Beefs & Bouquets Nov. 22

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A jazzy thank you to the Cavallotti Lodge and its executive for your continued support of the Wellington Secondary School band’s spaghetti fundraising dinner. We wouldn’t be able to do all the things we do without your generosity. Molte grazie.

A jazzy pasta bouquet to Pepsi and Long and McQuade Music for supporting the Wellington Band’s spaghetti dinner fundraiser.

A bouquet of Pink Dental Floss to the volunteer staff at Nanaimo Community Dental Clinic. I was in pain for months with no relief until you took such good care of me. Thank you for your dedicated and skilled service.

A heartfelt bouquet to the Country Grocer in south Nanaimo for donating the food and beverages to allow our U11 girls’ soccer team (Portugal) to have a fundraiser in front of their store. There were so many generous customers and it was a great success. The girls really appreciated it.

An awesome bouquet to the young ladies working at Urban Planet recently. When my 12-year-old daughter lost her hard-earned $20, they searched the entire store until they found it and returned it to her, even though it was closing time. I admire these girls who showed that there are amazing people in their generation who do the right thing to help someone.

Lovely east coast weather to Claire Green. The store is just not the same since you retired. You are missed by many.

A big boUquet of roses to Cobs Bread. They generously  supplied all the fresh bread to Crescent Chapter No. 10 Order of the Eastern Star for our recent fundraiser. In addition to supporting service organizations, they also contribute all their day-old baked goods to the local food bank. This business is a wonderful supporter of our community.

A grateful bouquet to the fast-responding staff at London Drugs at Port Place shopping centre, as well as the nurse who happened to be nearby. Thank you for coming to my aid when I collapsed and had a seizure. You helped immensely and made my daughter, who was with me, as comforted as she could be. Also thanks to the paramedics who attended and took us to the hospital, you were fantastic.

A bouquet of roses to Harbour City Chiropractic. You not only helped me when I was in pain, but also stood behind the products you sell. You are a rare gem. Kudos.

a bouquet from the staff at Franklyn Street Dental Clinic to our longtime Medi Express delivery man, who has chosen to retire. Although we wish him well, we will miss him terribly. Heinz was always prompt and diligent in his delivery to us every day. We will especially miss the humorous “hard time” he always gave us, which kept us all on our toes. Our days are not going to be the same without him. Good luck to you, Heinz, and all the best.

A giant, relieved bouquet to Jamie at United Furniture Warehouse for the use of the bathroom.

A big, happy, Merry Christmas to Victoria on their wonderful Santa Claus parade and a beef to Nanaimo for not having a Santa parade this year.

A beef to all businesses that use the Beefs and Bouquets section for free advertising. If you want to promote your businesses, you should buy advertising like your competitors do.

An incredibly HUGE beef to the person who hit someone’s beautiful dog on the Parkway, between Mostar and Northfield roads, and didn’t stop. Instead, I pulled over to get him off the road in the middle of rush hour with my kids in the car, called the owners to tell them the most horrible news I have ever had to give someone and then waited for them to come get him. And to all those who just drove past and ignored that dog – a huge beef goes out to you, too.

A stinking side of venison to the driver who hit the deer on Hammond Bay Road.

A cruel beef to a truck driver. Shame on you for jerking a Husky’s neck so violently that he yelped. Maybe someone should swing you around by the neck so you can get a taste of your own medicine.

A Beef to the person who kicked a dog, then complained about getting scolded. You are lucky it was not my dog you kicked, I would have kicked you right back and really got your precious white pants soiled. Obviously it shows what kind of person you are.

A beef to the tailgaters in Nanaimo. What makes you think that when you are travelling in the city, there is a fast and slow lane? People have to turn left off the highway at any given point. I am sure that you tailgaters would not let a person move over to make that left turn. Here is a plan – set your alarm clock so that you do not sleep in.

A beef filled with e. coli to the beefer who called a dog a flea-bitten mutt last week because it ruined your pants on the Blueback stairs. You’re lucky that wasn’t my dog. A dog has as much importance as a human being. Yes, it sucks to have a ruined pair of pants, but there’s worse things in the world.

a stinky beef to businesses that choose, when people call for information, to make customers wait a long time or even not answer their phones. That is really bad service. In one particular instance, I decided never to go to a local restaurant after someone finally picked up only to say they were too busy at the moment to help me.

A beef to the man who says animals have no souls. I am the one who wrote in on behalf of the animals. I thought it was cute and I was trying to lighten the situation. You are unbelievable and I really do not even have a response to your outrageous claim. Please submit another one to this page and include your phone number so I can call and tell you all about the amazing teachers with souls that are on my couch right now.

A foul beef to the Cinnabar Valley resident who complained about my children’s basketball hoop to the city’s bylaws department. At a time when many teens choose to do drugs, flunk out of school and break the law, my kids are respectable, honour roll students and I’m sure their involvement in sports plays a role in this. If you had a concern, why not knock on my door and discuss it with me?

A Big, White Beef to the person who kicked the small dog on the Blueback stairs. Firstly, we now have a law that prevents cruelty to animals, and secondly, I wish that I had been there to see it because you would have had a lot more than getting your white pants soiled to worry about. I’m sure the puppy was just greeting you and if you are so worried about your pants, why don’t you wear black ones?

A beef to the female hockey parents who got drunk and smoked pot while their kids ran up and down the hallways of the hotel. You set a terrible example for your kids.

a beef to cyclists who ride at night without lights, reflectors or helmets. One man is dead because of that practice.

a beef to drivers who do not check their cars for working headlights/brake lights before driving off. There are lots of cars on the road with only one headlight at night or burnt-out brake lights. All drivers should have to do a pre-trip inspection. And if they drive with lights out, how is the rest of the vehicle?