Beefs & Bouquets, Nov. 6

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BOUQUET To the kind person who found my old model cell phone in the parking lot at Woodgrove Centre and turned it in to customer service.

BEEF To the person who took the dog to another vet and they said the dog had cancer. Why in the world would you believe the second vet? You should have got a third opinion.

BOUQUET To the couple who held their umbrella, and walked me and my baby daughter into the store. I had forgotten mine by the front door, and it was so rainy.

BEEF You’d think when you take a computer in to get repaired, and get charged $100, it would come home working better than when I brought it in. I asked to bring it back in, but was told I would be charged another $100.

BOUQUET To the wonderful ladies of Altrusa. Over the school year, they drop off almost 100 dozen home-made muffins for the students of Georgia Avenue School. The students love them, and we so appreciate the work these women do for our school.

BEEF To the small electronics dealer. Your high-pressure sales tactics, lying about competitors’ prices and lack of knowledge of your products will ensure I will never return to your business.

BOUQUET To the husband wondering why his wife did not get responses from electricians in this city. My beef also, as this applies to almost all tradesmen when women place requests. No, they do not need these jobs – abhorrent “showing-up” fees (if and when they are not too busy) and added outrageous hourly fees, pays enough. This beef also applies to corporations and most civic offices, businesses and neighbours.

BEEF To the restaurant. Waiter needs training. Lack of same caused problem for diabetic person. Waited an hour and order never came.

BOUQUET To the person complaining about the elderly man holding up the grocery line with his conversation and jokes. Maybe spend some time wondering why; you too will grow old one day.

BEEF To the woman in the big box store who gave me a dirty look when my one-year-old son was playfully but loudly screaming. I was trying to stop him from screaming and instead of offering help or understanding you looked at me like I was committing a crime. Shopping with a one-year-old is challenging enough without your judgmental attitude.

BOUQUET To my amazing gramma who let me and my amazing mother move into her house and putting food on the table and giving us lots of love when we needed it most.

BEEF To movie makers. In the old days movies had no swearing and much chain-smoking. Nowadays the movies have no smoking but much chain-swearing.

BOUQUET Many thanks to the kind person who picked up my keys in the Beban Park fitness trail. Very thoughtful to put them at the entrance where they would be easy to find. You saved me a lot of grief, not to mention I could get back in my house after getting soaked on a rainy run. Zippered pockets for my keys from now on.

BEEF To the truckers who are driving on a non-designated truck route in Lantzville. The police will get you one day.

BOUQUET To Pete at Dairy Queen at Country Club Centre. My son’s Transformers birthday cake was absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for surpassing our expectations from last year’s excavator cake.

BEEF To the computer fellow who came on site to fix my computer and charged $180. When I called to say it wasn’t fixed, he said it was my hard drive and would cost $450. Another computer expert fixed it for $60.

BOUQUET To all those who wrote, acted, designed the set, managed, provided the sound, and anyone else who helped in any way for the play The Foreigner at the Bailey Theatre. This is one fabulous play and was a night of pure enjoyment that included laughter. The acting is superb and just the right actors for all the parts in the play. The stage set is unbelievable.

BEEF To the people wrongly using the disability parking stalls at Costco. The last two times I have taken my disabled mother to the store almost every space was taken by someone without a car sign. Shame on you for being so lazy.

BOUQUET To technical staff at Shaw Cable. I pushed the wrong button on my remote and really goofed up. I called Shaw and a nice young man talked me through the process without making me feel like a nitwit.

BEEF To the heat pump installation company that recently went out of business.

BOUQUET Finally someone has a way to get rid of the geese at Nanaimo cemetery as it’s goose heaven. This lady and her dogs are necessary to keep it clean.

BEEF To people who think the world revolves around them. Don’t you know that it’s rude to butt in when someone else is talking? If you would think before you open your mouth you just might not have anything to say. You certainly don’t know everything.

BOUQUET To my magnificent brother who never stopped to think about his own life and pulled an elderly man from a burning building. You are a hero. I did catch a glimpse of your red cape, too.

BEEF To dog owners. In the real world, your dog is a pet. It is not your God-given right to take it wherever you want, whenever you want. No store or office is obligated to let you bring your dog in.

BOUQUET To the News Bulletin for delivering the paper to us when they had no carrier to do the job.

BEEF To the charity group promoting a beer and burger event on Halloween night. While the rest of the population is working toward a fun and safe evening for our children, you are promoting adding more impaired drivers to our roads.

BOUQUET To staff at the Granary restaurant for giving us VIP treatment after we had wasted an hour at a restaurant downtown and never did get our food.

BEEF To the aggressive salespeople at a specialty store in a large Nanaimo mall. When I wasn’t responding to the strong pitch by buying, the manager tried to intimidate me by suggesting I would likely develop a skin disorder if I didn’t use their product.

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