Beefs & Bouquets Nov. 29

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An everlasting encore to Save-On-Foods at Country Club Centre for supporting Wellington Secondary School’s band at the annual Nanaimo Pumpkin Festival. Thank you for assisting the musical endeavours of our students.

A Bouquet of pumpkin pies to the Vancouver Island Exhibition, organizers of the Nanaimo Pumpkin Festival, for supporting the Wellington Band.

a bouquet for HMV at Woodgrove Centre for donating $37 to the Great Nanaimo Toy Drive when I returned a CD that was purchased in September and then lost and found it. They didn’t hesitate a second to do this for me. Kudos to them.

A thankful bouquet to Shane and Gary and the guys in the back at Craftsman Collision for doing a great job on my Pacifica’s rear end and bumper. Two years in a row they have the best customer service in Nanaimo.

a large bouquet to the Kiwanis Nanaimo Sunrisers for the wonderful Christmas party it throws each year for special needs children in the community. The children and their families thank you.

A delicious bouquet to Milano’s Ristorante. I had my birthday party there recently and we were treated like kings and queens. The service was great.

Many, many thanks to the kind person who turned my purse in at the Rutherford Road Tim Hortons.

Many thanks to Galaxy Motors for their help to a pensioner when the insurance company would not help. Your kindness will not be forgotten.

Ships ahoy to B.C. Ferries for giving seniors free passage on Remembrance Day. But the downside is that it was not advertised so the public did not know about the good deed unless they were a passenger.

A beautiful bouquet of thanks to Mark Bremner of Bremner Electric for his efficient and friendly service. From a more-than-satisfied client.

a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses to Rachel Stern, a reporter at the Nanaimo News Bulletin, for her opinion column titled, “Calls for assistance require thought.” A bouquet of red roses also to her beautiful mother.

a bouquet to all who marched or watched the Lantzville Remembrance Day parade. You held the torch high for all those serving or who have served. Well done.

A field of poppies to Royal Canadian Legion Branch 257, the ladies auxiliary, Quality Foods on Turner Road, legion members and others who prepared food, and entertainers at the legion’s Remembrance Day event. Each and every one honoured our veterans.

A garden full of flowers to the Yellow Bird Arts Gallery and Custom Picture Framing for a kind gesture for a stranger. I will pay it forward.

a bouquet of love and heartfelt gratitude to my family and friends for helping me through an extremely difficult year.

a bouquet to the wonderful woman who called us about our dog being run over. We cannot thank you enough. As heartbreaking as that news was, you have a good soul to care and act as you did. We wish you and your family the best. To everyone else, I hope you don’t have to go through the realization that the majority of the world doesn’t care about what is important to you when you need them to.

a bouquet of fresh-baked scones for the ladies who work at Cobs Bread in Terminal Park for being so friendly and cheerful.

A Beef. I am the one responsible for the fence in the parking lot. Did you know that you drive across my property to park your car? I might want to park more than two cars on my own property if it is OK with you.

a beef. I attended the Remembrance Day service, which I have attended in Alberta for about 50 years. I have never sung the U.S. anthem before. What was the purpose of this? I was disappointed and furthermore, did not know the words. The U.S. depends on us, not the other way around.

a grinch beef about the cancellation of the Santa Claus parade in Nanaimo.

A beef to each and every company that forced its Black Friday sale upon everyone. This time last year, I hadn’t even heard of Black Friday. Now, it’s all over the radio, newspaper and TV. Never have I seen so much corporate garbage arise in such a short period of time.

a beef. Oh the peace our genteel hearts desire when eating out. In most restaurants we have to tolerate speakers belting out the modern sicko sound. This volume causes chaos, encouraging all diners to shout to be heard. Good news: to have an armistice – special nights, of increased business, without such sound.

A huge bundle of melted wires to a Nanaimo store. I witnessed a staff member being ever so oily and charming to a young blonde, but he gave my underage teen and I the brush-off when we had a repair problem because I wasn’t the parent whose name was on the contract.

a beef to the dog groomer who elbowed my dog in the head while trimming its nails. My husband saw you. You were defensive about it when confronted.

A big rubber beef to a Nanaimo tire shop. I went there to have my snow tires put on, but once there was advised that I should buy new tires. The whole manner in which this was done made me, as a woman, feel like I was being taken advantage of and was being scared into thinking I needed new tires.

A huge, overdone beef to the organized, stalking and harassing crews who mess with me 24/7. Get a life and get out of mine. And to those who finance, head and run these operations, you belong in jails and straight jackets.

A beef of shame to the despicable individual who came into our neighbourhood and dumped a pile of garbage on the grass at the corner of the intersection. Put your trash out in front of your place on your garbage collection day and leave us to be proud of our neighbourhood.

a beef to the person who kicked a dog that was soiling his white pants. Had you kicked my little dog for just saying hello, you might have ended up at the bottom of the steps. Careful whose dog you’re kicking. My husband is not as nice as me.

A disrespectful beef to the lady who parked in a disabled parking stall only to run in and use the instant teller. You need to spend some time in a disabled person’s shoes or wheelchair. Shame on you.

A beef to the owners of a beautiful white retriever that gets loose and freaks out and runs down the middle of Labieux Road. An amazing bus driver just missed hitting him by slamming the breaks on. The dog was terrified. Please look after this dog as I would hate to see a tragic ending.

a beef to some young people who put their feet with their shoes on up on the seats on the bus. And a spicy beef to the young woman who put her feet up on the seat and had her breasts almost uncovered. These actions are not acceptable on the bus.