Beef. Carrot nut muffins haven’t been available at a food chain here for six months, yet I found them in Williams Lake.

Beef. Carrot nut muffins haven’t been available at a food chain here for six months, yet I found them in Williams Lake.

Beefs & Bouquets, Nov. 16

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BOUQUET To Round the World Imports, Country Club Centre. After almost a year you gave me a full refund for a defective product even though I only came in to let you know about it, with no receipt or expectation. Awesome customer service and products.

BEEF To stores that have outside clocks, they should make sure they work or take them down. I’m one of those old guys that have nothing else to beef about.

BOUQUET To all cat lovers who appreciate the comfort, companionship, joy and stress relief that cats bring to our lives. Cats are purr-fect company.

BEEF To the Jeep that crossed over a solid yellow line to pass me on Labieux Road, of all places, while I was driving the speed limit. If only it were possible to stand up in a moving vehicle, I would have given you a standing ovation.

BOUQUET To Josh for his dedication to St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church.

BEEF To the behaviour of smoking at gas stations. Two local gas stations have lost my business this year due to it. I think huge fines need to be in place where everyone else’s safety is concerned.

BOUQUET Thanks to Lezlie Howe with TD Bank for helping me navigate the system to achieve my goals. Lezlie’s support was exceptional and kind, as she went the extra mile for me.

BEEF To the health-food store cashier who slapped down my receipt for nearly $100 and said, “Have a nice day.” I was dismissed. No thank you or smile or acknowledgement that she appreciated my business. No wonder more people are using online businesses.

BOUQUET To ProPacific Restorations DKI. A big thank you to your amazing team. I found them professional and their workmanship to be top-notch. I would recommend them to anyone who needs work done on there house after a flood.

BEEF To the bingo hall that provides free coffee for the first session of bingo, but there are never enough creamers.

BOUQUET To everyone who donated coats, jackets and other clothing to the recent Unitarian Shelter Coat Drive. Your generosity will help keep the homeless of Nanaimo warm and dry over the coming fall and winter.

BEEF to the lowly thieves targeting cars of families on Marlborough Drive. Breaking into my husband’s car and neighbour’s truck for tools and cash just wasn’t enough? I assured my children that we were safe and it wouldn’t happen again. Only for you to return the next night and throw a huge rock through my car window and steal my wallet that was left there accidently because of a mother’s rush to get her kids inside who were scared that the thieves from the night before might be waiting to hurt us.

BOUQUET Thanks and hugs to the sweet man at Bruce Street Co-op, who jump started my car for me. Your humble kindness was so appreciated. I got a new battery the next day, but won’t forget your helping hand.

BEEF Somebody call 911, Nanaimo seems to be on life support at NRGH. Might as well include city hall and the Nanaimo Port Authority in this report.

BOUQUET To Angela at Shoppers Drug Mart Country Club. I trust your advice because you know your trade: your makeup is never caked on. It looks fresh and enhances your natural beauty. I hope other professionals follow your lead.

BEEF Regarding the Trump advertisements, it amazes me the ignorance of Canadians who believe the liberal-biased left-wing political-correct media in Canada. We need at least one honest news channel here as in the U.S.

BOUQUET To Deryk, Store Manager at Lowe’s. Deryk recently went above and beyond in compensating us for our problems during a kitchen reno. Friendly smiles and exceptional customer service. We are happy to continue our purchases with such exemplary service.

BEEF To the person beefing about the hurting Albertan and his car insurance. I still don’t understand what your point is. Former Albertans who now live in Nanaimo financially support the Nanaimo and B.C. economy in many ways.

BOUQUET Huge thanks to Tim’s Hoedown Excavating for sacrificing some of their crew to fill in for my builder who didn’t show up. Multi skilled crew with generous hearts. Can’t thank you enough for stepping in to save us from this crisis.

BEEF Carrot nut muffins haven’t been available at a food chain here for six months, yet I found them in Williams Lake.

BOUQUET to Nanaimo Toyota for their amazing service when purchasing my first vehicle. They were kind and understanding during the whole process and ensured that I was completely satisfied with my new car.

BOUQUET To cat lovers who know how awesome cats are as companions, box inspectors, cuddle bunnies, caregivers, lap warmers, massage therapists, alarm clocks and entertainers.

BOUQUET Many thanks to Ben for doing a great job moving the lawn and taking care of our house. He is quite simply a super teen.

BOUQUET To the firemen who spent their Thanksgiving installing fire alarms free to homes in the downtown area. Bless you all.

BOUQUET To the computer department at a Port Place store whose technicians repaired my computer free of charge, after a scam. As not to add insult to injury, it was most appreciated.

BOUQUET To everyone in Nanaimo that donated bottles to the V.I. Racing BMX team. The kids and parents on this team will benefit greatly from your kind donations.

BOUQUET To Beban Pool staff for the Halloween Howl fun swim. What a great event, for the price of regular admission. The whole Nanaimo parks and recreation department makes this a fantastic city in which to live and raise kids.

BOUQUET To Wyatt from the department store, who went the extra mile to help us, even though the company has treated its workers so badly. All the best to you, Wyatt, your next employer will be lucky to have you on board.

BOUQUET To RCMP dispatcher Andrea an officer Kyle – I will never forget the incredible kindness and support that you gave to me after a recent dog attack. You are both fine examples of public servants who truly care about the citizens in your city. My husband and I – along with our dog – thank you for all that you do to make this city a better place for everyone.

BOUQUET To the Island Savings Make a Difference Team that volunteered for the Nanaimo Community Kitchens Oktoberfest fundraiser. Thanks: Jess, Jennifer, Lindsay, Kayla, Julia and Samantha for helping us to have a successful event.

BOUQUET To the elderly gentleman walking up Dufferin Cresent with his walker behind Westhills shopping plaza picking up garbage – you are great example to our community. Glad I stopped to thank you in person.

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