Beefs & Bouquets Nov. 15

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a beautiful bouquet of pink roses to Ria, a nice, fast girl with an open mind at Motion Specialties on Barons Road. Thanks also to her co-workers for all of their hard work.

two beautiful bouquets to two guys I call my saviours. They kept me warm and kept me talking after I was hit on my scooter in a crosswalk. Thanks doesn’t seem to be enough.

a huge bouquet to city officials for working with the Nanaimo Mountain Bike Club to put a mountain bike trail around part of Westwood Lake. Everyone in the biking community is excited about this trail and visitors will be able to enjoy it as well.

A huge bouquet of roses in advance to anyone who can help me locate a gentleman named Murray, who lives in north Nanaimo. He approached me a couple of weeks ago, interested in purchasing my little green Suzuki Sidekick car but my hubby apparently threw out the contact information. I hope Murray can contact me as I gave him my information and am ready to sell.

a bouquet. A wheel came off Cody’s wheelchair recently and we did not know how to get it back on. John, a Nanaimo Port Authority employee, helped us out and fixed it right away. Thank you, John, you’re a life saver.

a beautiful bouquet to Margaret Fraser with the Vancouver Island Health Authority for standing up against injustice.

a bouquet to Vibe Bikes. The owner is the most amazing and caring man around. He rebuilds bikes donated to him, fixes them and then gives them away to kids who need bikes. He also fixes kids’ bikes for free out of the goodness of his heart. I really feel this man deserves the biggest bouquet the paper has ever given out, since there are not too many people out there who would spend their time doing something like this.

a big, beautiful bouquet to the hairdressers at Adia Salon. You saved me from the scariest haircut of my life. You assured me I was correct in feeling it was a poor cut, then changed it into a lovely cut. A special thank you to Nicky for being especially patient while the tears filled up my eyes and for accepting the tough job of fixing the work of a different hairdresser from a different salon. I am forever grateful. I will be a returning customer.

A friendly neighbour bouquet to the couple in the Brechin Hill area who had their trees topped so others in the neighbourhood can enjoy their ocean view once again.

Big bouquets to the wonderful Nanaimo Concert Band musicians.    Their 140th anniversary concert was incredible. They truly are an amazing bunch of talented musicians. It was brilliant from start to finish.

A grateful bouquet to the front desk worker at the Howard Johnson Harbourside Hotel for kindly and immediately addressing the parking concerns of a senior traveller recently.

A huge Bouquet to our realtor Chris Martin from Re/Max of Nanaimo. He made purchasing our first home a breeze. He went above and beyond to try and accommodate our busy schedule and find us the perfect home to raise our baby. He even helped us out when he was supposed to be on holidays so we could purchase the house before our baby was due. He wowed us with his exceptional service, positive attitude and all of his great advice. We are forever grateful – from Taylor and Donna.

A bouquet to Daily Dollar Plus in Chase River. Thanks to your variety of cards, crafts and household stuff, we no longer have an excuse to waste gas going to north Nanaimo. Smiles all around.

A bright and sunny Bouquet to Northstar Heating and Cooling. What awesome customer service from Dave and Steve. Both of you were so helpful, friendly and professional. Thanks Dave for going that extra mile to figure out and resolve the problem with the oil smell in my home.

A RAINBOW SHOWER BOUQUET to all my new friends in the East Wellington area. Copper, my orange, Mexican tabby has been found after three months. Tons of thanks to Orville, Pat, Cathy, Moira and Alfred.  I am so thankful for all your help.  Copper is happy in his new home.  Never give up hope if your pet is missing. From Betty.

A huge Christmas Wreath to our darling daughter Meghan for organizing a wonderful surprise 40th anniversary party for us. It was heartwarming to see old and current friends turn out for this special time in our lives. Then this month she organized a beer and burger for us to help to defray the cost of her dad’s alternative cancer treatments. Love you lots, Megs.

a bouquet. My son lost his glasses on the Parkway Trail recently. We didn’t think we would find them, but thought we’d try anyway. A kind person used a bright bag to tie the glasses to a stick and then poked the stick through the fence, so after a few hours of looking for them, suddenly they were dangling magically in front of our eyes. It was fantastic and we are so grateful to have them back.

A bouquet of English garden flowers to Colleen of Yours and Mine consignment store. I recently lost my mom and took her newer clothes and shoes in for possible sale. What a wonderful, gracious lady Colleen has been – accommodating and elegant in her business dealings. You are a treasure to work with.

Bouquets of red maple leaves to ironworker Brett who rescued me when I locked the keys in my vehicle trunk. He drove me home to retrieve the second key set – his good deed of the day.

A bouquet of bright red poppies toward the annual Remembrance Day ceremony in Ottawa. Marvellous for remembering.

a beef to people who are bullying children, harassing adults and abusing animals. These are mentally sick people.

A beef to telemarketers and our politicians. Returning from a 23-day trip, there were 37 messages from telemarketers on my phone, although I’d asked to be removed from the list. How many telemarketing calls do our politicians have to put up with? None, as these calls are blocked for them. Why don’t politicians see that the public gets the same privilege they do?

A SHOW-SOME-RESPECT BEEF to all the merchants who put Christmas decorations in their flyers without recognizing the veterans three days before Remembrance Day. Lest we forget. Unfortunately, greed is pushing the important things to the shadows.

a beef to B.C. Ferries. I was wheeled into the waiting room from Duke Point. It was full of people and I had to wait until they boarded for Nanaimo. My family from Abbotsford was sick with worry.

A beef to the person who scolded me for kicking his small dog on the Blueback steps. I care much more about my good, white pants – which got soiled – than I care about your poorly trained, flea-ridden, mangy mutt.

An unfriendly beef to people at the Remembrance Day ceremony who cut off our youth from our local scouting groups as they marched in the parade. I have never seen such rude people. You wouldn’t act this way to our veterans, so why would you do it to our children?