Beefs & Bouquets, Nov. 9

Beefs & Bouquets, Nov. 9

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BOUQUET Thank you for the wonderful dinner at the Cavallotti Lodge prepared for us by Heaven Sent. It was a much-appreciated treat.

BEEF To the canned fruit company. I found pieces of pits in three straight cans of peaches that I opened. The ‘may contain pits’ warning should be more prominent on the label. Also, I am concerned that pieces of pits could be in children’s fruit cups.

BOUQUET To the new neighbour down the block on Woodridge Road that came to my rescue when I got stuck on my roof washing my windows when the window locked. Bless you for hearing me. It was starting to get cold after 20 minutes.

BEEF The new food and grass bins are terrible. They say to put newspaper in bottom to keep clean. Do you think that a soggy, greasy, stinky piece of newspaper will fall out of bin? What do you do with that newspaper at the bottom of your bin?

BOUQUET To the deer. Your way of making an ordinary backyard seem like a natural paradise almost makes up for your habit of eating my flowers, the excrement and scaring my dog.

BEEF To the hurting Albertan and his car insurance. I know people that go back at Christmas and renew their insurance. Whitecourt, Alta. is cheaper than Nanaimo.

BOUQUET To K-9 Unleashed for painting on their van a number to phone or text to find out where the pack is so as to avoid them. Many dog walkers take a dozen or more dogs into the woods with no concern for public safety.

BEEF To whoever is planning the furniture hub in the north end with a new access road with limited sidewalks. If roads can be built, so can complete sidewalks.

BOUQUET Good on you Sean. Such a nice young man, beard and all, at our gas booth at Terminal Park shopping centre. Always a smile and a joke.

BEEF The people who designed last year’s black and blue garbage pickup schedule must have designed the new food bin. It should have a flat bottom for ease of cleaning.

BOUQUET To Adam at Staples Brooks Landing for exceptional service. He helped a couple of seniors with a computer problem even though he was technically off shift.

BEEF To the person that thought it would be a good idea to light off a load of fireworks at Wellington high school on the field, at 1:30 a.m. on Monday morning waking everyone up in the neighborhood that had to get up and work.

BOUQUET To family – Mark, Lisa, Ross, Mila, Brad and Diane who have put up with mom and dad through two moves in one year.

BEEF What an inconvenience to have Sunday bus service for Nov. 11 instead of regular Saturday hours, you make it difficult for workers and shoppers. You need to improve that.

BOUQUET To the Mobility Store on Mostar Road for their excellent service. A special thank you to Peter for coming to our condo to road test my scooter.

BEEF To the resident on Crow’s Nest Place beside the walking trail. The trail is not your personal garbage bin to discard your filthy cigarette butts. Disgusting.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo Museum and piper Bill Poppy for arranging a special Bastion cannon firing for the passengers off the final cruise ship of the season.

BEEF To the golfer that complained about someone showing a pro-Trump message on a local golf course. The person might try checking the U.S. stock markets and the direction the unemployment rate is going down there.

BOUQUET To our new provincial government for supporting preservation of the historical Morden Mine site.

BEEF To nosy neighbours who think it’s OK to come into my yard unannounced and without phoning first thusly trespassing. Surveillance makes good evidence.

BOUQUET To the young staff members at B.C. Ferries who cheerfully push people who need the help up and down the ramps. It was a first for me, and service was great.

BEEF Aargh! The taggers and graffiti ‘artists’ have defaced the Boundary Road/Northfield underpass again and have extended their depredations to the Waddington/Hwy 19A underpass. This requires consistent inspection and overpainting.

BOUQUET To the drivers who slow down for horses on Ware Road. Speeding past horses is very dangerous. Horses are flight animals. Please keep it safe for everyone.

BEEF To the Trump-hating golfer who is flipping out about a ‘Make America Great Again’ ball cap. In a democratic society, citizens have the right to freedom of expression (i.e. wearing pink knitted cat hats with ears). I suspect your attitude favours a society that would restrict liberty and diversity of opinion.

BOUQUET To Denmar Electric for their proficient and friendly staff. They obviously place huge importance on customer satisfaction.

BEEF To the postal service that delivered a parcel to another address even though our address was clearly on the parcel.

BOUQUET To the small motel for making renos when needed. Well done, great royal appearance, too.

BEEF To people that hear one side of a story, then condemn the other side without even knowing both sides of the dispute. If it’s nothing to do with you, best to just butt out.

BOUQUET To Brandon, Bernie and Erika, employees of the Regional District of Nanaimo B.C. Transit and Lynne from Seniors Connect, for offering an informative, fun group training session recently to a group of seniors, Learn How to Ride the Bus.

BEEF To the owner of the blue vehicle on Manning Street. Fix your muffler please.

BOUQUET A heartfelt thank you to Gordon P. I appreciate beyond words the kind voice message. So happy to know that a little awareness goes a long way. If you still have my phone number please call me back and leave me yours. I would love to discuss the idea that you had.

BEEF To the company that sends their dog out the door early in mornings telling the dog to “get it” or something to that effect, so it comes out barking crazily. You are waking up more people than the neighbour you are trying to aggravate. Please stop and think about what you are doing.

BOUQUET To the paramedics who saved my life in Lantzville. And a big thanks to all the hospital staff as well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

BOUQUET to Country Club Starbucks. I thought I would have to cancel my order because of their debit machines being down. Imagine my surprise when informed that it would be free of charge. Not a lot of businesses would do that.

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