Beef to the library users who don’t replace newspapers in whole in the proper place. To those of you who take sections of those papers, remember you are thieves.

Beef to the library users who don’t replace newspapers in whole in the proper place. To those of you who take sections of those papers, remember you are thieves.

Beefs & Bouquets, Nov. 30

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BOUQUET To all the taxi drivers that tell me it’s quicker, easier and less fuel to use Victoria Road between Needham and Seventh rather than View Street.

BEEF To all the people who have the need to park on the sidewalks. I go for a walk in the mornings and evenings, and find vehicles parked on the sidewalks where I should be walking to stay safe.

BOUQUET To librarian Rodney at the downtown public library. He is always so cheerful and helpful. Always a pleasure to have him check out my library materials.

BEEF To those who throw trash in ditches near my neighbourhood and leaves stuff by the charity bins in the rain and nobody comes to pick them before the rain.

BOUQUET To Hazelwood Construction for winning their bid fo the city. They were quick, had the right amount of manpower and kept our citizens and visitors well informed of our routes and times.

BEEF To the city for our Soviet-era road surfaces. Their ‘expert’ told us last winter the darn moisture was to blame. Gosh, really? No, it’s due to cheaping out. Perhaps the city could release money already budgeted, instead of withholding it in case it’s needed for yet another fluff idea that will make Nanaimo great.

BOUQUET To the city. The new recycle and garbage bins are OK. It would be nice to have flat bottoms.

BEEF To the cowardly individual who severely damaged my car in the parking lot of the restaurant at Yellow Point. You can still correct your misguided reaction before the footage of the security camera has been analyzed. Having this weigh on your conscience will bother you for a long time to come.

BOUQUET To Barbara from the HSBC on Aulds Road for the excellent way she cleaned up my accounts. They were a real mess. Thank you for a job well done.

BEEF To the doctor and staff at the vet clinic for putting profit over pets. You drove away a longtime customer to another vet clinic that charged one-third of your quote.

BOUQUET To volunteers and staff at blood donor clinics at the Beban Park social centre. You make donating a pleasant and rewarding experience.

BEEF To the weekend sailors at B.C. Ferries. How can a ship sail thousands of kilometres across the Atlantic and up the west coast of the U.S with no problems , but cancel sailings on the 30 kilometres across to the mainland when there is a little breeze?

BOUQUET To Pat and Hugh. You two are always so full of life.

BEEF To a beef. Don’t blame your co-worker for you needing to work a double shift while they cared for their kid. Your employer can’t make you work a double shift and if you don’t want to work it, that is an expected scenario an employer should have a solution for.

BOUQUET To the volunteers who make Crime Stoppers possible. You are making our city a better place.

BEEF To anyone from out-of-province who continues to drive on their ‘old’ licence plates long after they are required by law to buy B.C. plates and insurance. They may think they are being ‘smart’ and saving money but do they not know that, if they have an accident here and their insurance company investigates, they will have no insurance. Some savings then, eh!?

BOUQUET To the thoughtful guy who took the time at a red light to tell me that my rear tire looked low and to V.I. Honda for such quick service in replacing tires on my Honda Jazz scooter.

BEEF To the landscaper. You were paid a lot of money to clean up my yard and then you steal from me? You should be ashamed of yourself. It’s in karma’s hand now.

BOUQUET To all my paper route customers I had to let go. I miss delivering papers to all of you and all of you treated me so nice. From the teddy bear cart lady.

BEEF The ladies’ group put on their last supper for Christmas after 12 years in our building. This included setting the tables candy canes in the activity room of our complex. Locked the door. Left the room for an hour. The senior ladies came back and found all the candy canes on one table gone. The Christmas Grinch has stuck early. Santa knows who you are.

BOUQUET To all the girls who play hockey. It is a sport you can play your whole life.

BEEF To the library users who don’t replace newspapers in whole in the proper place. To those you take sections of those papers, remember you are thieves.

BOUQUET To the young lady at the memorial cross on the parkway between Northfield and Mostar. She seemed genuinely reflective and sad. I’m sorry for her loss.

BEEF To the rude lady who clapped so hard that my ears are still ringing. A way to spoil the show for people who sat near you.

BOUQUET To NextGen Hearing at Port Place mall for replacing my hearing aids for no charge after they were lost in transit to England. I really appreciate Chris and Mia’s prompt service.

BEEF Pertaining to a recent report in the newspaper of a cheque for $700,000 discovered in pencil drawer, plus cheques found in safe. Are your readers thinking the same thing I am?

BOUQUET To Michele Hillier and staff at Literacy Central Vancouver Island for hosting a thriller writing and indie publishing seminar with author Rachel Amphlett. It was a great, informal event with 18 interested writers who got lots of practical information.

BEEF To all do-gooders and bleeding hearts who got rid of the death penalty. Clifford Olson and Charles Manson are now dead. What did it prove keeping these maniacs alive at taxpayers’ expense? Absolutely nothing. A waste of money.

BOUQUET To Petreman Optometry at Country Club Centre who saw me without an appointment and saved me a visit to the emergency. Thank you so much for your time, reassurances and explanation of what was going on with my eye.

BOUQUET To June and Karla of Harbour Air. You two lovely ladies made my day with your kindness when I was so sick and needed help. June, thanks for being at the airport in good time and for the ginger ale, Karla, for making my flight possible.

BOUQUET To my sister Joyce. You give so much of yourself every day. I am so lucky to have you in my life.

BOUQUET To the wonderful person who found my handbag and turned it in to the grocery store. You saved me so much trouble and worry. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

BOUQUET To all members of the Nanaimo Concert Band for the best concert ever. Also to all who attended and supported this event.

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