Beef to the lady who walked into a coffee shop and was racist, disrespecting me for my colour and English skills when there were other customers around me, all for a chipotle dip. You don’t know a thing about my life and hardship or any of us working there.

Beefs & Bouquets, Nov. 21

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BOUQUET To the airport pre-board screeners at YCD. Day after day you do a great job. Your professionalism and diligence is to be admired. Thank you for being part of protecting our skies. I feel safer traveling because of all of you.

BEEF To the architect of the north-end strip mall. The drive-thru traffic blocks the entrance to the mall entirely leaving you no option but to turn around at the gas station and leave.

BOUQUET To my most wonderful neighbours and friends; you continue to bring tears to my eyes with your generosity and special gifts like watching my fur baby. Bless your hearts.

BEEF To all the drivers who feel it is necessary to park one or two car lengths behind the car in front of them at busy intersections. You’re blocking traffic, slowing it down, causing others to miss lights and adding more congestion than there needs to be. Try being considerate of the others who have to share the road with you.

BOUQUET To Around the World Travel, locally owned. A five-star event at the convention centre had warm hospitality, outstanding food, prizes and great energy. All participants deserve kudos. Congrats for 60 years in business.

BEEF To taxis for not having security cameras in their cars. It is nowadays really dangerous out there with no protection, especially in the dark. Don’t you care about your drivers? Are you waiting for a tragedy to strike?

BOUQUET To Feydra who treated two young people at Harewood. She showed no judgment that they were smoking. Are you hungry today, she asked; they said yes; she said, let’s go and get some food.

BEEF To the grocery store that would only sell you a turkey if you bought $50 in groceries. What’s up with that?

BOUQUET To the lovely person who found my car keys at Neck Point Park. It was so wonderful to find the note and keys on my car after the shock of losing them. Thank you.

BEEF To the fire chief for giving so much credit to the possibility of the new shiny fire hall being on time and on budget. It must be glorious to live in such a world of fantasies.

BOUQUET To Barry at Cedar Tireland and Clint at Ernie’s Blackpoint Repair for coming to my rescue while stranded on the parkway with a flat tire.

BEEF to all the suave drivers who make it impossible for drivers stressed out by your speeding, erratic lane changes and middle finger. A beef to ICBC for judging people with disabilities when it is the ‘suave’ people that need to be reined in.

BOUQUET To Chad M. from Freshstart Landscaping. For many years now, he provided us with excellent lawn care at very reasonable prices and always happy to give advice.

BEEF To the people who knocked down election signs. I have never seen it so bad and it’s not democratic. I saw a person put up a sign that had been knocked down. He was putting up signs for another party, but that he was restoring this one because he felt that it was wrong to knock down election signs.

BOUQUET Thank God for Dr. Pariser and his great team at the pain clinic at NRGH. The spinal cortisone epidural has given me a new lease on life and my first good sleep in two years.

BEEF To the lady who walked into a coffee shop and was racist, disrespecting me and my teammates – who are humans by the way no matter what the caste, creed or religion – on my colour and English skills when there were other customers around me, all for a chipotle dip. You don’t know a thing about my life and hardship or any of us working there.

BOUQUET Thank you to Leroy and staff at Nanaimo Toyota body shop for superior customer service and excellent workmanship. So grateful that my car looks new again.

BEEF To both the drivers and the city planners for making a hash of the Opal Road/Rock City Road intersection. Even now with poles up, drivers are still going the wrong way on the one-way turn and I even saw one pickup truck drive across the raised curb at the bike lane.

BOUQUET To Budget Glass for good customer service and for their amusing signboard.

BEEF To whoever thought it was a great idea to change the traffic pattern at Rock City and Opal roads by installing a concrete divider, making Opal a one-way street. This was a colossal waste of time, resources and manpower hours. People are still turning left at this intersection and entering the one way to get to Uplands.

BOUQUET To the lovely lady at Costco. While pushing our over-filled carts, she commented on how much we had. Told her the items for the semi-annual dinner that Telus retirees serve at the Salvation Army and she kindly gave us $50 toward our bill.

BEEF Maybe instead of screaming at your little dog, save your breath and drop it off at an animal shelter. Trust me I don’t think your dog would mind and out there is a senior who would love a little lap dog.

BOUQUET To vivacious Jill S. for her 23 years of volunteering at Nanaimo Community Archives.

BEEF To the appliance repair place that permits their staff to swear so openly and loudly in front of customers. Very unprofessional and makes me not want to come in to shop there.

BOUQUET To nature. Look around and see the beauty of nature. We should give thanks.

BEEF to the moving company for losing thousands of dollars worth of my possessions from their storage facility, with no explanation, and no compensation paid to me.

BOUQUET To City of Nanaimo bylaw workers for the thankless, good work they do.

BEEF To the father for bringing his toddler’s tricycle into the fast food restaurant and allowing the kid to ride around, absolutely annoying all the other patrons. What are you thinking?

BOUQUET To the woman who gave me a hug after seeing the pharmacist give me one for the recent passing of my father. It was very much appreciated and both hugs brightened my day.

BEEF To the person for calling the woman who was abused attention-seeking and not grateful. This coming from the big guy who likes plastering his initials all over the certain community.

BOUQUET To all who supported the NanGo Grannies annual fabric sale – donors, customers and volunteers. Because of you, a sizeable donation went to the Stephen Lewis Foundation for African orphans and the grandmothers who support them. Thank you.

BEEF To the company that spilled drywall mud all along Brickyard Road and Icarus Drive and failed to take ownership and clean up the spill.

BOUQUET To the city for new LED cost-saving lights at Beban Pool.

BEEF So your cat got shot for using your neighbour’s yard as its toilet, and the cat owner blames the shooter? You irresponsibly set your cat up for failure. You as much as pulled the trigger yourself.

BOUQUET To HandyDart. Hope you keep the woman hired to answer the phones; her sweetness is a real pleasure.

BEEF To the neighbour on Trumpeter Terrace who reports dog owners who walk dogs off-leash, get a life.

BOUQUET To Hazelwood Construction guys doing work on Bruce Avenue to Fourth Street, they are doing a fantastic job, very pleasant workers, always have a smile, rain or shine.

BEEF To all the speeders on Nanaimo Lakes Road. This is a residential area, not the Daytona 500 Speedway. This goes for motorcycles, cars, trucks, gravel trucks and other commercial vehicles and ATVs and trail bikes that do not have motor vehicle insurance. Hope the police read this.

BOUQUET To the woman behind me at the grocery store who paid for my groceries when I realized that I had left my debit card at home. Thank you, your generosity will be paid forward.

BEEF To the beefer who complained about neighbours smoking pot on their back porch. They are being an excellent tenant by not smoking in the house and an excellent neighbour to the kids/people walking by in the front. A backyard is a very acceptable place to smoke. Suck it up and close your windows for 15 minutes.

BOUQUET To Dr. Win at the Pure Body Clinic. Thank you so much for treating me with such wonderful care and for taking your time to fully explain what is going on with my body. I am glad to have found you as my chiropractor.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, e-mail

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Beefs and bouquets

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