Beefs & Bouquets, Nov. 27

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BOUQUET To Rob at Van’s Garage on Townsite Road, who just happened to be at the shop on a Saturday when I needed to have my headlight replaced. Not only did he replace it for me, he refused to accept any payment for it.

BEEF To my neighbour, and also to ‘close door’ buttons in elevators. They don’t work.

BOUQUET To Joel, the nurse, and the two other men who helped my husband when he fell off the sidewalk outside the Caledonia Clinic on Wallace Street. It’s nice to see so many people jump to help others without even being asked.

BEEF To those who didn’t vote because they couldn’t be bothered.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Concert Band for the beautiful tribute it performed at its fall concert for the two Canadian soldiers and three Mounties who died tragically recently. It was very moving.

BEEF To the man who said we could adopt two puppies, sending us pictures and stories, refusing down payment and saying over and over they were ours. Then, after telling the kids, you change your mind to keep them.

BOUQUET To Tara at Western Insurance for staying late on a Saturday to finish putting insurance on the Mazda we had just purchased. I love above-and-beyond service with a smile.

BEEF To the department store that doesn’t stand behind its products. No wonder business is going down the tube.

BOUQUET To Al Tanner. He is constantly picking up and dropping off people all over the Island and is such a dedicated father.

BEEF To the big box stores. It’s the Christmas season, but for some reason you choose not to hire the mature and experienced worker. Now the customers will become disgruntled and just walk out.

BOUQUET To Paul the plumber, who on his own time fixed my daughter and son-in-law’s shower.

BEEF You need a sign to let you know not to bring your animal into a store or medical office? Leave your animals at home. I thought it was common sense.

BOUQUET To Pirate Chips. All I wanted for my birthday was a Nanaimo bar – my favourite food – and they gave me a free deep-fried bar with ice cream. It made my night.

BEEF To all the Nanaimo gas stations that continue charging a high price for gas. I hope there will be an investigation.

BOUQUET To Frank, of 4D Feet Shoe Repair. Best shoe repair service in Nanaimo – great service, repair work and prices.

BEEF To the newly elected Lantzville mayor quoted as saying, “Trying to manage those personalities and give respect for their expertise … sometimes can be a little bit challenging.” We elected those people to represent our voices and personalities on council – we do not expect them to be managed.

BOUQUET To Jason and staff in Nanaimo Honda’s service department for the excellent service, professionalism and honesty.

BEEF To the best drivers ever seen in Nanaimo. Half of the drivers are scared of the Lower Mainland and Victoria. Burnt-out headlights and emergency tires through stop signs here.

BOUQUET To Jo at Nanoose Petro Can for helping a stranded motorist – a stranger to her – with gas paid for with her own money.

BEEF To ignorant dog owners who don’t properly train and control their dogs and obviously don’t care about other people’s legal right to enjoy our public spaces. Don’t act so surprised when you get it right back when your dog is aggressive.

BOUQUET To John at Apple Auto Glass who recently fixed my windshield chip and didn’t charge me. This made my day.

BEEF To the purple Mercedes SUV speeding at more than 100 km on Metral Drive through a school zone and to the white sedan doing the same between 9-10 a.m. in the pouring rain. How dare you drive like this on any of our roads and put people’s lives in danger?

BOUQUET To the managers of the Harewood bingo for having two minutes of silence in the hall on Remembrance Day.

BEEF To the Christmas craft fairs charging very high admission fees. As much as I enjoy seeing the lovely crafts I will not pay an inflated admission fee for the pleasure.

BOUQUET To two university students, one being Marie from Chile, for helping me after falling. They got me a drink and bandages for my thumb and wrist and stayed with me until I met my ride.

BEEF To people who complain about the slight increase in the price of a cup of coffee. Nowadays only our pants, and the price of gasoline come down.

BOUQUET To whoever made the call about a capsized canoe. The quick response of the Harbour Patrol, ambulance people and those at emergency for the excellent job of saving a man’s life.

BEEF To the city for not sending out anything to let the people know where the voting stations were. That’s why we had a low voter count.

BOUQUET To the staff at Black and Blue Tattoo for their fifth annual Tats for Tots fundraiser. They raised $8,000 for B.C. Children’s Hospital. A generous donation of time and talent for a deserving charity.

BOUQUET To everyone who collected pull-tabs for the medical office assistants who in turn sent a donation of $121 to Zajac Ranch for Children to put toward camp for medically challenged children.

BOUQUET To Mar Patel at the Medicine Shoppe on Turner Road, who is the best pharmacist I know. Thank you for all the little extras you do for our family, such as free delivery service, consultations, vaccinations and wonderful attitudes.

BOUQUET To the mall vigilante Joe Francis who helped apprehend the thief as he tried to get away with stolen merchandise. It reassures me that there are still more good people out there than bad.

BOUQUET To Dr. Kingston for making my colonoscopy procedure as painless and unmemorable as he promised, to the nurses in ambulatory care for their kindness, and to my GP Dr. Janssen for his personal call to assure me everything was fine.

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