Beef to the lady who nearly hit myself and my young baby when exiting a parking lot without looking and proceeded to yell at me that “a sidewalk is not a crosswalk.” I think you failed to remember that you should make sure your surroundings are clear before turning right.

Beefs & Bouquets, Nov. 28

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BOUQUET To Maggie’s Seafood Restaurant for excellent service, friendly staff and the best fish and chips. Love finding a family-run local business that consistently serves delicious food.

BEEF To the couple behind us at the Burton Cummings concert. We didn’t pay good money to listen to you sing off-key. If you want to sing badly go to a karaoke bar.

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo crew that came and fixed the blown-out water main on Old Victoria Road. I thought we’d be without water for days but it was back on by the next morning. Thank you.

BEEF To the seniors at the advance poll who demanded preferential treatment at the voting station, complained non-stop about having to wait along with everyone else, only to broadcast that they would never vote again. It is a privilege and honour to be able to vote. You should reflect on your good fortune and be thankful for living in a democratic country where you have power to make change.

BOUQUET Thank you to Mamalilikulla First Nation and Jake Smith for feeding starving bears in Knight Inlet. With all the extreme threats to wildlife now, there are times when we need to intervene if we are going to save the wildlife that depend on salmon. We all need to do more if we want to keep British Columbia’s magnificent wildlife.

BEEF To the people who insist on vaping within three metres of the entrance of the Nanaimo Aquatic Centre and the inability of the school or city to do anything about it. I have had to walk through the haze for over a year.

BOUQUET To the person ahead of me in the white Range Rover at Starbucks. Thank you for surprising me by paying for my order. I was speechless – what a lovely gesture. I will definitely pay it forward as I now know how special that felt.

BEEF To the driver on Sixth Street who passed cars on wrong side of the road when people were in the crosswalk. One day you are really going to hurt someone. There is reason those cars were stopped.

BOUQUET To the person who turned in my pinky ring at Costco, I had no idea when I reported it lost that it would have been found and turned in. It broke my heart when I discovered it missing. It was a gift from my four children. Thank you to a very special person. Would you leave your name and phone number with the office in Costco?

BEEF To the bearded guy in the blue car tailgating, honking and yelling obscenities at cars in front of you while driving down Metral. Take a look in the mirror, you were the person driving poorly, yet blaming others.

BOUQUET To the man who put down his coffee and rushed across Comox Road to help a lady in a wheelchair to cross the road.

BEEF To the driver who passed a line of cars on the corner of Georgia Avenue and Sixth Street when children are on their way home from elementary school. There was a reason people were stopped. There were people in the crosswalk.

BOUQUET To Bryan at V.I. Pest Control. Prompt, professional and thorough. Friendly and fair as well, what more could you ask for? Thanks, keep it up.

BEEF To the fast food restaurant that had ugly rats and bloody severed hands as Halloween decorations. There are other motifs you could use that don’t make me lose my appetite.

BOUQUET To the management of stores that allow us to bring our dog into your store. He is our family member and brings happiness to others. We will continue to support your store. Thank you!

BEEF To the neighbourhood cats that won’t let me pet them. All I want to do is give you love and affection. Please don’t run away from me.

BOUQUET To the management of a major store for allowing dogs in the store. This is a great for us who feel that our dogs are our children and allowing us to shop with them instead of leaving them in the car or at home. Thank you for being open-minded (and open-hearted).

BEEF To the lady who nearly hit myself and my young baby when exiting a parking lot without looking and proceeded to yell at me that “a sidewalk is not a crosswalk.” I think you failed to remember that you should make sure your surroundings are clear before turning right. The large dent on the front of your car is evidence that you obviously didn’t learn your lesson the last time you made that mistake.

BOUQUET To Miss Myra at StrongStart for always brightening up our day and being so nice to our daughter. You are so amazing and our daughter says you are the best.

BEEF To the popular Chinese restaurant for giving a seniors discount of only 45 cents off their $18.95 buffet price.

BOUQUET To Lowe’s and their employees. While shopping I accidentally dropped a $20 bill and did not know it. When I discovered my loss I contacted Lowe’s. Believe it or not, they telephoned to tell me that they had my money and I could come and get it. I do not know who found my money but this is certainly a case of true honesty and customer service.

BEEF To all those who speed down Metral to drop your kids off at school and then try hiding your cellphone in your lap, who are you kidding and why are you exempt form the law? Slow down and get off your phone.

BOUQUET To our great neighbours for mowing our lawn while we were away on a trip. It was a wonderful surprise when we got home. Thank you.

BEEF To the person who wrote a scathing review on a business’ web page and then used a pseudo name to hide behind. You must be too ashamed to attach your real name to your slanderous lies.

BOUQUET To the emergency staff, the cardiac floor staff of NRGH and to Dr. Ayach who looked after my husband recently when he came in for a cardiac event which did not turn out to be a heart attack. Everyone was so kind and supportive and the care my husband received was excellent.

BEEF To the immoral local car dealership that quoted $3,300 for new control arm bushings, toe link bushings, axle seal and a wheel alignment to “see if” those things eliminate a small tapping noise. A huge thank you to the shop that actually fixed the problem in 30 minutes for $75.

BOUQUET To Terminal Park BMO manager Holly and her team. I know that I will get prompt and precise service when I visit.

BEEF To the same cyclists constantly blowing through the three-way stop on Dunster Road, including swerving around cars and cutting them off as they slow down for the stop sign. You have to follow the rules of the road and I’m shocked you haven’t been hit by a car.

BOUQUET To Ron, manager of Chase River Mid Island Co-op. Thanks for being such a positive influence and leader for your employee team. As a regular customer, I know that I am consistently treated kindly and fairly.

BEEF To those who had a hand in allowing a system where a parking company can levy a $59 ticket for parking in the pickup parking lot at the ferry in Departure Bay.

BOUQUET To the woman who found a phone at Pipers Lagoon and took steps to return it. We have delivered it to the extremely grateful owner. Thank you.

BEEF To the people at Rock City and Opal intersection for their careless disregard for the traffic pattern change, going head-on to other vehicles risking accidents to save a whole minute and 40 seconds.

BOUQUET To my wonderful daughter-in-law Nicole who not only found an affordable apartment for me but packed me up, cleaned and moved me in over two days while juggling three young children. Family is precious.

BEEF To the dealership for extremely poor service. Making people wait 50 minutes for a scheduled meeting time while you leave and get coffee.

BOUQUET To Fairway Market. Most importantly, your flyer’s specials are perfectly organized. The time-saving four-page layout has limited days’ sales clearly advertised on the front page, as are dates of weekly specials.

BEEF To the crazy driver of the large black pickup truck who almost hit two pedestrians in the intersection of Wallace and Fitzwilliam. The pedestrians were crossing on a walk signal, and the driver didn’t even slow down, as he drove right between them. He was distracted by his conversation with his passenger.

BOUQUET To my family and friends who have shown such support and understanding for my chronic illness. You keep me strong.

BEEF One big reason for the doctor shortage is the influx of people who have moved to the Island in the last couple of years. Our health resources have been stretched to the limit; our hospital is full to overflowing.

BOUQUET To the Good Samaritans who came to help our 99-year-old mother when she fell from her scooter on Bowen Road. We truly appreciate the assistance that was given to her and the kindness shown.

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Beefs and bouquets

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