Beefs & Bouquets, Oct. 10

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BOUQUET To the lady in the Thrifty Foods flower shop. You made my day buying me those lovely roses. You know who you are.

BEEF To the woman who gave me a disgusted look when I walked by her in the grocery store wearing dirty yoga pants and crocs. I was doing yard work and didn’t feel like changing just for a quick trip to the store. It’s not the end of the world.

BOUQUET To the wonderful veterinarians and all the staff at Benson View Veterinary Hospital for the kindness and compassion show to me when I had to part with my beloved cat Amy. Your staff are angels in disguise.

BEEF To those businesses that submit bouquets to themselves pretending to be a customer.

BOUQUET A big hug to my guy Jonn. You are truly a special man.

BEEF To the cable company for not returning two phone calls, an e-mail and an online chat request, especially when the cost of cable is so high and you get stuck with a bunch of channels you don’t even want.

BOUQUET To my two special friends at home, Git and Dodge Dump Truck. When I get home from work, they meet me at the door and make me feel so loved.

BEEF To the person who thought it would be funny to imitate a dog growling when I was biking near them in the woods at night. You scared me half to death.

BOUQUET To the two ladies who carried my shopping bags to Hammond Bay School when the bus driver dropped me off at Harry Wipper Park when I had asked for Neck Point in order to pick up my grandson.

BEEF Thanks for leaving your cats when you moved from your Harewood house. They will find a good home – shame you didn’t do the same for your children and dogs.

BOUQUET To Mary and Kiyo for the goodies they always give me. I am truly blessed to have you two in my life.

BEEF To the gas station that refused point blank to allow my two-and-half year old great-granddaughter the use of the toilet because we had not purchased gas, even though we had purchased gas other times.

BOUQUET To a very kind man who paid for our supper. When I asked for the bill the waitress said he had paid it.

BEEF To the person complaining about kids running in the rain at school. Look out the window and dress your child appropriately for the weather. It was the Terry Fox Run – did he wait for the sun to shine?

BOUQUET To those who bring clean and usable goods to the thrift store, it is appreciated.

BEEF To the jewelry store owner who had the audacity to charge $100 plus 12 per cent tax to clean 10 pieces of gold that took 30 minutes. You charged provincial sales tax, which I believe is illegal for services only – I will be informing Revenue Canada.

BOUQUET To Suzanne and Ted at Home Hardware for their great service and pleasant assistance. As a customer it is much appreciated.

BEEF To the guy in the old Dodge minivan I was following down Cliff Street who overshot the street you wanted to turn down. You stopped and I stopped a car length behind you. You then backed into my truck, as I laid on the horn, doing damage to both our vehicles. When I went for my ICBC assesment, I found out you told them that I rear-ended you.

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo for their colourful street banners and their international flags.

BOUQUET To Two Chefs for their incredible homemade food and also their willingness to make substitutions for those of us with food sensitivities.

BOUQUET To my beautiful daughter Lindsay for making my first week as a stay-at-home dad as perfect as can be.

BOUQUET To everyone I’ve met in Nanaimo so far for being the friendliest city and making me feel so welcome and at home. I just moved here from Vancouver.

BOUQUET To Dr. Mitchell. You fixed me up after another doctor totally botched the previous surgery. I will always be grateful.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo Honda, Jason and the service department, who’ve taken great care of us over the years. Aaron and Shiffon made our trade-in/purchase of a new car easy and painless. We’re really having fun driving it around.

BOUQUET To Sean Durrell of E&S Heating of Nanaimo, who generously gifted me with a nice clean fireplace on my birthday.

BOUQUET To the little boy in Cedar that found a winter cap on Woobank Road and  went out of his way to return it to its owner. The boy who lost it was really happy. You showed him that there are honest kids out there.

BOUQUET To Greg Norman, assistant chief of operations for Nanaimo Fire Rescue, for being polite and personable during the bear incident on Prideaux Street.

BOUQUET To the person who turned in my wallet at Costco. Many thanks from a very grateful shopper.

BOUQUET To Baby Boomers. Those employed at city hall are eligible to retire with full pension thus enabling many VIU-educated people to find a job in the city.

BOUQUET To Markianna Jones at Tofino Air. She put her thinking cap on and got us to Gibsons on time. We made it to my niece’s wedding rehearsal and 50th school reunion. Beef to the fog bank that stressed us all out.

BOUQUET To awesome staff at Broco Auto Glass for fixing my sunroof. I had my sunroof taped closed for three years after being scared off by other companies about the big job. You not only fixed my sunroof in a day but took off all the sticky tape residue and made me feel like a million bucks.

BOUQUET To the lovely lady in front of me at the Dickenson Road Tim Hortons drive-thru. She wished me a good day and paid for my lunch.

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To submit a beef or a bouquet to the News Bulletin, please e-mail