If you are in the left turn lane with the arrow green, go into the intersection. Do not stop at the crosswalk.

If you are in the left turn lane with the arrow green, go into the intersection. Do not stop at the crosswalk.

Beefs & Bouquets, Nov. 29

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, e-mail bulletinboard@nanaimobulletin.com

BOUQUET To co-workers who don’t react negatively when feedback is given so they can do their job better. Such a breath of fresh air to work alongside folks that are aware they don’t know everything and are willing to learn.

BEEF To the cashiers at the store north of Nanaimo who do not bother to charge for plastic one-use bags even though they are supposed to.

BOUQUET Compliments to Clydesdale Moving and Hauling Company. They handled a large move and difficult circumstances with professionalism, competence and good humour. Thank you.

BEEF To the city bylaw officers who don’t bother to reply to your complaints when you ask if the issue has been addressed.

BOUQUET Thanks to Milestone Contracting for constructing the sidewalk on Dufferin Crescent. The crew was professional, skilled, patient and friendly. Can’t say enough good about the young men and women that worked on the project.

BEEF Enough with the firecrackers already. To those people who think that Halloween, Canada Day, and New Years are there to make obnoxious ongoing racket for a week or more, go live in a war zone somewhere if that is what you want. My dogs suffer extreme anxiety every time selfish thrill seekers bang away throughout the night.

BOUQUET Thank you Fred and Randa for being great neighbours. Your generosity is very much appreciated day after day. You people are the best.

BEEF Last summer I was following a biker who was smoking. I wonder what he does with his cigarette butt. Also, newer vehicles do not have ashtrays. What do smokers do with their cigarette butts?

BOUQUET To Naniamo’s parks and recreation staff for this summer’s repairs to the Kin Hut and improvements to the Wardropper dog park. All much appreciated by residents of the Departure Bay neighbourhood.

BEEF If you are in the left turn lane with the arrow green, go into the intersection. Do not stop at the crosswalk.

BOUQUET Thanks to all the retail store ads in the News Bulletin that have common-sense size paper, making it a nice time to relax and enjoy writing out our grocery list with our coffee.

BEEF Don’t blame teachers. They work very hard. They must attend many workshops on mental health, crime, drugs, alcohol, violence, earthquakes, etc., for the sake of your children and they attend from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. on pro-D days. Kudos to teachers.

BOUQUET To election candidates who took down their signs quickly after the election. And a beef to the handful who did not.

BEEF To a certain car dealership that did not know how to repair a pensioner’s car, rather, continued to put in unnecessary parts to the tune of $1,000. Guess that’s how you stay in business – business profit before customer service and satisfaction.

BOUQUET To the new Nanaimo city council. Please work together to restore our city’s reputation.

BEEF To the people at the City of Nanaimo for not responding to the serious problem on Rutherford and Uplands where people turn left over an Island line to get into the store. An accident waiting to happen.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo River hatchery workers extraordinaire, from the Seaview Grade 1 children. Diana et al presented an enormously enriching field trip.

BEEF To those responsible for the road at Third and Wakesiah. Potholes eight inches deep for months.

BOUQUET To the magical cobbler at Nanaimo Shoe Repair. You make everything old look like new once again, at such a reasonable cost. Thank you Jorg and Kim.

BEEF To the store in Nanaimo adding debit charge as well as GST. What gives? Are you charging us because we won’t use self-serve?

BOUQUET Thank you to the News Bulletin for the beautiful bouquet of flowers I received from Turley’s Florist.

BEEF To the repair shop that is supposedly one of the best, that apparently can’t fix a car brought to them after they said they could repair it, no problem. After two weeks and $1,500 of parts later put on, they admitted they can’t get it to run.

BOUQUET To the big guy with a big heart who paid for my groceries at Brooks Landing. I was speechless. Another big hug.

BEEF To restaurant patrons who converse and laugh at maximum volume. It is possible to enjoy yourselves while modulating your voices in consideration of other diners.

BOUQUET To Grace at Brechin Lanes for making our birthday party very special.

BEEF To the thieves who smashed my side window in my Cadillac, stole my Christmas gifts and other items. Now I have to pay for your vandalism.

BOUQUET TO Scott and Tikka F. from Royal LePage. You went above and beyond to sell my house. Great advice and great marketing. You’ve got my business.

BEEF TO B.C. Ferries for their winter/spring schedule. A three-hour gap for Departure Bay and a three-and-a-half-hour gap for Horseshoe Bay in the evening Monday to Thursday. The schedule was better 50 years ago.

BOUQUET To a beautiful couple who paid for my dinner some weeks ago at Shanghai City Restaurant at Brooks Landing. Thank you so much.

BEEF To the hospital for not letting their housekeeping staff wear a poppy at work for Remembrance Day.

BOUQUET To J.K. Rowling for making Harry Potter movies and books. Because they make me feel happy and like I can do more.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for wasting time and money, paying someone to circle and incur mailing cost, notifying of an item I inadvertently placed in the green bin. Simply leaving the item in the bin would send the message.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, e-mail bulletinboard@nanaimobulletin.com.

Beefs and bouquets