET To both the generous customer at Dickinson Crossing Tim Hortons who left a $100 tip for the staff, and for the hard-working team who always have smiles on their faces. It’s difficult times with staff shortages so we are so thankful for people’s patience, and the staff’s hard work.

BEEF Can we still call it a democracy when only Conservative party signs are smashed and other parties aren’t? No parties’ signs should be destroyed.

BOUQUET To the cashier at the grocery store. She let the woman behind me know that she was wrong when she raised a fuss and claimed I had too many items for the express lane.

BEEF To the restaurant owner in the south end. All servers must pay five per cent of their total gross sales into a tip pool divided amongst the cooks, hostesses and other kitchen staff. It is not for the owner or manage to take a huge portion of it. You should be ashamed of yourself, a tip is left for good service and good food, not for the owner.

BOUQUET To the ones that realize when they have time off, others don’t. Some of us work through the night and sleep during the day. Many of us are essential services. Kids are back in school. Should I mow my lawn at 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning? Because that’s when it works for me.

BEEF To the motorcyclist who rides down Holden Corso every morning at a minimum of 140 km/h per hour. Eventually someone will pull out in front of you.

BOUQUET Members of EPS606 wish to thank our maintenance man Ron. He keeps our pools pristine, our amenities and grounds clean and well-groomed. It’s much appreciated. He is an all-around great guy.

BEEF To the 24-hour drive-thrus that are closed through most of the night. False advertising?

BOUQUET To the staff at Caledonian Clinic. You are doing a wonderful job during a very trying time.

BEEF To the taxi company. One car was doing at least 90 in a 50km/h zone. I know you pride yourself on fast service, but this is a little excessive.

BOUQUET To the family whose dog was hit by a semi truck at Northfield and the old Island Highway. I’m so sorry to have witnessed this and wishing you peace and comfort. Bouquet to the truck driver, as well, and everyone involved. So traumatizing for all.

BEEF Went to get a COVID shot on a Monday. They were closed. I guess they don’t think it is that important anymore.

BOUQUET To Auto Check for superior automobile service and excellent customer care. Thank you.

BEEF It is disheartening to see a naturopathic doctor in a neighbouring city go against his own regulatory body and demonstrate total disregard for COVID precautions since the pandemic began. Shame on you, especially when you have immunocompromised patients.

BOUQUET To the writer regarding fencing in our parks. I agree, but we are clearly putting fences around the wrong part of the equation. When a person is no longer capable of making choices that can keep them from harming themselves or those around them, we as a society should look after them by placing them in care facilities that can help them and provide them with free medication, support care and housing they clearly need until they are fit to re-enter society.

BEEF To the beefer who doesn’t think that people who put other’s lives in danger should be judged. Informed humans can decide, but only as far as it affects only them – once their family, friends and complete strangers are involved, that significantly ‘ups the ante.’

BOUQUET To Jeff at Precise Mechanical Repairs. He was quick to service my Honda, very affordable, and up front and honest. Thank you.

BEEF To the beefer who suggests that we just ‘don’t worry be happy’ in regards to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Yes, many people are dying in our world every day but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do all that we can to prevent those deaths that we can. We have vaccines and measures that can help prevent one from becoming infected or die and so we should use them.

BOUQUET To all teachers. They are true heroes through this time and spending their days in rooms packed full of kids despite the cleaning measures/daytime custodial time being cut this year. Thank you for all you do for our kids, you are not appreciated enough.

BEEF To the supermarket for stocking their dairy shelves predominantly with U.S. products. We should be supporting our Canadian dairy farmers.

BOUQUET To the cyclist who wrote in about loose gravel on the road. I think it’s every vehicle owner’s responsibility to clean their tires every morning before heading to work, and while we are at it, we should close one lane of the highway in each direction and put in bicycle lanes to help with the overwhelming amount of cyclist we have yet to see. May have to lower the speed limit a bit – to match the cyclist speed – seems only fair.

BEEF To the person who is ashamed to live in Nanaimo because they fenced off public spaces. Perhaps he or she would like to volunteer to clean up after homeless people have vacated these spaces. Try talking to small business owners downtown trying to make ends meet and pay their taxes – you know, taxes that are collected by government to pay for homeless services.

BOUQUET To the person who turned in my lost lotto tickets to the booth at Nanaimo North Town Centre. Thank you, unfortunately they were duds.

BEEF To the property group and the city of Nanaimo. It should the responsibility of the managers to provide tenants with information on parking downtown.

BOUQUET To Deni B. of Deni’s Dynamite Deals for his unprecedented kindness in sharing tirelessly and unconditionally to the community through his store. By donating profits to various charities and helping those in need, Deni sets a fine example to all. He is a humble community hero. Let’s all support his efforts.

BEEF To the flagger at the corner of Doumont and Metral. Perhaps you should learn how to do your job effectively instead of leaning on your stop sign and then flipping out when drivers are confused.

BOUQUET To Coast FM for playing survivors ‘stories on the air and honouring the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. I didn’t get to attend an event but was able to have my moment of listening while commuting. I raise my hands to Island nations for their strength. Thank you for teaching me.

BEEF To Elections Canada for not allowing me to have an option to vote. I was diagnosed with COVID the day before Sept. 20 and no provision existed for me to vote, yet my partner could vote without any identification.

BOUQUET Thank you to the lovely anonymous couple who paid our bill at the Black Bear Pub. What a sweet gesture.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo, having downtown residents fill out a permit to park downtown and then tell them that they have to move their vehicle every 24 hours or they’ll still get a ticket. What is the point? You go get a permit you’ll get a ticket, you don’t get a permit you get a ticket.

BOUQUET To all the amazing neighbours on and around Crescent View Drive who came to my desperate rescue, thank you for all that you did to help me and my dog that had been hit by a car. Thank you to the incredible staff at the emergency vet hospital who took such good care of my sweet Stella. I will forever be grateful for everything you all have done for your part in helping me bring my dog back home.

BEEF To the cabinet company. They not only were two months late with delivery, they also charged us 20 per cent more than their competitors. It’s a small Island, guys, and word gets around.

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