Beefs & Bouquets, Nov. 7

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BOUQUET To Dairy Queen at Country Club Centre for making my son’s fourth birthday cake so wonderful. The excavator you put on it was amazing and he loved it.

BEEF I am very disappointed with someone handing out Halloween treats with ‘God loves you,’ or people handing out their business cards. It’s supposed to be a fun day, not for you to push religion or advertise your business. Next year just turn out the lights.

BOUQUET To the Station No. 2 fire hall on Dorman Road for making my son’s fourth birthday so great. He had so much fun touring your fire hall. You guys were so patient with his questions, and showed him every aspect you could, and definitely made his day.

BEEF To those who get upset when people budge in front of them in line. This world is made up of budgers and budgees and like it or not, you’re one or the other. There’s no sense grumbling about it.

BOUQUET to Canadian Tire for their lavish landscaping at their new building.

BOUQUET To the friendly staff and management of Thrifty’s Longwood. You made the cookie sale warm and fun for the Oceanview Pathfinders last weekend. You really went above and beyond.

BOUQUET To Doug Steel for donating copies of his book Changing Times to the grad class of 1963 for door prizes at their 50th reunion.

BOUQUET To Budget Glass for their fast and efficient service. I would certainly recommend them.

BOUQUET To staff at the Nanaimo Travellers Lodge for the loving and compassionate care of Hazel.

BOUQUET To Megan for excellent service you provided to a group of 16 at ABC Restaurant in late September.

BOUQUET To karma. We thought you forgot about all of us since it’s been a few years. We all got the shaft and now it’s her turn to pay. Hip, hip hooray, it made our day.

BOUQUET To the lady who tracked me down and told me she saw that I had dropped my wallet in the Longwood Station parking lot.

BOUQUET For the past month, I have had to depend on Nanaimo’s food bank as well as numerous soup kitchen facilities. These organizations not only fed me well, they did it with smiles and made me feel welcome.

BOUQUET To my neighbour for making it into the book of Guinness World Records for Most Television Watched. First our Nanaimo youths set the ball hockey record, and now this.

BOUQUET To my husband Art who overnight assumed the role of head chef, night nurse and housekeeper. Love and appreciate your kindness and crazy sense of humour. It’s no wonder our marriage has lasted for 64 years.

BOUQUET To the paramedics that answered our call, the doctors and nurses in emergency that stitched up my head, Dr. Cameron for replacing my smashed hip, and sixth floor nurses.

BOUQUET To Rita at Port Place Thrifty Foods for tracking down a copy of a receipt I had lost but needed for work. Talk about finding a needle in a haystack. Thank you so much for going above and beyond.

BOUQUET To the entire staff team at the Port Place Thrifty Foods. I look forward to my weekly grocery shopping adventure thanks to the friendly, helpful team.

BOUQUET While we didn’t have many kids this year, those who were trick or treating were exceptionally polite and well-behaved.  More older kids than younger ones so give yourselves a pat on the back. People do notice the good behaviour, too.

BOUQUET To our daughter Marion for being such a never-ending kind person.  You truly do have a heart of gold and as I have said so many times, you are your nona reincarnated. Sunday was a very special day for Dad and I and we say thank you, and we love you very, very much.

BOUQUET To the gentleman driver who rolled down his window to warn me I had a soft rear tire, and to the service staff at Laird Wheaton for fixing it.

BOUQUET To the wonderful Nanaimo Concert Band for a truly incredible performance. The selection of music was brilliant and the young exchange student Yoshiaki Koizumi’s rendition of Gabriel’s Oboe was perfection. They never disappoint.

BOUQUET To Megan and Everett for bringing my dog Piper home when she was lost, Friday night due to fear of fireworks. It was pouring rain and yet you both cared for a little, frightened dog so kindly. You made a happy ending to my searching.

BOUQUET To Raceeta MacKenzie for being such a wonderful chiropractor for my dog, Piper. Driving to Bellevue Veterinary Hospital at Errington for your gentle, skilled treatments is the best decision I made for Piper’s ongoing, active lifestyle, and overall good health.

BOUQUET To Kal Tire on Norwell Drive for staying open late to make sure my flat tire got changed on Halloween. It was a busy day and your wonderful service is greatly appreciated.

BOUQUET To Three Point Motors’ service department. We have been in twice within a few months for work on our Mercedes and received excellent service from them each time. We were pleasantly surprised to have our last visit covered under an extended warranty we didn’t know we had.

BOUQUET To all those who honored our request on Halloween in the Davies Lane/Mallard/Duggan area not to knock on the door or ring the bell, as all that noise terrifies our dogs and we have to tranquilize them. We all had a very peaceful night.

BOUQUET To the two trick-or-treat kids who came to my house on Summit Drive late in the evening who, when I apologized that I hadn’t got any treats for them because I hadn’t expected to be there, nor did I even have food in the house for myself yet, then offered me an apple from their goodie bag.

BOUQUET To my friend Amanda. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. Halle is so lucky to be born into such a wonderful family and to get you as a mom.

BOUQUET To the LPN April at Dover House. I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing her whole-hearted compassion and love towards the residents in her care.

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