Beefs & Bouquets, Nov. 21

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BOUQUET To all of the great costumes that came to our home Halloween night. Must have been at least 25-30 of you trick-or-treaters. Wonderful to see families participating together. From the witch on Starlight Trail.

BEEF To the owners and manager of the apartment building. Shame on you for not looking after your building and grounds. Shabby, dirty, ripped awnings, junk on balconies, overgrown gardens. Clean up your building like the rest of the neighbourhood.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo for making this past Tag Day a great success. Thank you to all the volunteers and cadets as well.

BEEF To the numerous red-light runners on Bowen lately. Three last night on the drive home and another this morning on the drive to work. It’s getting ridiculous. Where are the police?

BOUQUET To Fred at Canadian Tire. He went out of his way to repair my vacuum cleaner,  which I had bought in the store and lost my receipt. Employees like you make a difference and I shall continue shopping at the new Canadian Tire store.

BEEF To the young mother of two young children who continued to shop at 11 a.m. on Remembrance Day at Costco. Did you not wonder why everyone else stood in silence? Did you not wonder about the reason the Remembrance Day music was being played over the store sound system? I’d be curious to know what you told your children as they were very aware of what was happening.

BOUQUET To the man jogging as Superman and to the boy dressed as Michael Myers standing and moving in the shadows of our neighbourhood. You portrayed your Halloween characters well and were very convincing.

BEEF Once again Nanaimo transit confused riders on Nov. 11. No signs about detours.

BOUQUET Thank you for bringing the Halloween spirit on to all the households in the university area. Your contribution, kindness, and celebration made three little children have the best Halloween yet.

BEEF A cup of tea costs about 10 cents to make (a four-cent teabag and hot water).  Why do restaurants charge between $1.75 and $2 a cup? I have even paid more than a cup of coffee. This is just wrong from a loyal tea drinker standpoint.

BOUQUET To Naomi Beth Wakan on being selected Nanaimo’s first poet laureate.

BEEF To policies that make it so humiliating to have to go sign up in person for a food hamper or Christmas hamper for our family and our four children. Why we can’t help arrange something with our identification/care cards either by e-mail, or in a private meeting, I do not know.

BOUQUET To Derek and Lydia at Woodgrove Pines clinic. After months of struggling with a hamstring injury, I am back running – pain free. I can’t recommend you enough.

BEEF To the home-based north end computer repair man who sends a customer home with their computer, inviting them to call back if they have any issues getting it set up and then subsequently e-mails a further invoice for time. One would think that they would want their customer to be satisfied with the job the customer had already fully paid for.

BOUQUET To the mother and daughter team who cared enough to stop and ask if I needed help when my car wouldn’t start. Thank you very much for the jump and for the kindness. It’s nice to see strangers helping strangers in need. I will definitely pay it forward.

BOUQUET To the kind man driving the DCT Chambers truck who pushed my car out of traffic when it died at the Trans Canada Highway and Cedar Road intersection. I was already having a bad day and your kindness helped make a bad day a little bit better.

BOUQUET Good news that the city has voted to stop the use of animal traps in our city. That was sad and cruel.

BOUQUET To Gordon Halkett and ReaList Realty for donating a second van – this time to another well-deserved charity.

BOUQUET To the owners of Off the Vine on Dover road. Your friendly attitude and great service makes the wine making process so great. Thanks for going above and beyond.

BOUQUET Thank you, thank you, thank you for the peanut butter. It takes all kinds of people to make a world. Unfortunately there aren’t enough of your kind.

BOUQUET To Lisa from the pharmacy in Wal-Mart for the help in giving me a raincheck and the exceptional service.

BOUQUET To City of Nanaimo, Arbutus Meadows and Cross on the Rock for a great weekend of bike racing in Nanaimo. Both race courses were well thought-out, challenging and fun.

BOUQUET To the men that were in The Pacific Coast Militia Rangers keeping watch of our coastline and keeping us safe during the Second World War.

BOUQUET Grateful thanks to Wayne at Home Hardware who found my purse in a shopping cart and returned it to the store until I collected it. You made my day.

BOUQUET To Eileen Little whose Nov. 7 letter to the editor about her experience growing up and then serving during the Second World War moved me. Thank you for your service, Eileen.

BOUQUET To the circulation department of the Nanaimo News Bulletin. After two weeks of non-delivery of their newspaper it took only one callback to re-establish delivery. Bravo!

BOUQUET To Michelle at the Nanaimo transit office. Michelle always provides fast, accurate, detailed bus directions from any originating point to the specified destination. Michelle even offers options that might make the journey quicker or with a more interesting wait time.

BOUQUET To Clinton who owns Film Buff Video. His generosity and thoughtfulness toward our community has been outstanding over the years. Who would think that a video store could also be a place to unload the day and leave with a smile on your face?

BOUQUET I want to thank all my friends and neighbours who showed their concern and love over the loss of my beloved friend, companion and watch dog, Belle. We will all miss her.

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