Beef to StatsCan. Recent stats on faith seem to have left out Satanism and Luciferianism – perhaps if those were brought up it would go some way to explain the decline in our society.

Beef to StatsCan. Recent stats on faith seem to have left out Satanism and Luciferianism – perhaps if those were brought up it would go some way to explain the decline in our society.

Beefs & Bouquets, Nov. 23

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BOUQUET John and Clay saved the day. Two knights in shining armour who rode to my rescue. Without them I really would not have known what to do. Helping, kind, knowledgeable neighbours, they both showed up at my barn doors to solve the problem with my water system, made more complicated as it involved a cistern. So now all is well. Ring my happy bell.

BEEF A man complained that many municipalities are now led by women and members of the LGBTQ community instead of white men. He claims this demonstrates an anti-male bias. The world has been run (not very satisfactorily) by men for millennia largely for their own power and enrichment. Now let us see a future in which women administrate for the benefit of all.

BOUQUET We had Paul from Coastal Energy service our furnace recently and were very pleased. He was very courteous, professional and knowledgeable and our furnace sounds like new. Thank you.

BEEF To all the beefers regarding the low turnout for the election. Have any of you thought that maybe the voters were satisfied with the policies of our local government, or is it just your convictions that matter?

BOUQUET To the very kind senior in Save-On-Foods who used her smartphone to pay for our groceries when we were having banking issues. We will pay it forward.

BEEF To all the people leaving their pumpkins on the side of a very busy Jingle Pot Road. There have already been a number of close calls with deer trying to access that food source. Do you really want to see them hit by vehicles?

BOUQUET To the wonderful staff at the Country Club Starbucks. You are all so lovely and friendly even when the drive-thru is busy.

BEEF To the beefer who complained that the government is supporting nurses who are being punched, kicked, spat on and abused by violent offenders. Whether or not they are unionized is irrelevant.

BOUQUET All the staff at the Explore to the Core Preschool would like to thank Becky M. and Betty-Anne H. for the beautiful blankets. They are gorgeous and the children love them.

BEEF To all the beefers complaining about Metral Drive. Try slowing down a little. Roundabouts and bike lanes are for traffic calming, they’re not installed to promote you trying to drive 90km/h everywhere.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Clippers, in particular to Robb H. What that guy has done over the last couple of years for the community is amazing. The atmosphere in the arena has changed. Fans are excited and there’s a real sense of community engagement. The level of hockey has been outstanding and I’m proud to wear the Clippers jersey in Nanaimo again. Go Clippers Go!

BEEF To inconsiderate condo occupants who sweep their top-floor balconies and throw their dirty, contaminated water over the balcony and flood the lower balconies. Beef to condo stratas that allow this unsanitary practice to continue and ignore all complaints.

BOUQUET To the amazingly upstanding woman at Walmart. Before I even knew I had dropped it, she’d returned my lost wallet to the service counter. I felt dread when I heard my name over the PA system because I had brought my mortgage money with me, just over a grand. I almost cried when the worker gave my wallet back with all my money, credit cards, ID, etc., still safe inside. Please know there are no words for how thankful I am and that I will 100 per cent pay it forward.

BEEF Just watched an ambulance and fire truck try to make it down Metral Drive. Glad it wasn’t me waiting for an ambulance when it was all jammed up and they couldn’t get by.

BOUQUET To Dr. Hunter and everyone at ARC Clinic. You’re helping this community every day. You have saved my life and many others with addiction. Thank you for everything.

BEEF To the beefers beefing about the bicycle lanes on the rebuilt Metral Drive. Many times, I have seen people say cyclists are a rarity and one person even said they were non-existent. I have been counting cyclists as they go past our store over the last three weeks. The average in my four-and-a-half-hour shift is 34 cyclists. Hardly non-existent.

BOUQUET To the cashier at the Dufferin Crescent Rexall. You’re always so helpful, incredibly kind, and such a pleasure to see. Keep shining.

BEEF To StatsCan. Recent stats on faith seem to have left out Satanism and Luciferianism – perhaps if those were brought up it would go some way to explain the decline in our society. It seems ever since we have thrown God out of every aspect of our life and society, things have been going downhill. Maybe we should bring Him and His word back into society and see if that might help.

BOUQUET I was in NRGH for surgery recently. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Dr. Alscher, nurses, care aides and all the other staff. They were so caring and kind.

BEEF To the people who speed on Linley Valley Drive. This a family neighbourhood with lots of children who live there.

BOUQUET The young people who came to my door at Carlo Place on Halloween were so polite. Hopefully that generation will turn this world around.

BEEF To parks and rec for not accommodating beginner pickleball players and drop-in times. One court should be dedicated to beginners who don’t want to play with competitive players to allow fun for all.

BOUQUET To the crew at Frontrunners for putting on the elementary school cross-country zone and district meets. So great to see so many kids out there giving it their all.

BEEF To all the music that has cusses. I am so done with all swear words. Kids live on this planet too. At least make sure the music they listen to is appropriate.

BOUQUET To Winners at Woodgrove. You have a clerk, Monica, who went above and beyond to find an item for me. I hope you realize how lucky you are to have her.

BOUQUET To Frank who picks up trash in the area around Cameron Island on a regular basis. You are noticed and appreciated.

BEEF Fireworks are still being set off in the north part of the city near Oliver Woods. Is no one looking into this or are we now experiencing explosive sounds from pre-New Year’s fireworks?

BOUQUET To all the stores that closed for Remembrance Day to give their staff time to spend with their families and share memories. Beef to the stores that stayed open and had special sales on that day.

BEEF I found it interesting to see the beefs about the low voter turnout. I did vote but really do not know why. I did not see anything to vote for. I was not happy with the performance of the last mayor and council but did not see anyone with better ideas.

BOUQUET To all hydro crews working the many hours of the latest storm during horrendous winds and freezing temperatures. Anyone who complains about the many hours without power needs to have their heads examined. My thanks to those hydro crews.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo. Please pave Park Avenue between Seventh Street and Fifth Street. Sincerely, a frequent walker and sometimes driver.

BOUQUET To Budget Blinds. They were so efficient, friendly and professional from the first contact to the last installation done by Matt. We highly recommend this business.

BEEF To the regional district and the city for enforcing bylaws about living in RVs on private property. Perhaps they could help more by turning their backyards into free campsites for people experiencing homelessness.

BOUQUET To the blood clinics that arrive in Nanaimo to collect blood donations for all of us in need, now and for future emergencies. Download the app and donate.

BEEF To grocery chains and gas stations raising prices and showing record profits while families struggle to put food on their tables and gas in their vehicles to get to work. It’s gouging. What happened to humanity, it’s all about the almighty dollar now.

BOUQUET Thank you to the young people working on their yard who gave me assistance when my bicycle was having a bad day. They very kindly drove me to Arrowsmith Bikes where their expertise put me back on the road.

BEEF To bylaw for removing the belongings of unhoused people, harassing them and leaving them with no belongings and no solutions on where to go. You are leaving people in the cold with nothing and only contributing to the problem? The city should be funding more social services and not bylaw officers.

BOUQUET To the ‘other Group of Seven’ artists. These seven ladies donated artwork for a silent auction that raised over $1,000 for Ukrainian refugees. Thanks to the generous bidders, too.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, e-mail

Beefs and bouquets

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