Beefs & Bouquets, Nov. 17

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BEEF To all the employers who never state they received your application and that you must fill out everything online.

BOUQUET To Mic Sampson and Doug Keilly at Classic Care for their willingness and generosity in helping out the NanGo Grannies.

BEEF To all the entitled millennial vegetarians who custom order their meals in restaurants. It’s anti-Canadian to reject Alberta farmers, who rely on your support, by outsourcing your meat alternatives.

BOUQUET To Bavarian Motors, which turned a so-called $2,000 job into a loose bolt on my control arm. I am finally happy to find a repair shop that fixes my BMW that is trustworthy.

BEEF To the councillor for the total lack of respect to the office to which he was elected. Bouquet to the mayor. Whether proven right or wrong, he has acted with grace and dignity. For that he deserves a big ice cream

BOUQUET To Norm, Lisa, Mihai, James, Shannon, Alex and Hillary for their amazing job fundraising for Cops for Cancer – Tour de Rock in Nanaimo. Gwen, Linda, Kim and Greg for all your help at the dinner.

BEEF To a good thing. I’m glad that children can go to the malls and downtown at Halloween where it’s safe, but I miss having them come around for trick or treats.

BOUQUET Thank you to Trina Wilcox, teacher at North Cedar Elementary School, for supplying beautiful dried pine cones. With these cones, her students used their imaginations and made sensational Thanksgiving table centres and individual turkey name-card holders. You are the best.

BEEF Why are there so many clocks in malls and stores that are not working. If the clocks are not working, how is the service there?

BOUQUET To the individuals and businesses which supported the 2016 VIU Mariners Golf Tournament. Our kids couldn’t do it and be Mariners without your support.

BEEF To people who let off fireworks weeks before Halloween and weeks afterwards.  You are scaring all the animals and frightening them into running away from home.

BOUQUET To the great customer service at Lantzville’s Blissful Day Spa. A real asset to our community.

BEEF To the petty thieves in the neighbourhood who go around at night and steal outside garden items. Many of these are gifts that we like to decorate our yards with. It is no use replacing them because you will be back to steal them again.

BOUQUET To the people on Dover Road who helped my mom after she fell off her bike and broke her shoulder and knee. Your kindness and compassion will be passed forward.

BOUQUET To the amazing customer at Superstore Gas Bar named Ewan who went out of his way to help us when we accidentally put gas into our diesel car. He helped push it, called his mechanic dad for advice and even offered us a ride.

BOUQUET To the city for cleaning up a homeless camp in a doorway downtown. To the previous writer who thinks otherwise, they should take the down-and-out person to their place, take them in and help them.

BOUQUET To the special people who helped my neighbour who passed out in the parking lot at Wal-Mart. A lovely young woman who caught her when she fell, the man who called 911, and two women who lent us a blanket.

BOUQUET To Linda at Serge and Sew for including the NanGo Grannies fabric sale in your newsletter and contributing to the success of our sale.

BOUQUET To Jerry Hong and the efficient staff of the Queen’s for hosting a successful 25th anniversary fundraiser for Nanaimo Community Kitchens.

BOUQUET To Nesvog’s Meats and Paradise Isle for their support of a special holiday lunch served to clients at the 7-10 Club.  Your community support is commendable and so appreciated.

BOUQUET Thanks to excellent detective work by the Nanaimo RCMP, I have my stolen bike back. Remember to report stolen items and to hug your local constables.

BOUQUET To Dallas, Allan and Valerie at Toyota for such great service. I was treated as if I was buying a Rolls Royce, not a pre-owned vehicle. When there was a minor issue with the vehicle, it was dealt with immediately.

BOUQUET To the Beban Pool staff for the wonderful Halloween pool party they held.  A scary good time for everyone.

BOUQUET To Clayton from The Waiting Game publication who took time away from his business to generously replace my flat tire with spare one. He refused any money despite my insistence.

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo waterworks and Brad for his quick, efficient response for a water shut off on Bayshore Drive. He definitely is an asset to the city and a great personality.

BOUQUET To Shannon, gym manager, and the girls from the Nanaimo Gymnastics School for volunteering at the Nanaimo Child Development Centre Telethon. Your help was greatly appreciated.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo Regional General Hospital staff for the efficient, thorough investigation of why and how I fell hitting my head on the pavement outside Boston Pizza, resulting in a cut above my eye. We are so lucky to have such an efficient facility nearby.

BOUQUET To Dr. Saunders at the Lantzville dental for my recent visit. It was painless and yet enjoyable experience. Plus kudos to the female assistants.

BOUQUET To Coun. Gord Fuller for telling it just like it is.

BOUQUET To Kelly at the Best Sellers book store for your warm smile and positive customer service.

BOUQUET To the Good Samaritan who returned my wallet to the CIBC bank at Port Place shopping centre. It’s nice to know there are good people out there.

BOUQUET To DNBIA and downtown businesses that organized the annual Halloween Howl. Great atmosphere in our downtown area.

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